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April 29, 2007


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>> What's that? You want to tax our colonial asses and subjugate us to the Queen?

Did you mean the King? As in George III?


I did a lot of traveling in my youth and every time I got home (to the house my parents built with their extreme american entrepreneurism), I had the same reaction. Even after spending three months in Eurpose staying with friends, I wanted to tongue kiss american soil when I returned. Thanks for the reminder!


Congratulations on being the featured typepad blog of the day. Been reading your archives for the past 3 hours. Fantastic stuff. Your writing is excellent and I'm touched by the great love you have for your wife and daughter.

I'm looking forward to reading more!


I also found you from Typepad. I didn't even know there was such a thing as daddy blogs. Guess there's a blog on every subject these days. Congrats!


Yo, MD. Long time since I've commented. Here's a question for you:

I'm going to Las Vegas for a bachelor party weekend. I've never been there before. Any suggestions on what I should do?


I don't mind seeing the fat German tourists on the dance floor when I travel. What kills me is seeing those guys in their skimpy nuthugger bikini bottoms. Man, there ought to be a law against that! Can we amend the Geneva Convention?

The Other Ruth

Are the toilets also different in other countries? If so, how?


Is MetroBro still single?


Hey, MD! I love America, too, and am glad for the opportunity to voice what I feel is wrong with it without getting thrown in jail or worse. My question: Sorry if I missed this somewhere but have you been to Germany? My mother (RIP) was German and we lived there for most of my childhood due to my dad being in the military. We also lived in France and Turkey. Have you been to Turkey?


So glad you're alive and well MD. That comment about the French throwing out the statue of liberty just had me howling (which hurts my ovaries, so stop that).

Great points about America. I'm glad people abroad can still separate us from our governments. It's a good lesson - for those of us Americans who have trouble doing the same.


do you and my husband happen to have the same father??????

Nothing But Bonfires

Ah yes, I remember the America Love from when we were traveling in Southeast Asia. We'd get "Alanis Morisette! My dream is to meet Alanis Morisette!" (even though she's, uh, Canadian) and "how big are your cars in America? How much do they cost? How fast do they go?" There was almost always some resounding excitement when I announced I was from England, as well, and it usually went like this: "David Beckham! Manchester United! BBC World Service!" If I tried to engage the locals in a debate about whether Posh Spice was too thin, they weren't having it -- it was all David Beckham, all the time.

Also, tip to MetroGranddad: bring a pocket-sized pack of face tissues! Toilet paper solution resolved -- now the world is yours!


Great post. It's nice to hear praise of America for a change. Going abroad sure makes you appreciate it. As for the French, apparently they have forgotten how we saved their a$$ more than once.


I just started reading your blog and I'm completely hooked. My wife is pregnant and the baby is due in a 3 months. My question is...how did your relationship with your wife change after the arrival of the baby?


MD, I just read somewhere that Mick Jagger is 65. He's older than my dad! And while my dad sits on the couch in his underwear all day, Mick is still rocking the stage and dating young models. How does he do it? Is he on steroids? B-12 shots? What do you think the secret it?

Maryam in Marrakesh

Hi there. I am American but am living in Marrakech. While I totally get your point of view on America, I wonder how it would make non-Americans feel who are reading your blog? Maybe highlighting the sort of problem that many people have of us in the first place: we're the biggest, we're the best, we're the most powerful....! I'm sure that is not what you are trying to say. But I just had a Moroccan friend read your post and that was her first thought.

PS I have been to 64 countries and hoping I still have a few good years left in me:-)

Hi MetroDad,

I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts for quite some time now, despite my single status with no kids. Just curious to know how you and the lovely Bosslady met - care to share with your readers?



Here`s a nosey, invasive, obnoxious question:

I`ve noticed that your lovely Boss Lady is a fellow Asia. Has your sexual attraction always (or usually) fallen along racial lines? Or are you equally attracted to white/black/other women, too?

Of course, I ask this question because I`m married to an Asian man whose perfect woman would probably be Catherine Deneauve`s head on a typical Asian woman`s body.


