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January 10, 2007


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You've outed me, MD. As a relatively recent father, I've been reading your blog ever since my wife became pregnant. Thanks for sharing the lighter side of it all. It's been great seeing a man who relishes in parenthood as much as you do.


Is it time to Delurk already? Oh man, I'm firing my secretary... oh wait... that's me.

MD, love the blog. Absolutely love it. we share the same takes on alot of the situations that arise and it's almost like I think WWMDD (what would Metro Dad do)... i know exactly what he would do... post it!

Molly Wade Chase

Max is a little younger than your Peanut, and he also follows us into the bathroom. Horribly enough, his first sentence was "I see that!" applied liberally to everything that goes on in the bathroom. He hasn't shown much interest in his potty yet, except to stick his bare foot into the bowl and wear the seat on his head like a hat. Oh well.


Well, I must fit in with the "old fogey" demographic of your readership because my daughter is ten. But I read your blog regularly because I think you're a hoot and also because, having lived in NY for years, I love hearing about NYC.
Anyway, when my daughter was two we started potty-training and we learned over the next many months that she was LA-ZY. I had heard about the "Naked/75 dollar method" and thought it barbaric at first. Basically you take away the kid's diaper and let them have accidents (which they hate) and just pay the 75 bucks to have the carpets cleaned. (Hell, you're probably already doing that with dog poops anyway. Although in NYC I imagine that it costs well above $75 to have your carpets cleaned.)
When she hit the age of 3 we were getting desperate, so off those damn diapers came and within two days she was completely potty-trained - both day and night - and it was done, just like that. Something to think about anyway....

Woman with Kids

I taught my youngest son how to pee standing up, I'm sure you can the message to Peanut to sit down... or let her make a mess and figure it out herself?

Butta Buns

De-lurking here too. Gee, maybe I should have introduced myself a few weeks ago before linking your blog on my site. Bad manners, my bad. I don't have kids yet but love your blog.

A matchstick up the canine's keester?!?! Where in hell did you find such a puppy masochist?


I simply MUST get one of those Samuel Jackson t-shirts. That's the funniest shirt I've seen in a long time.


I'm delurking to say that I've been reading your blog sporadically for awhile but it wasn't until recently that I learned that you were a fellow Korean-American. It made me love this site even more! It's so refreshing to see a new generation of Asian men become so involved in parenting. My father's generation was so distanced from parenting. Glad to see some things can change!


I don't have children but I love reading about your adventures in parenting. Without sugarcoating the tough times, you make it all seem like so much fun.

Mrs. Q.

Matchsticks, eh? Well, when the little man didn't poop, the doctor told me to stick in the rectal thermometer and man, does that work. Maybe that's one of the many reasons I never quite 'got' the lure of anal sex.

Oh, delurking with anal sex. I better go...

Laura in Indy

In celebration of delurking week, I'm happy to share your amusement at all things potty-training-related! I also have a 2 year old (dob: 1/6/05); and after some early success with the potty, she's now a little more reluctant to give it a go. We haven't exposed her yet to any of the videos or books designed to encourage in this regard, so perhaps that should be our next step. Oh, and my mother-in-law totally out did us by getting a DORA potty, while we have a generic non-commercial type! Damn! That said, it is a joy to read your blog!

Bloor West Mama

How did you know I was lurking...did my giggles give me away.

Love you posts MD...ALWAYS get a great laugh out of them. Best of luck with the potty training...we too are leaving it to others (aka Day Care) to do this job as much as possible. We will just follow their rules and hope for the best.

Cheers from Canada. Eh!


Hiya. I always get a kick out of your writing -- irreverent, funny, unabashedly warm-hearted. Plus, you make it seem like raising a peanut in NYC is not only possible, but a joy. As I sit here in midtown toiling away at my law firm and my husband hunches over his library carrel in the village, we dare to dream . . .


I am cracking up over the Peanut trying to pee standing up. That girl is hilarious.

Not de-lurking, obviously, but here I am for the record!

M in Oklahoma

Just de-lurking long enough to say that I LOVE your website. Keep the posts coming!


