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February 16, 2007


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"All that and a bottle of scotch"

That was the first thing that came to me. Give a few days. I'll be back.

Oh, and once again I had no clue what the hell you were talking about with that title thing.


The more I think about it, the more I kind of like "Egad! Bad Dad!" Just because it's a C&H reference shouldn't automatically disqualify it ... right? Plus, you could use it as an ironic reference point to the portrayal of dads by popular media as idiots and incompitants. You know, co-opt the negative language as a means of subverting it? Yes!


Oh my God, it's spelled "incompetents." Don't disqualify my entry based on initial bad spelling!


Downtown Dad

Lisa L.

Awesome prizes, MD! Too bad I have no creativity. How about "Cool Moe Dad"? Awful, isn't it? Can't wait to hear the winning name.


Don't you already have your own blog? Still, congrats, my friend...you belong among the literati (as opposed to the illiterati, such as myself)

I'm fucking awful at naming things. I can barely misquote song lyrics on my own blog. But maybe something like "Uncorked" or "Alternate Side Snarking?"



By the way, congrats!

Tell 'em you know this (menopausal) Seattle mom of teens and young adults...


I really like Mike's very creative idea of "From the Peanut Gallery." However, my advice is to NOT use Peanut's name in the title. I made that mistake, and when baby #2 came along, I felt obligated to change it.

There are some really great ideas out there. Congrats on the new gig! I'll be reading.


how about:

1) much ado about kiddies
2) adventures in daddying
3) the kid and i


How about "MetroDad: Will Parent for Foie Gras"? You are one busy blogger, MD! Congrats on the new gig.


Congratulations! The one up above that made me laugh was "Secret Asian Dad" and now I can't get the damn song out of my head.




Congrats on the new blog — that is awesome (to the max)! :) I'll be reading it.

I've been trying to think of a new blog title ever since I read your post yesterday. I can't think of an exact, genius title, but here's what's coming to mind:

- Something like "Parenting RULES! Guidelines from the Book of MetroDad." Here's where I'm going with this:
--- "Rules" has two meanings: 1. as in rules of behavior 2. as in it is cool, it rocks (e.g., "That rules, Dude!")
--- You really like books, and your blog is definitely a e-book of humor and parenting advice, updated regularly.

Some other random thoughts:
- "PapaRules" (see above reasoning)
- "Telling it like it is."
- "MetroDad: Straight-up and Parental"

Good luck! I hope these ideas prompt other ideas.

creative-type dad

'They Call Me Colonel'
'Sit Down and Listen'

Who am I kidding - I like 'Secret Asian Dad' the most


How about "Butterflies and the little Peanut"?

Butterflies - a ref to the Bosslady and at the same time you know, butterflies as in the butterflies in the stomach.. when you are pondering what to do with the Peanut (religion, education, etc)

Clare's Dad

Congrats. I've thought that a good name for a working dad's blog would be "Balls in the Air." You know...as in juggling. ;)


Uh, this is cheezy, but I'd suggtest:
"Dad to the Bone"....Kinda like "Bad to the Bone" but you're a dad so it's "Dad to the Bone" (dun-nuh-nuh-nuh-duh)....
Or ummm...
'Pierre Kim...You ARE the Father!'(from Maury. I can see your imaginary weave ridden baby mommas running across the stage now saying "OHHHHHHHHH, I toldt you! I toldt you!")
More suggestions to come.

This blog stinks...NOT!


Congrats on the Babble-Blog!
Some ideas from my tired brain:

Cocky Pop Poppycock
Pop Goes the World
Dad First, Ask Quetions Later
Poppa Will Preach
Dad Dabbles in Babble
Father Blogger: Note from the Church of Parenthood


What is your label when you exit boom status? How about a rap name/alter? Like maybe

"Poof Daddy"

and then after awhile you could let the world know you'd now like to be called


and then "P. Daddy"

and finally just "Daddy".

Diddy wouldn't mind, would he? Is that even his name still?

Pierre "Poofy" Kim. Loofahs, witty banter, rap vernacular - it's all good. And you can still maintain the MD brand. Hey, when's your clothing line coming out?


The Unbearable Lightness of Breeding

Breeding and Nothingness


Rootbeer and Corndog

I Know Henri

Hiya MotherFucker

Please deliver the gift personally and I'll have the pastrami.

