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March 27, 2007


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It must be a guy thing. Our niece used to LOVE Barney and even though she is now 14 years old, whenever my father-in-law eats something that is really good he calls it "Barney". And GO REDS.


I live for the Twins, even though they reside in a giant, teflon coated toilet. How many teams can claim a batting champ, Cy Young, and the MVP in one season??? Gotta love 'em!!!


First, nice to see the Angles represented in the comments, Go Halos. Glad to see you are a Mets fan, the other white meat-heads, and not the NY team that shall go unmentioned....

This post cracked me the fuck up. I totally do this albeit not talking to buddies watching sports. But everyday conversation is peppered with toddlerese just as you painted it.

We are a hockey family down here and The Sprite gets freaked out still whendaddy erupts like Vesuvius when The Ducks score. I gotta learn to calm down and watch my language when he's around.

we took him to some Ducks and Angels games when he was younger (ie: free) and he basically climbed all over me the entire time. Did not see any of the games. totally pointless...


I got this game for my birthday and was real extecid about it. I played a game of Franchise then the My Player Mode and was very impressed with it . Coming from The Show to 2K11 the interface was very different but I got used to it. The controls were different too mainly the hitting and fielding but I also got used to and enjoy it now. Some things are kind of frustrating though such as all the injuries. Playing with the Braves I've had 6 starters injuried at the same time and currently have 3 of my starting pitchers and 2 starting position players. I understand the occasional injury but it's getting riduclous so I chenged the injury frequency from 50 to 35 yet my players are still getting hurt a lot in Franchise mode. The stealing is also very difficult for me to and you have to be perfect when trying to otherwise you'll get picked off or in a pickle. I'm also having problems with the game freezing too but only in one specific scenario and that is when I save and quit from Franchise mode and go directly back to the main menu it will freeze on m. This probably has to do with the game being scratche or the console but I've never dropped the game and the console is only about a year old plus it doens't do it to any other game. I also had another random glitch and this was after I walked a left handed batter and a right handed batter had come to the plate yet the last batter was still at the plate and he didn't leave until the atbat was over. The next half innng I was hitting and someone was sitting in the middle of the infield and it didn't interefere with the game though. Minus some of these irratating problems though it can still be a fun game to play.

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