Hi, MD! I don't comment often but I am delurking today. Love, love, love your blog and your little family! When my daughter was about a year and a half my mother told me I needed to potty train her and that I had been potty trained at 10 months. Ten months?!? I don't know about that, that seems a little young. Anyway, I tried but my girl was not ready and I let her be until she was 2 1/2 years old. By then it was a piece of cake!

moe berg

been lurking and linking to you for a couple of months now. keeping making this new york exile homesick.


that's what you need, more posts

The best way to train a kid to sit on the pot is with duct tape and castor oil. Like a charm man.


Hey MD -- I've been lurking for a while here in Boston. I share your love of Scotch (best birthday gift my husband ever gave me -- a bottle of limited edition 25 yo Lagavulin. Yum) and New York.

Until I was 4 years old I wanted nothing more than to be a boy. I perfected the art of peeing while standing up sans penis. I think that talent will have me well-prepared to potty-train our son (due in February) when the time comes...


Gotta start 'em early. I'm 19 and still haven't quite gotten the hang of peeing standing up.

Mostly I lurk from Kansas City. I couldn't care less about football, my attachment to the Royals is merely hometown pride, but I'm pretty stoked about possibly (probably) getting an NHL team. Lemieux has been here recently.


De-lurking in La Crosse, Wisconsin. No kids yet (at 37), but I very much want some. Love your blog.


I've been reading for over a year, I think, but never commented. You, LOD, dooce and chris at notesfromthetrenches.com are my mainstays.


Long time reader, first time commentor. Love your writing style and sense of humor, MD. I've spewed many a cup of coffee reading your entries. I don't even have kids but I love hearing your take on parenting!


Where else am I going to read about a Korean-American father who manages to write so eloquently and humorously about parenthood, marriage, scotch, music, sports, television and pop culture? My only complaint is that I wish you'd post more frequently!


happy delurker here...i read you almost daily. nice work. good luck with the potty training!


Wow - that's too funny. My daughter is only 1 so we haven't thought about how we'll tackle potty training yet, but that's definitely something to consider!

I am a fairly new reader, so here's to delurking!

Btw, my daughter has the same cookie monster tub pots. ;)


Patricia C.

As the mother of three, here's some advice, MD. Don't rush the potty training. Although it's nice to be rid of diapers, it's completely frustrating when driving somewhere and one of your kids has to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Aaarrgh!

It'll happen when it happens.


Hello and greetings from Madrid! I love hearing your stories about being a parent in New York.


Heh. The Potato asked me the other day if he had a vagina. Noooo. Then he asked me if his sister had a penis. Um, what kind of family do you think we're running here, kiddo?


i still can't get over that something like national delurking day exists... who exactly made that proclamation?

i love reading your blog - i've been reading for a few months now. it got me through the bar exam and now it helps fill a few minutes of endless unemployment. and your korean-american childhood was so different from my korean-american childhood so that's interesting - my family is big into christmas trees, decorations, birthday presents, etc...

the peanut is adorable and your insights convince me that being the auntie is enough for now... good luck with the potty training!

Shannon Best

Been "lurking" over here for about 6 months now. Thank you for making me laugh so many times. The Peanut is so very precious.
The Best Family
Shannon and Carey
Twins Porter and Abigail
Austin, TX


You caught me. I started reading your blog after seeing it on Girl's Gone Child. You're hilarious. I just moved to New York and your blog gives me some perspective on what seems like a huge city at times. Keep it up and if you have any advice on what I should do or see as a new citizen of your city let me know. Thanks for keeping me laughing at your stories of your lovely wife and daughter.


Ok, you caught me..I'll delurk from California. I've been reading your blog for at least a year. I read your blog everytime you post. I'm like the others, wish you would write more often. You always make me laugh. And your daughter is adorable.
I am mom to a 2 & 1/2 yr old girl. We did the potty training thing at around 2 also. It didn't take her long once I took off her diaper. Within about 4 months she was day and night trained. Good luck.


But I'm a nice lurker! I love reading your blog. You are a talented writer, man! I have a 13 month old, so I get to see what's in store for me by reading stories about the Peanut. I also appreciate the stories about your friend the Dr. I mean, how else can you learn about people that get their fingers ripped clean off a la 'Fight Club'? Keep up the good work!!


One of my sons, Jeremiah, who is 2 1/2, loves to watch us go to the bathroom too! He, on the other hand, thinks he should pee sitting down and asks for toilet paper to "wipe" his crotch! It's hilarious to see.


