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February 16, 2007


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Pop Rocks! By MetroDad, urban legend


the MD Saloon

mr nice guy

hot and fathered


How about:
1.) MetroDad 2.0
2.) Peanut Sauce: Vacuum Sealed for Freshness
3.) Grand Central Fatherhood: MetroDad Managing Marriage and Parenting in Manhattan
4.) Big Apple Daddy: Neat, Portable, Sweet and Sour
5.) MetroDad Safari: A Look at One Man's Journey Into Urban Parenting
6.) Fatherhood Chaos Theory: NYC


Okay, thought of a few more...
Urban Jungle Gym
Tales from an Urban Jungle Gym
Growing up Peanut
Peanut and Prose (a take on a great bookstore here in DC, Politics and Prose)


Carpe Digitem!*

Comedy of Heirs

A Tribe Called Questionable
A Tribe Called Kim
A Tribeca Led Quest

Heir Reverent Behavior
Me Blog Witty One Day
What's Up, Swanky Butt?

The Father, the Sun, and the Goalie Host
Heir Horn
Hyper-extend My Phalanges!**

* (Latin for "Pull my finger!" Well, okay, maybe "Seize the finger!")
**("Pull my finger!" in Park Slope)


-Knee High in Baby Shit
-The World According to Peanut
-Vacuum sealed for your pleasure
-Up a creek and without a clean diaper


Downtown Dad: Discussions of the Daily Grind in Manhattan

Tour of the World According to Pierre Kim, UberChic MetroDad

Extemporaneous Expressions of Fatherhood and Family (Well-read, Well-bred and Well-fed in NYC)

City Boy morphs into Metro Dad

Global Gotham Guy = Metro Dad

Adept Big-City Dad & Effective Father in Gotham
(ABCDEFG's of parenting for the huddled e-masses) Your logo could be the outline of the Statue of Liberty

Okay, enough for now.

metro mama

I. just. can't. stay. away.

The Grateful Dad
The Evil Dad
The Dad Zone



Katherine Hilton

What about "Mad Doter"? It's an anagram of Metro Dad and is truly what you are. :) By the way, I live in Birmingham, home to Dreamland.


I'm too tired to think of an actual title, but if you don't want to put a reference to your daughter in it directly (as someone before me suggested), the tagline could be "Warning: may contain Peanuts"


I'm kinda partial to Henri's the Unbearable Lightness of Breeding, but if you're looking for something a little more timely I say -- dadjelina.

Miss Stinky Fish

Congratulations! I'm a new reader and already a fan!

My suggs:
1. Working for Peanut
2. MetroDad: Tower of Babble
3. MetroDad: Blog in a New York Minute
4. MetroDad: Hipster Dad in New York (As a new reader, I'd click on this.)
5. Ski Boots in the Oven

My votes (as if I had a vote):
+From Here to Paternity (no worries, satire is not copyright infringement)
+The Daddy Wears Prada (LOVE this one!)
+Bibimpop (appeals to my Korean appetite)
+Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cheesestick (appeals to my cheesy sense of humor)

Papa Bradstein

One bourbon, one scotch, and one baby.

Who's your daddy?

Or, go back to your tagline contest. There was some good stuff in there, if my memory serves me correctly.



No? Really? ;)

No matter the title, your new blog is going to be great and you'll have droves of readers who love it. Congrats on the bond with Babble.

Wandering Chopsticks

A Tribeca Called Kim-fest.

Eh, my poor attempt at using A Tribe Called Quest since you love them so much.

Metrodad: Where hair and parents have gel.

Metrodad: My hair has gel, my parenting (skill) hasn't.

Metrodad: Stylish hair, stylish parent/daddy/father.

Metrodad: Where hair and fatherhood has style.


