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March 20, 2007


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I just put "Catherine the Great: Love, Sex and Power" by Virginia Rounding on hold at the library. I am something of a czarist Russia history nut, and this was just published and sounds really good. Apparently it runs a little lighter on the political and economic situations and is more a character study. I probably won't get to read this until December (being hold #146 in contention for 4 copies), so in the meantime I finally got my mits on Timothy Zahn's "Star Wars: Allegiance." Because, um, I'm a nerd.


Must be a dad thing, MD. We were on a road trip a few weeks ago. I got sick of seeing the kids just zone out to DVDs in the back seat so I started grilling them on their homework (I secretly brought their textbooks with me.) Man, they were pissed!

Danny B.

Just discovered your blog and have spent the past 2 hours combing your archives. I love it. Great to read about a dad being so involved. I look forward to reading more.


I second Irene Nemirovsky's "Suite Française." Just finished and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

mr nice guy

the echo maker by richard powers. brilliant.

pnuts mama

i'm going to go out on a limb and say both rude *and* racist...even in good old nyc there are still tons of racists, so i can't imagine it's any better in less diverse areas.
case in point: we had pnuts 1st bday party in our backyard, and a bunch of our friends came, and many come from a variety of asian backgrounds. the next day as we were hauling our trash out to the curb, two *different* neighbors (also trash hauling) communed to chat with us, and asked us *who the asian people were at the party.* (i mean, jesus christ, we live in queens for god's sake, you've missed all the asian people here??), to his credit, my husband didn't skip a beat and replied "those are my brothers" and enjoyed their look of surprise. i probably would have been snarky and said they were the hired staff for the day and hope they would have heard the irony, but my husband is quick like that. he also loves to rudely yell "you're welcome" to jackasses who don't say thank you when he holds the door for them, and he's a big white guy, so there's that. good for you for speaking up. that kind of shit just pisses me off.
i wish i had time to read books for pleasure...as it is, most of my pleasurable reading is good stuff like this!


"Seriously, he laughed so hard that he let a fart slip out."

HAHAHA! Now I've done it, too!


I've been reading the comments about Colorado.

Now I want all of you to stay out of my home state.

Especially Texas.

samantha Jo Campen

Welcome back!

And I totally want to see a picture of your face.

I'm in my 20's, and I will be brutally honest (grin)


Welcome back MD! I would go with rude and snooty before racist but then I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

For the Peanut, I'd go with singing the ABC song and then making up songs with the letters before going into the actual letters.

And finally, ah books. I've been reading a lot of textbooks lately and right now the only thing I'd read is some comfortable old sci-fi. Robert Heinlein's Moon is a Harsh Mistress or Friday.



(1) Peanut did NOT get up on skis this year. I wanted to but most people thought it'd be better to wait one more year. Meanwhile, BossLady and I decided that there is nothing cuter in the world that seeing a little 3-year-old on skis. Every time we saw one, we practically started cooing.

(2) No way in Hell am I posting a photo of my ridiculous looking face. Vanity and pride prevent me from doing so. It's bad enough that I'm still getting weird looks from people on the subway!


I'm happy for you that you got out of the city and had such wonderful times as a family :)

My oldest, the "exceptionally gifted" one, learned the entire alphabet in less than one month when he was exactly 2 1/2, just by reading the same alphabet book each night at bedtime. I didn't drill him or anything, just read the alphabet book. He learned the letters AND which letter each of the objects started with. "Mom, apple! Apple starts with an A!" Fun times :)


Get your girl on a snowboard.

You don't want her to be taunted with cries of "Two planker!!" for the rest of her life.


I got my 2 kids up on skis when they were about 3 years old. They skiied between my legs. It was great and now they all kick my butt down the mountain.


I always think the SAME thing when we are skiing - about there being no minorities. We skied Tahoe this year and it was the worst I've ever seen it.

I'm always super friendly to people I think are foreigners - I like to help erase the rude American image.


"A Civil Justice", "The True Story of Hansel and Gretel", "Our Lady of The Lost and Found". Enjoy!


Here's a great suggestion for a book:

Excellent read.
I found it in a Goodwill for 25 cents with the spine uncracked.
Some southern grandmother must have thought that it was too graphic for her grandkids to read.

