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March 13, 2007


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creative-type dad

I can't get over that stealing business...

Have fun at the slopes.


MD... you know I love ya, baby. But I have to agree with Salon.com's assessment of The Black Donnellys: soulless.

Enjoy the skiing and snowboarding, and try to keep the Peanut from picking everyone's pockets, ok?


Oh, how I love the made up nonsense songs. Glad to hear the Peanut is a budding composer.


I just wanted to let you know that, as a loyal reader, it just KILLS me when you go on vacation. I need my fix of MD. Hope y'all are having fun!

SciFi Dad

Just checking back to say my PB is 26... :P

(and strangely all my projects are behind schedule now)


How many air for brain dweebs are out there??!!
My husband and I also watch the Black Donnellys-- but only for laughs. It's incredibly
poor writing, totally unbelieveable. We're only hoping it hangs on until Rescue me starts again


How many air for brain dweebs are out there??!!
My husband and I also watch the Black Donnellys-- but only for laughs. It's incredibly
poor writing, totally unbelieveable. We're only hoping it hangs on until Rescue me starts again


oooh. mash-ups. Nice.

While driving in the middle of nowhere, Texas, my two-year old switched from "we will, we will ROCK YOU!" to "moo moo, moo moo MOO MOO!"

alice, uptown

Don't feel bad about the Peanut associating the door buzzer with dinner. One of my friends has a dog who runs to the door every time she a) has answered the downstairs buzzer and b) she takes her wallet out.

You're raising a true New Yorker. None of us could live without a menu drawer.

Pavlov would be proud.


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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Ohh, that looks fab! My dads 50th b-day is coming up and I'm gonna make this for his drsseet. Thanks for the recipe! Can you believe that I just made homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time this week? Not by myself, but that still counts. Yah, I'm kitchenretarded. And how'd you do the leaves? They're so fancy pants... :) Thanks again!


Jennifer,Thank you for sharing your story. I will make sure that Doug is aware of it, and I will see if they would like to use you as a test case for the Patient Assistance Program. I agree that it still won't pretoct the insurers and other payers, but we can't fix everything at once. Let's make sure that the mothers the ones least likely to be able to absorb the cost are taken care of. Then we can work to fix the cost for the insurers and other payers (who are better able to advocate for themselves, anyway).It's good that you were able to absorb the price increase, but wouldn't it have been better to spend that money on the baby's room and supplies?Sharla,The drug is new in name only. It has been used (off-label) from compounding pharmacies for a long time. The only difference is that now it's FDA-approved as an orphan drug, so K-V has a monopoly on it for seven years. It doesn't cost any more than when compounders sold it for $10-$20 per dose. In fact, K-V reportedly trumpeted to investors that Makena has a 97.5% profit margin!And babies have already died because their mothers couldn't get the medication, but in those cases it was because their doctors wouldn't prescribe a medication for off-label use. That's why getting it FDA-approved is a good thing. It's just the circumstances and price surrounding that fact that has us all up in arms.Glad to hear that all is still healthy with the baby. Did I see elsewhere that you found out that it's a girl? Has Lou begun the pink purchasing?


Has thecomedychannel alderay screened new eps of South Park? Because I know I've seen the manatee ep (brilliant) and I don't download it or watch on YouTube.How many actual units are used for the OzTam ratings, or is that a closely guarded secret?


Posted on Mother Delonda, as in THE mother? I just pikced up my copy of She Got Up Off The Couch'. Starting it shortly. I'll probably fall asleep after reading 3-1/2 pages, but that's pretty typical for me.

burning fat

MetroDad: Chaos Theory (Colorado Ed.)

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