Thanks brutha


savoir pere
call me big poppa (I love it.)
raising notes
the new kid
knows best


Blog title options:
(ii) I Left My Wallet In El Segundo.

OK, the second one was just because you got me channeling Q-Tip.

Congrats. What a well deserved honor.


Dad Blogs Like A Lady


Riding the Metro (hehe)

Dude, where's my Metro?

Metro, Scotch, and Wry (my fav)


Gonna have to stick with 'Seoul Man', although 'Seoul Daddy' isn't bad, either.

Mitch McDad

"Married But Not Dead." Saw it on a T-shirt last night.


"Crouching Toddler, Hidden Cheesestick"


Pierre Kim, MD: Prescriptions for parenting from MetroDad
Or This Father Knows Shit:


Tatanka!! The Metrofrontier of Parenting.




Shameless Breeder.


Just delurking to say congrats on the babble gig. i find that parenting magazines don't speak to me either. and you're one of the only parenting blogs i read. i love hearing your perspective and will definitely check out your new venue.


found your blog via a link to your recent valentines day post! very cute.

my own personal lame titles:

- misadventures with peanut&co.
- models & bottles (& potties)
- life spelled b-a-b-y


Ziggurat of Metrodad

metro mama

Congrats on the new gig!

Pop Culture

The Pithy Pop

I'll try to think of more.

metro mama

The Flippant Father

Droll to Drool


For lack of more creativity, you say the Peanut likes Hello Kitty... Why not a take on that and go with Hello Kiddy. Kind of corny, but cute in way. The only other one I could think of was, Near Misses and Eskimo Kisses. Congrats on the new blog and good luck!

metro mama

Me again. Sorry, I just can't help myself.

Sass in the City
Sass From the Sire
The Playful Padre
Pater Prattle
Daddy Drivel
The Debonair Daddy


I was going to try to come up with one, but I can't top "Father Knows Jest" -- that is perfect. I do, however, have a tagline for you: "I am the boss of me"

Congratulations on your ascendancy in the blogosphere.


Metroparenting: Gone to Pot
Slough Daddy (oops, I just noticed someone already used the P.Daddy play on names)
Scotch and Yoda: Tales from a Drinking Know-It-All (no offense of course — you know we love your tales)
Metroscotchual, Straight Up
Zenlivet and the Art of Cuticle Maintenance (no idea what your scotch of choice is)
Zenlivet and the Art of Psychological Maintenance
Zenlivet and the Farts of Paternal Maintenance (ok, getting carried away here)
Daddy Mac-allan
Dad on the Rocks
Grammarphile Freak Daddy
It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp Daddy
[Anything] ...Noonan! (Because I'm a dork and Noonan! is always funny to me.)


The Trajedy of Life is The Beauty of It's Passing Appreciated Amongst the Fragrant Blossoms of Our Memories Which Fade in Time Like a Hawaiian Tan In a New York Winter



Swanky Dad
Swank & Swagger
Glitterati Parenting
Fatherhood: Shaken not Stirred

Her Bad Mother

Bah, way too late on TCQ. And I'm terrible at titles. But I can say this - big congrats, cool gig!


Growing Up Dad
From Velvet Rope to Velvet Blankie


Breeding is Fundamental


Metro Rail
Metro Railing
Metro Rails

Just to cover all the bases you know.



someone stop me please


Third Rail

Warning: Third Rail is Korean


How about:

Dadjectives and Nouns

Totally Dadical

Growing Up Notti

Pop Goes It

Hopeless Daddict:

Papa Don't Preach

Papas Don't Let Their Daughters Grow Up To Be Cowgirls

Father Knows Second Best (my fave)

Dood with Brood

Word. Glad to be blogging with you, my friend.


How about:

Dadjectives and Nouns

Totally Dadical

Growing Up Notti

Pop Goes It

Hopeless Daddict:

Papa Don't Preach

Papas Don't Let Their Daughters Grow Up To Be Cowgirls

Father Knows Second Best (my fave)

Brood Awakening

The Kid Stays in the Picture

Talkin 'Bout My Girrrrrrrrl. (My girl!)

That is all. Glad to be blogging with you, my friend... :)


Sorry about the repeat. I thought of a couple more when I was posting. Ignore the first one.

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