It's by a Japanese author/illustrator and I believe some publishing house here in the states thought that it would be a really good introduction to potty training (a very honest, real introduction to potty training.

"Everyone eat so...EVERYONE POOPS!"

The Peanut will love it.

How About Two?

Perhaps if you didn't look like part of a Triad, folks would talk to you more :-)

Given my circumstances, I must apologize for being behind on blogreading. If I'd known you were in the mountains, I would have come up to meet you for a daddyblogger drink or two.

Anyhoo, I'm glad that, for the most part, you had a good time in colorful colorado.

creative-type dad

White maids? You obviously must have been in the Twilight Zone or 1955.
And yes, those people that don't have basic courtesy are @ssholes and live in the woods and eat squirrels.


The level of rudeness these days never ceases to amaze me anymore.

L.A. Daddy

I must say that I'm frightfully concerned about your excessive use of "fart" references. 3 of 6 stories contained them! It's no wonder your child can't do the quadratic formula with all these flatulence comments!

Pull yourself together, man!


We LURVE Taro Gomi! Highly recommend Everone Poops and My Friends, a very sweet book. I like to think the little girl in My Friends looks like Peanut....He's the Japanese Eric Carle!


I'm glad you gave those assholes at the ski resort hell.

Personally, I think it's a little bit of racism, but even more I think it's just the complete breakdown of civilization. Nobody gots no manners no more! I think being brought up in a traditional Asian family, we had 'please' and 'thank you' seared into our brains, but nobody says those words anymore.

These days, I'm just grateful not to be asked if I'm the nanny.


Hmmm... new reading material.

I've been heavy into CanLit for a while, reading as many authors as I can get my hands on.

A few I'd recommend:
- Stanley Park by Timothy Taylor (a slow start but stick with it)
- Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam (I'm only halfway through but am loving it. It won the Giller Prize this year. It's the largest Canadian book award.)
And (watch out, shameless plug ahead...) my sister-in-law's book, Belle Falls. It's not available on Amazon.com, but Amazon.ca or chapters.ca will ship to the U.S. I'm not just plugging it because I'm related, I've read most of it and it's a compelling read.


Oh man, I'd forgotten I totally got grilled about world capitals and naming all the states in alpha order over dinner... now that's fine, fine dinner conversation, that is. NO wonder I suck at small talk!


I'll recommend a high falutin' book and just a fun read:

1) Saturday by Ian McEwan
2) World War Z:An Oral History of the Zombie Wars by Max Brooks


I think I've got you beat, MD. On long car rides, my dad used to grill us on the periodic table! To this day, my sister and I know hundreds of chemical elements. Since neither one of us is in science, this info usually only comes in handy at cocktail parties and crossword puzzles.

Devra Renner

When my husband was in navigator training and we would take long car trips I would read aloud to him from the KC-135 Emergency Procedure Manual.

16 years later I can tell you without hesitation how to lower the nose gear manually and warn you to stand clear of the lever or you will take it in the nuts. (well, it says it a differently in manual.)

Half old girl

I love your blog!

I used to live in Colorado.There were a lot of things I loved about the place. But I do recall someone shouting at me ,seeing my Texas license plate ,"go home trailer trash"
I was young and white at the time.Maybe even cute. So...yeah...how rude!

Until the Peanut vomits through a 6 hour flight EVERY flight is a good flight.


For what it's worth, no one ever thanks me for holding open the door either. I usually scream YOU'RE WELCOME really sarcastically. But maybe I should add "asshole" to that.

I love reading your blog - my girl is 2 years old too and it's quite a fun age.

One of my fave books is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides - he won a Pulitzer for it and it's a very unique, funny, and touching story about a.. hermaphrodite.

My other recommendations are:
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby
Empire Falls by Richard Russo

The OO

the mad momma

When you are the 82nd to comment you wonder whether the blogger will even read your comment!! honestly though... i think you need to smack ppl in the face if they dont thank you.. hired help or not! and you sound like you lucked out with the peanut..i have yet to take a trip with the Brat behaving well on the flight... and finally... thank God.. in india we set impossible standards like the age of two to know your alphabet etc.. i feel like less of a failure!

The perfect break for the lady skier who would like to enjoy some, quality time on skis, with excellent, fun instruction in a relaxing, non-pressured atmosphere.

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