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January 10, 2007


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I don't remember how I found your blog but I'm hooked. I'm an old-fashioned Southern mommy who gets a big kick out of reading about what parenting life is like in New York City. Thank you for many endless hours of entertainment.


Tickle me, Elmo! I'm a longtime lurker to the site as well, MD. Thanks for giving me the chance to come out of the woods and say hi!

Jessica W.

I'm not even a parent but you, dooce, mimi smartypants and finslippy are my everyday reads. You're all such great writers and nothing brightens up my day more than seeing one of you put up a new post. Happy delurking!


Unfortunately the not peeing standing up is a lesson all little girls have to learn at one time or another. Better at two then six is all I can say too you...not saying how i know. Just trust me on this one. Man Metro, she is dam cute.


Delurking from Hong Kong to say that it's been a great joy discovering your website. Keep it up!


Whatever. You know I'm here. Oh, and is that some sort of high powered fart fan you got goin' there?


You're one of my regular reads, so I guess I should stop lurking and say hi. Hi.


Korean American mommy of a one year old angel here. I love your blog. I'm trying to get my husband to read your blog. It should be real eye opening to him.


The Peanut is too adorable, MD. This is a fun age, isn't it? (that is, when they're not driving you absolutely bonkers!)


Ok, I'll delurk. I've never been one for anonimity anyway! I'm the mom of a 13 yr. old girl, with a baby boy due in about 7 weeks...so reading your blog brings back memories and reminds of what I have to look forward to! Funny stuff!


Being called out on lurking kind of makes me feel like a stalker. I'm not liking it much.

I love, love, LURVE your blog. Your talent combined with subject matter makes you a fun read. I have a soft spot in my heart for blogging daddys.


Delukring to say that I came for the poop stories but I stayed for the great writing, the clever wit, and the refreshingly great perspective on life. Rock on, MetroDad!


I wish my husband was HALF as involved and interested in parenting as you (and all the other daddy blogs I read) are. I think part of the reason I read all of you is so I can wonder of what could have been or might still be.


Found your blog through delicious life and keep coming back, even though I have no kids!

Julie P.

I'm almost embarrased to delurk and comment because I have a total blog crush on you, MD! I love how you write about BossLady and the Peanut. I love your sense of humor. And I love how well-read you are.

There, I said it! I feel much better now.

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

Two Words: Crate Train.

Works for both.

Sweet picture - the smile of satisfaction would fool anyone who didn't realize she did not indeed have a winky.


Frequent commentor here, MD. Thought I'd just say how much I really enjoy visiting your site. It's great seeing a cool dad who's not afraid to gush about his daughter. You're my kind of guy.

magnum myoblast

Not really a lurker, but an infrequent writer of comments. Well, I have a question about the use of bask as a noun in the first sentence. Normally used as a verb, no?


I feel so exposed, I like lurking. The people who comment on your site are so intelligent and funny, I hardely have anything to add.

But I will say this, I love your blog and you never fail to crack me up. I have 2 1/2 year old son. Being from the Bay Area, you remind me of so many of dear friends.

Keep up the good work!


Delurking. Love your blog. Hoping that someday my husband and I can be as cool as you and bosslady. We have a one year old son that we adore. Parenthood has been a grand adventure. Here's to more surprises!


Delurking from the Bay Area. A great post! I haven't laughed so hard in awhile. I have a 17 year old and a 3 week old. I remember going through this about 15 years ago, quite fun. This time it will be with a boy instead of a girl...I'm thinking cheerios in the toilet for target practice?


You made up that mess about Delurking Week :)
A visitor from across the East River, I found you via RebelDad. I enjoy your blogging. Good luck w/ the potty training.


I guess I qualify as a delurker. I just discovered your blog today and have spent the last 3 hours reading all your archives (yes, I'm at work!) You're hilarious!

I never read any "daddy blogs" before and I love hearing your hilarious perspective on parenting. Count me as a new fan!


I never thought reading about another persons bowel movement would be so damn entertaining. Thanks for the visual.

Lisa K

Wow, that's one helluva fan you've got goin' on in the bathroom!

Still loving your blog. Whenever my husband peers over my shoulder to see what I'm laughing at, I respond with the usual "it's that funny Korean dude's blog".