Delurking as well...father of 11 month old Sam...doubting I will allow him to spread my legs to check out the droppings...have to draw the line somewhere...keep up the good work!


Delurking...I've been reading your blog for several months now, and you're providing me and my husband with perspective on what to look forward to with our 17-month old diva girl. Thanks for sharing your honesty and your humor!


I have been reading your blog for 8 months or so, I love it. I am from Whidbey Island, Washington state. My 2 year old boy has NO DESIRE to shit, pee or otherwise on a potty. I am tinking of coming out with a line of pre teen diapers just in case. Peanut is cute as hell.


Not really de-lurking since I've commented all of 2 times on your site, but I feel compelled to leave another comment since you asked. :) My DD just turned 2 last month, and she's starting the potty training thing, too. Her favorite thing is to pass the most noxious cloud of gas, giggle, and say "Poop!". When I check and it's not poop, she then exclaims, "Fart!", then "Cue me! (excuse me)". Good luck with Peanut's potty training! Can't wait to hear what you're going to use in lieu of a matchstick for her. ;)

Deanna (Domestic Chicky)

Hey Metro-
Not really de-lurking since I have posted before, but checking in nonetheless...you're doing great with the PT-we waited til our 4 year old was ready(he had just turned 3), and he was trained over a weekend. No pressure, no issues since. They will let you know when they are ready...


I always mean to comment on your blog but I never do. It's one of my favorites. As the mother of a 2 year old, it's fun watching other parents go through the same milestones as us.


Oh my gosh, what a delightful post! Been guffawing my ass off, while trying not to laugh too hard cause that kind of hurts (just got my nose pierced yesterday, hooray!). Man, I keep thinking how mortified the Peanut will be when she's in her teens and reads these blog installments. Because of course there's no chance you'll tuck them away from her gum-chewing, eye-rolling gaze, is there? :) Rock on, dude.


Another delurker here. I would recommend taking your dog to the vet- usually when something out of the ordinary like going to the bathroom on the floor occurs, that means it's time for a checkup.
BTW, I love your blog!


I can't imagine dealing with dog poop and kid poop at the same time. Well done, MD. Well done.


Ha. We get the post poop announcement as well -- except hers happen to be on the floor. Lovely.

I will say that she's gotten better -- but I'm still not over the whole "weeehooooooo it's a poopie" celebration that must ensue after the poop lands in the potty.



OMG that picture is HIGH-larious!!!

If it makes you feel any better, we never thought Emma would get potty trained. She just didn't give a shit. In the toilet, anyway. She was a late one... past 3... but it did happen. The magical Sticker Chart was our matchstick.

Lucas was a piece of cake. (See? All this "boys are this and girls are that" bullshit is just that.)


Okay, done lurking. I am working on potty training my little girl, too. She'll be 3 in nine days and though I have tried almost everything, including spending $40 on a Winnie the Pooh potty (with flushing sound effects), she still won't actually go in the darned thing. Hope you have an easier time!

Regarding Metrodog's issues, some breeds are just stubborn. Our dearly departed dachsund had a doggie door and a nice yard and he still peed in the house! Turns out that they are one of the most difficult to train because they are so bullheaded. Others are just plain weird. Our Chihuahua/Beagle is a freak. Seriously, I should have named her "Monk". Among many other issues and strange behaviors, she's afraid of the dark and won't go out at night. My grandmother's dog is also choosy. She will not go if the grass is wet. And people say cats are quirky!


My 17mo MsMiss is already fascinating watching me in the bathroom ... standing or sitting ... its a non-stop gigglefest no matter what comes out ... if only she will always be so easily entertained.


You caught me, delurker here. Your sarcasm rocks. I read quotes to my husband because I swear you are two of a kind. We have 2 boys, one on the way and live outside Seattle. I never comment because I am usually lauging too hard to type with the tears in my eyes! I will try to do better next time!

klutch houser

I'm totally busted! I had no idea there was an actual term for my voyeuristic blog reading, but I am confident I can be rehabilitated.
Anyway, my wife and I are big fans of your blog and eagerly await your new posts. You are one funny motherfucker. As new parents (beautiful, 4 month old daughter), we're always looking for advice and the insight of real-life experience of others, especially when it's hilarious. If you're ever in Portland, OR, I owe you a couple of drinks for your efforts. Keep up the good work.

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