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April 13, 2007


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Petunia loves The Sound of Music. She calls it 'The Singing Movie' or 'The Fraulein Maria Movie.' She has a child-size guitar that she carries around and routinely pretends to be Fraulein Maria with, and I have to play the parts of all the children, popping up and singing Doe a Deer.

The bad part was when Petunia started playing the the game Hide From the Nazis out in public. As in, Petunia in a restaurant booth shouting in a loud voice, 'Mommy, get down! The Nazis are coming, and we have to hide!'

If Peanut likes TSOM and has the attention span for it, you should try Mary Poppins.


Love your writing. Love the Sound of Music.
Love the farting on command.
But I am sad to say I cannot help you with keeping Friday Night Lights on the small screen. I didn't like the big screen version so I felt no inclination to watch the television show. Perhaps it was also knowing that it was George W. Bush's favorite movie that tainted it for me.

Mama Nabi

I LOVE The Sound of Music - in fact, I learned all the songs before I even spoke English. I've been singing Do-Re-Mi to LN since she was born... but yeah, I wouldn't admit it to anyone in real life! :-) Aw, hope Peanut feels better soon - hey, with a daddy who will watch The Sound of Music with her, how can she not feel good?


Yeah, nothing worse than your child's personality VANISHING right in front of your eyes. It's always such a relief when the fever or virus passes and they return to you.


I was actually in my high school's production of the Sound of Music (I was Brigitta) and as the only "colored" (black/korean) child of a clearly white family...some questions arose. The main Nazi was also played by my Mexican friend Omar. It was an awesome and very culturally diverse group of Austrians.

Also, Friday Night Lights is the best show on television right now next to The Black Donnely.
I guess reality television has dumbed as down so much with Dancing with the Stars, Skating With Celebrities, Celebrity Duets, and my personal favorite, Stars Wiping Their Butts, we can't appreciate wonderful things such as "good acting" and "Character development."
Tis a shame.
Before too long, the number one show on tv will be "OUCH MY BALLS!"

ray lee

I was quick to look away as soon as I saw the name Jack Bauer. I have not watched it yet, so you could've potentially spoiled it for me--which feels like a catostrophic nuclear blast that landed in the next town and I'm suffering from radiation. You need to put up a spoiler alert next time bro!

I'm 26 and I know the theme song to Silver Spoons. I'm pretty surprised mylself.

And the Sound of Music is awesome! My roommate and I would watch it together. Imagine two grown men sitting there watching it. What a sight...

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Great entry! You give me further hope that when I become a dad, I can still be cool.

Yes, that moment on 24 last week was truly bone chilling, to say the least. It is all about Jack. I can see what they're doing with Rick Schroder (it says Ricky in the credits, did you notice?), but it's weak. And if they hand the show to him, it won't be the same show at all. Why did they kill Edgar last year? Where is Elisha Cuthbert? Why did they kill Curtis? Tony and Michelle (I could do with out Michelle)?

I'll Tivo FNL. I've always wanted to watch? Can I still get in on it or it is it too late?


So there I was, chuckling over your Sound of Music review and then Bam! Friday Night Lights. Sometimes I fear that people I know are the only ones who watch it. Thank you for mentioning it!



AGH! The picture alone set me off. My freshman college roommate was obsessed (putting it nicely) with 'The Sound of Music'! It played 24/7 for an entire semester. To this day, umbrella's bring on flashbacks.


how do you solve a problem like Maria???


Christopher Plummer....yummy! Is it wrong that I am hot for a man 50 years older than me? My friend and I would watch Sound of Music after school in high school just for him! no wonder I didn't have a boyfriend...


And the same friend and I have regular conversations about how sad it is we can't really name our kids Friedrich or Kurt...Gretl is a leading contender if I have a girl though!


Being the 60+ something comment isn't worth much, but hey, why not? I too am sick. I have had some kind of cold from hell for over a week now and just today nearly lost a lung coughing in a meeting with an architect and my company CEO regarding a new project. Classy. Classy and sexy because I look like shit warmed over twice. Hang in there and peanut will feel all better soon, and someday, when she is mired in corporate purgatory, she will remember what a fun and inventive daddy she has. I agree with you on wussy leading men, it is as though we have emasculated maleness and pulverized femaleness. I'd rather see Ellen Degeneris (sp) play the male lead over any of the male stars today (Orlando Bloom, I'm looking at you)


We took that "Sound of Music" tour in Salzburg, and it was AWESOME. They played clips of the movie/music on the bus. It was the dorkiest, funnest thing ever. I cannot believe you passed that up MD. Take Peanut before she turns 12 so she has no choice but to go with you on the tour.


A fan of Julie Andrews? Bring the Peanut on a mere 4 hour drive to meet her...


I know our almost-2-year-old daughter would love to meet her!


How did people settle bar bets before Google? I gotcher answer right here. They called the reference desk at the library and bugged the librarian until she got them the answer.

I worked in the teeny-tiny library in our teeny-tiny rural WI town (888 souls) for several years. Said library was next door to a bar. (Show me any building in the downtown area of any municipality in WI that isn't.) Periodically we would get a patron, smoked to the gills, coming in to find out what was the capital of Indiana or who played Li'l Buddy on Gilligan's Island. Never a really interesting or challenging question like the capital of Mongolia (Ulaan Bator) or who played The Professor (Russell Johnson). Such is life in an area where 99% of the people with an IQ higher than body temperature leave at the earliest opportunity...

(We moved here b/c we have a lake place and both work part-time in the Twin Cities, 1-1/2 hours away. Both our kids fall into the move-away-immediately category.)

Naveen Bachwani

I know exactly what you mean when you say it kills you to see your little daughter so down in the dumps. I went through the same experience myself, not so long ago.

Thankfully, the Sound of Music is back in our lives...


i love your reminicing of the t.s.o.m....it is outstanding! i had a chance in a lifetime to sing for the real maria von trapp at age 9 when she came to ocean grove nj and spoke about her life -for 3 hrs.a few kids from choir were picked to reenact scenes from her life and we sang edelweiss with her...she played it on her guitar!!!!! it was the ultimate childhood experience.she seemed like such a cool lady, though at the time i couldn't understand much of what she was saying -major accent.i was just staring at her in awe. and remember thinking she was the oldest woman i had ever seen besides my great grandmother. i sweat the sound of music and a few years ago my sister and i donned liederhosen to nyc and went to sing along sound of music on the big screen at the zigfield ...it was highlonkcrious, then i played a nun in the musical - our von trapp was NO match to plummer. thanks for your tribute and for introducing your peanut child to the wonder that is the sound... now all you need is a whistle : )

Nicolette Tallmadge

We had our goddaughter (age 13) and our cousin (age 4) over to visit during Easter and they watched the Sound of Music for the first time. During the scene where they're doing the puppet show she said "Hey that's Gwen Stefani's song" (Wind It Up). My husband and I just shook our heads... But I love The Sound of Music...especially since our 4 year cousin TALKS NON-STOP and it was the only thing that kept her quiet for more than 3 seconds. Thank God it was a three-hour movie.


Found your blog through the blog of a blog of a blog...I think. Been enjoying reading through your posts and this one made me crack up. My 9yr old DD is obsessed with SOM too, they did "strictly come musical" club at school to kick off the obsession. As far as I'm concerned the scene in the gazebo where the Captain comes to Maria to profess his love is the most romantic moment in movies. Ever. I'll be sure to stop by again, love your writing.


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