Your dad sounds like my dad. He always hated to travel, so my mom went alone. My dad actually once said the words, "Pay a fortune to go take a picture of the pyramids? I can see INSIDE them in National Geographic for free."

And that description of the Parisian girl is like, the best EVER.


Odd question for the mailbag:

How do you think you would have turned out if there was no Metro Bro; and how close in age are you two? Trying to decide if a sibling is in the cards for my 18 month boy.


MD -

Today was my first stop by your home here and I get a rockin' first impression. Great writing, deeply felt sentiments and some real insight. Thanks for the great read!


Great post, MD, although I disagree with you about America being the greatest country. I'd move to France if I could in a heartbeat, even if they hate my yankee ass! Maybe my world view is warped because I've lived in Berkeley for way too fucking long...

Happy travels and be safe!

Ruth Dynamite

Why why why haven't I been here before?

Love your words. Love the message about the USA. Love the "beautiful young Parisian girl (that)smelled like a a garbageman eating Gorganzola cheese while getting a perm inside the septic tank of a slaughterhouse." Nice.


A big wooping obnoxious HELL YES! from this expat finally returning to the US after 15 years! Thanks for the perfect post


One comment about he q-tip addiction: As a world traveler you must have at least seen (if not experienced) the crazy ear cleaning rituals in China, right? You know, the one where guys lurk in parks and ask if you'd like for them to stick long metal sticks into your ear and then flick the sticks to make them vibrate... EWWWW!!!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed Vietnam. As a Vietnamese American I love to hear other people's impression of that beautiful country. BTW--which hotel were you at that had the rap DJ/bar?


Quote: MD: "Nowhere else in the world can individuals rise out of nothing and achieve their dreams" ....

I've got absolutely nothing but love for people of all countries, America included, but you've been to Australia right? You've read about the success stories of people rising up from poverty, or less than poverty, to achieve great thing right? I'm confused at this statement but I'll take it in the good humour you always use cause I'm guessin' it's your loyalty talkin' :) :) :)



Actually, I should amend my last post to say "you've been to every other westernized nation right?"

Silent reader mother of 2

Ok, I'm from the otherside of the world. One of the country in South East Asia. I've been to the States and did my bachelor degree for 4 and half years there. I must say or admit that I don't agree with the people who are running your country right now but I do admit that my experience studying in the States is one of the best thing that had happened in my life. There are some truth in your postings :) and I do know some of the readers from my country may not agree with me. Heck, this is my opinion anyway.

Have a safe journey.


Man, what a great post. I needed to read that. Sometimes to much of "The View" gets me really down about our country, but you perked me right up. I am putting your post on my blog.
Thanks. You Rock!


Great blog! Bossy found you because she is also a TypePad blogger, although not a fancy pants Featured Blogger. In fact, Bossy can't get no TypePad love. Cheers!


Great post. Does anyone know when Alec Baldwin is leaving?


um, you and my husband must be related q tips and all


For the mailbag:
What's going on with that name the column contest thingy of months back? Did I just miss this? Entirely possible... I tend to read sporadically and then play catch up. Great post and love the comments! And to follow on jj daddy o above -
"Skiddlee-bop, we rock, a scooby-dooo. guess what America we love you..."
Finally, I just need to say, this thingy right here: "The only problem was that she smelled like a a garbageman eating Gorganzola cheese while getting a perm inside the septic tank of a slaughterhouse."
totally made pee-pee laugh. Oh, sorry, maybe too much information. Oh well.


I have no idea who you are, but just happened to find your blog while surfing. I didn't catch the whole story.. But, god, I know what you mean.. with your kid on the other end of the phone.. saying "where are you?"


I'm glad that I'm not the only one that seems to love this country. With living right outside Washington DC you'd swear I was some sort of freak with 3 heads for enjoying the rights/priviledges/comforts of being an American (many of my Democratic friends nearly seem like anti-american communists...surprised they can tolerate a moderate Republican like me in their midst!). Have you read "What's So Great about America" by Dinesh D'Souza? Great read...gives you a good reminder (again!) why we're such a great country and why so many people want to come here.


I'd have to disagree:America's government sucks

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