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February 16, 2007


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Vox POPuli. Or just Vox Pop.


Dad Infinitum

Father Knows Bisque

Dadipose Tissue


Love to read the posts. Thanks for the laughs.
How about:
-Masculine Mystique


MD presents: Guyknowcology!


MD's Guyknowcology

or not!


I thought of another one, though a variation of my previous entry of Daddy Said So.

Daddy Blogs So.


Because Daddy Blogs So.


I thought of another one, though a variation of my previous entry of Daddy Said So.

Daddy Blogs So.


Because Daddy Blogs So.


Yes, I am a retard for being clicker happy.


MetroDad: Where puns are for children, not groan readers.

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

Dad. Metro Dad.


the naughty point
time out dad

kerri ny

The Tribeca Tales
New York State of Mind
Dad Fab (ala Ab Fab)
The Parent 'Hood
M.D. Pufnstuff (get it? ok, it's a little much, even for a hipster crowd)

That's all folks. Good luck and congrats metrodad! I'm a big fan.


Congrats on your new gig.

My entry:

"Who You Callin' Hipster?"


congrats on the gig! you totally deserve it.
i'd stick with metrodad!
adding the exclamation point really does something.
ahem. something.

Wandering Chopsticks

I totally love "Father Knows Jest."

My suggestions?

Parenting Tales From Tribeca.

HipPop Parenting


I think you should start to franchise the "MetroDad" brand like they do with CSI (CSI: Miami) and Law & Order (Law & Order: SVU).

That way, readers will know they're still getting the MetroDad quality and beloved writing. Think of the killing you'll make on franchise fees! So, I was thinking something like "MetroDad: Special Babble Edition" or "MetroDad: Tribeca" or "Metrod Babbling" or.... or....

Okay, that was all.


Pop goes the juice box
Cheeky Daddy
It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World


Never posted before, sorry... but can't resist the chance of a prize! My suggestions:

-Shootin' from the hip(ster)
-Manhattan playdates [From Wikipedia: The Manhattan has been called a drinking man's cocktail — strong, urbane, and simple (and it has whiskey)]
-Manhattan musings [not that I want to suggest you're blogging under the influence...]
-Manhattan banter [and neither do I want to suggest you need alcohol to be funny...]
-Cosmopolitan playdates
-The tragically hipster

I know I know, all the above are heavily influenced by blog current affairs... otherwise I have:

-Shootin' the breeze
-New boys club




Metro Digs


Hi MD,

First time commenter, long time reader. Love your site! Congrats on the new gig. Here are my suggestions:

"Pierre: Cautionary Tales of An Urban Papa Who Learned to Care"

Dad in the City: Bringing Sexy Back to Parenthood"


MetroDad's Manic Musings
Manic Musings by MetroDad


Not Your Asian Dad

tagline idea: What Would Yul Do?

I love your blog. Many congratulations on your newest endeavor.


WWMD (What Would MetroDad Do?)

ray lee

Daddy-pedia - From A - Z

Tales from the Crib

MetroDad 'R' Us

Daddy-Mart - The one-stop-shop to Metrodaddying.

Metro-Legends: Legends of MetroDad

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Lurker - Delurking to say congratulations, I've been reading MD for a while and just started visiting Babble so it will be great to see you over there. Could'nt resist sending a suggestion:

MacDaddy: Bologna from the Hegemon

well that seems weak, I'll keep at it.


Dad in Flight (you fly a lot)

Blogging for Burgers

Puppys, Blogs & Rainbows


Going Back to Tribeca

Dad on the Rocks

I Know Whit (very catchy)


Casa de Metro
Where anything goes ...


the only living dad in new york


Possible names for your new blog: 1)raised against the machine
2) raising against the machine
3) raise against the machine
(Anything against the machine pretty much works)
4) child is my co-pilot
5) reflections of the rear window (for those of us whose parents used to put us in the rear window of the car while driving)
6) baby in a coalmine (take from the Police song plus people will think it's a headline)
7) arrest your development
8) turf wars (parent vs. child)
9) I used to go out at night
10) gum in the hair
11) baby banter
12) I'm not your fodder
13) ten toes and a nose
14) baby x
15) noobie_dad10023
16) I should have bought a dog
17) What?! No instructions?
18) All assembly required
19) man v baby
20) when you can't ask a woman


How to Raise a Peanut
Batteries Not Included
Raising Peanut (as in Raising Arizona)
A Dingo Ate My Baby
Nuts about Peanut


Next Stop: Fatherland

Fatherhood: the 6th Borough


- The Peanut Wrangler
- Single Malt Parenting.
- From Scotch Glasses to Changing Tables.
- Blog. Daddy Blog.
- O07 Dad.
- And On the Seventh Day There Was Fatherhood.
- A Father's Blog: Future Suitors Beware
- Dad's Turf
- Wrapped Around Her Finger: A Father's Blog

daddy in a strange land

The Daddy Wears Prada


A Pop with Scotch and a Peanut Watch: A Periscope into Parenthood
A Parental Periscope

Congratulations on the new blog. Love reading your thoughts!


I read this post earlier today and didn't have any brilliant ideas. As I was flipping radio stations tonight, I caught a four-second soundbite that would be PERFECT. It was clearly part of some joke or story...

"So Then This Asian Lunatic Bursts In"


(Long-time reader, first-time commenter.) I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet: Mack Daddy. Simple, powerful, old-school - not a bad set of attributes to have associated with oneself.


MetroDad: Pop 'til I Drop


From Chaos to Hors D'oeuvre
(inspired by your Chaos Theory series)

Dude Blogs Like A Mommy

Crouching Toddler, Hidden Bourbon


Metro Mama grabbed one of mine... I do think that Pop Culture would suit you MD. Maybe even Pop Culture : I, Con.

I also love your use of the In Nomine Patris.. and INP would make a flash t-shirt...

that's what you have to think.. what would the t-shirt look like, right?


Metro Mama grabbed one of mine... I do think that Pop Culture would suit you MD. Maybe even Pop Culture : I, Con.

I also love your use of the In Nomine Patris.. and INP would make a flash t-shirt...

that's what you have to think.. what would the t-shirt look like, right?


Pop'n Fresh
I Breed Therefore I Blog
Daddy Ala Mode

ray lee

I think this suggestion by eightcupsofgravy really sealed the deal.

17) What?! No instructions?


-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mr. Big Dubya

Savoir Pere or Savoir Pierre

Yeah - that's all I got


+peanut's instinctive travels
+babies, rhymes, and life
+and the gettin's were good
+dig this recital
+follow, you won't lose it
+watch as i combine all the juice from the mind
+pulling the goalie (?)
+paternity suit: wearing fatherhood well
+babies, basil hayden's & the bosslady

ok, time's up. that was fun. congrats on the new gig. xodt


dad actually


peanut therapy


A few ideas off the top of my head:

Daddie Dearest
Bohemian Papa
Cocky Poppy
Urbane Urbanite

not the best but all I can think of for now...


the father-daughter dance


There is no time to look through all of the comments, but how about "MetroDad's Peanut Gallery?"

Cindy Nawilis

Congrats!! I love reading your blog even if I can't relate...I started reading this because my sister, whose baby is almost due, said it's a great site she reads for parenting tips.

Here are some suggestions:
Confessions of a Metro Dad (like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; the switching of D and M sorta work...)

I like From Here to Paternity and Nuts About Peanut

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