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February 01, 2007


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Julie C.

I echo what OB said! Is MetroBro single? How about pimping HIM out?


I'm totally using those lines on my parents. They're not Korean. They're Jewish. Same thing, right?


Welcome back, MD! I've flown all my life since I was a baby (I'm a military brat) but lately I don't like it anymore.

I always thought that the reason the majority of marriages with a Euro-Am husband and an Asian wife was probably because the husband met his wife while stationed in Japan or Korea. At least that's been my experience as a child living on military bases.

creative-type dad

I'm not on board on the Tina train. She's funny, but she ain't no Jessica Alba.

Laughing about the cheerleaders from Georgia Tech thing: The wife went to college in Atlanta and I was completely shocked at hearing that a "Tech" school had a football team. That's like MIT or CalTech having one (WTF?).
She said they were there for the experiments and Georgia law requires a football team for everything - even preschool.

Nothing against 'Alantians'- but they're backwards.


Naked kids are ubiquitous in our house. I call them "Nekkids"(tm), and we have pretty much resigned ourselves to keeping the heat up. How do I get them to at least keep their underwear on?

Hello?!?! Bribery!

(Or turn the heat back down.)

Susie Q!

Good BBQ in Manhattan? No way! Reminds me of that old commercial. "This salsa was made in New York City!" "New York City?"

Since you do like Dreamland, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt!


Welcome back!
wow. I can't believe you picked ME. *blush*

Well, um, my question anyways. I can even look past the anti-bear comment....


Grimaldi's Pizza! Now THAT sounds like a jet-lag remedy. Too bad they don't deliver...

Dinosaur sounds great --- psyched to hear of the recommendation. To get good BBQ, we get it shipped up here from a restaurant in Texas. Really --- it's out-of-this-world delicious.

BTW --- welcome back! :)


I am glad to see you back and I thank you for the entertainment.


Welcome back, MD. Just to let you know. The jet lag gets worse, the older you get!

Jenn Benn

Is Peanut eating a Strawberry Pocky? Pocky is the best!

Rachel E.

Oh man. I'm sorry about your Atlanta experience. We moved here to god-forsaken Georgia from NY (We live right outside of Atlanta in frickin' Kennesaw. It's as bad as it sounds. There's actually a law in Kennesaw that every home must have a gun. We are lawbreakers. We have no gun.) and the racial thing can be really bad. Racism here is very different than racism in NY. In NY, if someone is a racist, he/she is pretty much an ass in every other way too. Here, you will meet the nicest, sweetest people - become friends with them - LIKE them, and then one day they spit out this racial slur that is so vial your jaw hits the floor and your completely blindsided. Really bizarre.

pnuts mama

what a big nerd I am to be so excited that you answered my question! we really need to make the trip in to the bbq but really, that bridge is sooooo big. just kidding! the dinosaur in rochester actually has a huge biker clientele- kind of fun to go on a friday night and drink your ass off listening to the blues while you wait 2 hours for a table- then eat until you can't possibly squeeze one more delicious sliver of pork into your gullet. yum. they sell their sauces and at our superbowl gathering this weekend one of our wing choices will have it as their flavoring. i'd invite you to join us but i'm afraid the journey east to jamaica would set off your jet lag again.

so glad to have you back and thanks again!

p.s. i laughed at "whoriental"- we have filipino friends who confided in us the term "gaysian" when trying to decide why that single 35 yr old guy is so buff yet oddly not dating anyone. we felt honored to be included in their circle of trust.


Yes, we are Chicks with Stix, and we are ruthless.

I'm SO JEALOUS that BossLady can knit like that! I'm still in the scarf/blanket mode but I understand the obsession. Lucas gets mad because I knit even when we're watching a movie or TV together. Anyway, that sweater (and that kid!) is gorgeous.

Re The Naked Phase: My daughter went through it at age 4, and it involved stripping naked whenever possible. That included running up and down President Street in Park Slope, and at the pool at my mother's condo in Central Florida to the horror of the blue-hairs. She didn't get that from me. I went through my naked phase at 16.


I refuse to believe you're all that jeg lagged. I'm only dealing with a 3 hour difference and I'm having trouble forming sentences. But you? Still funny!

And THANK YOU for the golden pig reference, from this fire dragon and earth monkey pair. Maybe she won't be so much in #1's shadow after all.


A good friend of mine is actually a black girl who is married to a Korean guy and they're expecting their first baby this April. This makes me want to ask her about her mother in law.

I'm also totally impressed with the Bosslady's knitting skills, that looks like an awesome sweater.


Excellent mailbag entry. It's nice to hear other folks dig Murakami too ;-)


Rats and mice and jet lag! I had no idea there was a correlation! :) Too funny~!


Ditto on the last meal, except I would want pizza from Louie and Ernie's and I would add ribs from Virgil's.

Nothing But Bonfires

Man, you can stretch jet lag out for WEEKS if you want to. It's perfect for when you want to get out of something! The rule I've heard is that it takes the same number of days to get over as it does hours in the time difference. Which is another thing that works to your advantage: when I go to Asia from the West Coast, I have to go for AT LEAST sixteen days, because there are sixteen hours in the time difference, and I'll need to get over the jet lag before having a good time on vacation. Ingenious!

Also: sleep. Bad TV. Valium. In that order.

Papa Bradstein

Your pint-size fashionista is adorable. (Safety tip about accepting gifts from knitters--until they put down the needles, the correct answer is, "Yes dear. I love it. It fits perfectly."

Love all your answers, of course, only I'm realizing that I shoulda' never said that New Yorkers are assholes, 'cause now you won't pimp me out for the new job that I almost certainly need.

Or come down and catch a Mets game with Liberal Banana, Boyfriend, and the Bradsteins.

Dude, I suck.

Sarah Marie

Thanks for picking (and answering) my question, MetroDad. You rock! More pictures of the Peanut, please.


A crush on Ms. Atwood? I hope it's in remission.


Dude - if you ever find yourself up in Connecticut, stop by New Haven, and I'll show you what good pizza is!

Mmm... just went to Sally's the other night for my birthday meal...


Not much on my mind right now. Today was a complete loss. So it goes. I've just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. I've basically been doing nothing , but I guess it doesn't bother me.


OMG you are so funny! =P

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