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April 18, 2007


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I hate to even suggest this but...call a good environmental engineer and get some air quality readings of your house. Have them check your mold count.
Every house has a little mold but for some people a small amount of mold can trigger serious allergies. These allergies become chronic as long as the mold spore count is high.

Don't use bleach on mold, the fumes from the bleach can cause worse allergic reactions than the mold. Simple detergent and water and a good scrub.
If you have damp you may have to remove and redo some drywall. It will be worth it.
Speaking as a medical professional ofcourse...does being a nurse count?


NO NO NO!! Not Nasonex!! You need RHINOCORT!! Mucho better.



If you mix all those meds together you will "get" a rather nice funeral.


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I haven't been up to anything. My mind is like an empty room, but such is life. Maybe tomorrow. Today was a loss, but eh.

steven davies

Acupuncture, my friend. I've been suffering same as you since i was 18 (odd how allergies develop late in life -- kinda like when my testicles finally dropped during my drivers license test).
The same thing happened to me!

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