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January 08, 2007


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I heard about this today while listening to Howard Stern.I am glad it didn't turn out to be serious, but I can only agree that there is nothing scarier than being a parent!

Velvet Voice

So... What DID it turn out to be?

i'm glad everything is ok. here's the hilarious headline from the post...

the weirdgirl

No, I don't think there is anything scarier. Sometimes I catch myself going through emergency procedures in my mind for disasters "just in case".

Our thoughts are with you. Stay safe.

samantha Jo Campen

Holy crap please let us know what is going on!

Our thoughts are with you all all of NYC.


Oh, I'm glad the gas smell was nothing serious!

And no, I think there's nothing scarier than being a parent.


John was telling me about this yesterday and saying that the authorities' statement was something like, "we don't know what it is, but it's nothing harmful" and I was like, "HUH!? If they don't know what it is, how the HELL do they know it's not harmful!?"

I would have been freaking out - actually knowing that the day care had to close its air ducts would have probably pushed me over the edge - I know that makes no sense, since she was actually safe(r) that way, but just the tangible evidence of my kid having to be protected against a potential danger while I was nowhere nearby to do anything about it.... *shudder*

Mitch McDad

NO. There is NOTHINGS scarier than being a parent.


nothing. not one damn thing in the entire world.

i thought i knew scared. but i never really knew till now.


Hey, I was right!


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