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May 18, 2007


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I buy clothes for my wife also, MD. After being together for 10 years, I know her style and what she likes. So if I find something that she'd enjoy, I usually get it for her.

My buddies think it's weird too.

daddy in a strange land

I buy my wife clothes all the time (albeit from Target, heh).

Pumpkin's starting to do that random-whole-sentence thing too.


Mets-Cubs...sniff. :(

But I would NEVER buy clothes for my wife. EVER. First, I have crappy taste. Second, I'd probably buy the wrong size which would kick off either a "Do you want me to look like a sausage?" conversation or a "Oh, now you think I'm fat" conversation.

The Zone, eh? Isn't that what Fat Bastard used to lose weight? Good luck with that...it's either Atkins or obesity for me.

Mama Nabi

Homo Maritus (Husband who emulates a gay best friend) is the best! Manly enough to be okay with picking up a shirt or a dress for the wife. (Yeah, yeah, if you get to mangle latin, so do I!) I stress SO much about every required vitamin entering LN's system that my ulcers have reopened. However, I figure a fruit juice equals some serving of fruit and maybe even vegetables if the said fruit is a veggie-like fruit... any excuse to soothe my ulcers.


If my husband ever bought me clothing I'd be very touched...I would thank him profusely once I picked myself off the floor - seriously I've asked him to pick out something he'd like to see me wear but he never does!


I'm proscrastinating and writing instead of packing. I had to come back and say that I almost got my husband to brave a sample sale to pick something out for me today because of a slight exaggeration on my part when I told him about this post. I was so close, but then he reminded me that I have enough gay friends to pick up his "slack". (dammit)


About the diet thing - in my humble opinion if you don't get kids used to eating fruits and vegetables at a young age it will be near to impossible to get them to eat them later...our 3 year old loves fruit and we give it to her for "dessert"...now if she had a choice between an apple and a cookie....well we know which one she'd choose - so we only give her cookies, cake and such once in a while!


The random sentence mimickry is giving us much amusement. Last week, my 3 y.o. daughter turned to me and said, "I need some peace and quiet, daddy."

I practically fell out of my chair!


My Petunia is three and a half, and she recently said at dinner, "This milk is making me so crazy!"


re: caveat empty

my fiance does the same thing. personally, i love these random gifts of clothes and shoes, but we tend to get the same reaction from people. you're not the only one doing it, so keep up the good work. oh, and for bonus points, i highly recommend adding purses to the list of random gifts to get for wifey.

John Micek

Oh, thank God, we're not the only ones. If it's not chicken, pasta, milk, raisins, dried figs, blueberries or cheese, we pretty much can't get our daughter to eat it.
If it's green or leafy ... it's anathema.


Are you blogging at Babble yet? And if so what did you finally decided to call your blog?


P-man buys me clothes. That is not necessarily a good thing. skittles non scurvy.


I do so love you, MetroDad. (And I'm with the powers that be - etymology is a great tool!)


My 3 year old nephew was so excited that his aunt was making cupcakes that he came up to me and said, "I REALLY like cupcakes! They make me big and strong!" All of us in the room laughed so hard that a few of us were crying. My 2.5 year old recently went up to my husband and blurted out "know what daddy?" Since neither of us had EVER heard him utter that phrase in his life (or too many others besides "No bed!", "No shoes", "no block (sunblock)!"), we were both on pins and needles to hear his response when my husband replied, "what, Buddy?" And his response? "I'm POOPIE!" God...gotta luv 'em!

Also, my wonderful husband buys me clothes...usually at b-day or Christmas...and he has wonderful taste and will spend more than I ever do. And he's nice enough that each time I've been pregnant to not try to buy me something cute, little, and sexy when I'm slowly blowing up into a walking, talking blimp. So you're not alone...I'm sure Bosslady appreciates the gesture. :)


My ROFL list from this post:
- scurvy in Tribeca
- burping and farting on hands
- quotations from baseball game

The fact that you made Latin funny is still cracking me up. ROFL!

Our Pumpkin is the same way with language. One minute, he's answering every question we ask by shouting back "Ding!" But just today, as we were leaving the park, he said, "Mama, I need water IMMEDIATE!" (The -ly will follow when he's a bit older, I assume...)


Wouldn't "Seize the Meat!" be: Carpe Carne! Isn't "Carne Diem " == Meat Day


Hi there,Sorry I was too shy to say hi but you have amazingly beitfauul daughters!Thanks for letting me take a photo with Clie9 without stopping me. =) She's so adorable!


Oh dear, yes he will notice. My son ncioted when daddy was gone for only 1 week and he was younger than DJ is now. Sometimes when my husband is away for a couple days at a time, Christopher gets real crabby. Poor thing. You 2 will just have to keep real busy and I'll join you on some of those "busy" days.


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