With the pooping, all by boys are all over it, but they still need the occasional uber-wipe. Whenever they call out for one of us, we respond to eachother with, "hey - you're closer!"


ahhhh, potty training!
and delurking!


Funny that you made that reference about PETA people not being able to take a joke. I was driving to work this morning and I saw a bumper sticker that said, "There's plenty of room for all God's creatures. Right next to the mashed potatoes!"

I don't know why but I've been laughing my ass over that all day.


I found you through nothing but bonfires and she was right....your take on parenting is hilarious and so true!! I am a mom of a 13 month old and expecting another in about 2 weeks....Lived in NYC but moved to the burbs in Dutchess county...Thank you for making me laugh!

Mama Nabi

Hm, toddlers being curious enough to stick their hands in the line of fire... seriously, it's really not my fault that I peed on LN's hand. Now that's a real potty. Strictly for business, no distractions... sigh, if Peanut figures out the art of Peeing Standing Up while Being Female, please have her call me, okay?
Oh, and kudos for the extra effort to impress the P'Nut - I don't think I know any other dad who'd give it that kind of dedication.


Great blog, thanks for the entertainment. I'm a dad of an 8 month girl, so I am learning what to expect.


The toilet thing.....i know. It used to be the last bastion in my house, now the oldest knows how to open door knobs.....forget it!

Adele Richards

You are just about my favourite thing to read on the internet - you make me laugh! Thanks so much.


my 19 month old has been following me into the bathroom for four months now. and when she looks into the toilet, whether its empty or not, she yells "yuck!"

Texas Single Girl

Officially delurked...is that even a word? I really enjoy reading your blog and pretending that I'm a hip parent in NYC.


As a soon-to-be father, it's nice to see someone who loves parenting so much but doesn't take it all so seriously.


That kid is too damn cute, MD. Don't worry about the toilet training. Eventually, everyone learns!


Delurking to say that your blog is great! I think I found you through Harlow's Monkey or Twice the Rice.

Keep up the good work - you always make me laugh.


my wife read a crappy book that said that daddy should pee seating down so he doesn't confuse his little girl who's being potty-trained. Soooo, I wasn't allowed to pee standing up, I cannot tell you how much that sucked!!!!


Delurking -- no, wait. You know me already. Okay, forget it. Nevermind.

Best Man Fall

Have I been lurking? I'm not sure - I can't remember anymore. But I know I've been reading for a year now. Best. Parenting Blog. Ever. Go Peanut Go!


I don't even have kids but I like reading your blog because you're one funny motherfucker. Thanks for all the laughs, MD.


I found your blog because someone sent me your hilarious post about Channukah. As a Korean woman who married into a fairly conservative Jewish family, I laughed my tuchus off!


Jeez, MD - you invite people to de-lurk & get like a bajillion people commenting...how satisfying is that?
Yoyo loves imitating me peeing (lifts shirt, leans back); especially in front of the in-laws, dinner guests, etc...
Too funny.


MD, my kids are in college now but this post really had me chuckling, that pic was my daughter 20 years ago, great post, thanks.


Long time reader, first time commenter. I LOVE reading your witty, hilarious, well-written observations. This post is one of your best! I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard.
I'm also an Asian-American parent (16 mos. old son and expecting another baby in a few months), and I relate to you on many topics. Thanks for always putting a funny spin on things.


delurk, delurk. I'm pretty sure I found you through AntiRacist Parent, but once someone makes it onto my RSS feed, I stop remembering most of those details. And just concentrate on the funny.

Her Bad Mother

Oh, bloody freaking hell, see what summoning out the lurkers does? My brilliant comment gets lost in a dog pile of 170-something shout-outs. Anxiety about which causes me to forget said brilliant comment. Something about natural science and a theory of natural selection per defecatory habits, but whatever. It's ruined now.



Haven't been lurking very long--I think I found my way via SweetJuniper.

Your blog's fri-larious. Thanks for the laughs!!

Will try the matchstick. For my um, dog. Yeah...


Good luck with potty training. I'm still waiting for the readiness. I thought Tae was ready, but then she started lying about having pooped when she really just wanted to get out of the stroller or car seat.

They make kids so damn smart these days.


I lurk, therefore I am.

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