-Nut Brain-
"All I really needed to know I learned from a Peanut"


Metro Dad: NY Kon Man


MetroDad: the Man of Teal

Faster than a speeding Peanut...
More fashionable than a rococo votive...
It's a blog. It's a mane! It's MetroDad


Metro Dad...Inside Edition


Metrodad: Hit Me On The Flip Side


La Vie en Prose

Big Pumpkin

Peanut, Scotch and Kim Chee...

38th Parallel Lives


Modern man meets Heemeeonhefwepsy

Kimchi, whimsy and peanut.

On fatherhood, fashionistas and the flip-side.

Metrodad: keeping peanut from the elephants since 200_.


Funny, Urbane, Berkeley Alum Reproducing (FUBAR!)

Gouda, Frank Insights, and Mirth

The Peanut Gallery, a MetroDad Reproduction

And some more fun with MetroDad:the Man of Teal = Superman as metrosexual theme!

Superman's Metropolis =MD's NYC
Superman's alias: Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter
Metrodad's alias: Pierre Kim, well-mannered blogger
Superman nicknames: the Man of Steel, the Caped Crusader
Metrodad nicknames: the Man of Teal, the Capers Crusader, or the Cape Cod Crusader
Superman's dog: Krypto, MD's: MetroDog
Superman's retreat: the Fortress of Solitude
MetroDad's: the Fortress of Attitude ; )
Superman's weakness: Kryptonite
MD's : Popeye's Spicy Fried Chicken

Finally, picture Superman's emblem:
blue background, yellow diamond, big 'S' in red

and now MetroDad's:
teal background, gold lamé diamond, and big 'MD' in what else? cranberry (clench your teeth and say "crawnberry")


Your new label: In Deep Kim Chi


Pull My Finger...

Some things about parenting never change


Cheaper Than Therapy


It's a mans world, but I'd be nothing without my woman or girl. I know, it's long, but...(taken from James Brown, & SPIKE TV)


Père Pressure?

the weirdgirl

Fuck! I'm late! Stupid west coast time. Well anyways...

"Lap it up"

(Milk, scotch, love - it works with anything.)


I thought it was "what is my label when I exit WOMB status" like, meaning, when Tip was born (or was that a fife line?)

Okay I know I'm totally late ... but ...

How about:

Peanuts, Rhymes & Life

Peanut's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (hey that's catchy, huh???)

The Low End (Parenting) Theory

Midnight Poopy Marauders


1) P.T.A.
(Parental Training Assistance)
(Peanut Transit Authority)
(Poop Toilet Ass)

2) The Adventures of Peanut and Pod

3) A $900.00 stroller is just the begining

4) Metrosensible

5) 3p's and an ipod
3p's and a pod
3p's=(Peanut Peepads PMS)

6) Poop is just a four letter word

7) Food, Fatherhood, and Four letter words

8) F.I.T. (Father in training)

9) Boat Drinks (Best line from things to do in denver when you're dead)

10) Why can't I have a breast pump?

11) You can milk mice? (Line from Fockers)

12) What we have here is failure to illuminate.

13) Fatherhood and Taxedermy, it's all about how you present it.

14) Babylon Peanut

15) Time to take off the training wheels

16) I wish my dad was like me

17) 21st century digital dad

18) Dadology 101

19) Not as advertised

20) Sold as is

21) no pook guy or no pook dad (rough cantonese)

22) peanut no dawn fee

23) You can still be hip (or cool)


1) Dad-Da-Dum-Dum
2) MetroDad knows Best
3) Because I Said So!
4) Don't make me pull over!
5) Trust me - I'm NOT lost!
6) Tales of the Crib

Good luck with your new blog!


All the Flavor, Half the Fat: MetroDad!


Congrats~ what an awesome gig! Hope I'm not too late for the contest!

- They Call Me Dad
- They Call Me MetroDad
- Ctrl + Alt + Dad
- MetroDad & Peanut
- The MetroDad Chronicles
- MetroDad & Me
- Love, MetroDad

I like just MetroDad too! =)


Was there ever a decision?

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