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January 22, 2007


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Did the BossLady ever finish your sweater? What else has she knit?


My tip from travels to China: Q: Why do they have toilet paper and kleenex in your hotel? A: So you don't have to carry tp and napkins from NYC.

Yeah, traveling light is a drag, innit? I got sucked into that delusion in my youth -- now I pack everything and check it in -- especially since TSA won't let me carry any pointy objects, bombs, or toothpaste in my carryon anymore (yes, I take it personally).

My question is: pig penis or chicken head? We were served the head in a dish -- we all passed. Would you?


Mary Jane

"Weeds" is the best! We love that show. Even Kevin Nealon is fantastic in it. My husband and I live in a California development very smilar to "Agrestic." Lots of plastic people driving the same imported SUVs. However, we've made a few close friends who we always invite over for barbecues...and a little friendly marijuana. I guess the show just hits close to home!


Bit of advice from a fellow 3rd world traveler, MD. Be careful with that Immodium. I once got really sick in India from the food and I loaded up on Immodium. It definitely cured my upset stomach and diarrhea. The downside is that I was constipated for a month!


UK reader here, MD. Love reading your site. I don't get many of the television or pop culture references but I do love your sense of humor and your views on parenting.

Here's my question for you.

What is the American fascination with Paris Hilton? Does she actually DO anything? Please help clear this up for me.


Congratulations, Peanut! What a big girl you are!

If you and Peanut could do ANYTHING together when you arrive home, where would it be and what would you do?

creative-type dad

I was going to say "take pictures of the poop", but your wife already did.

She's a keeper.


You may have already addressed this in a past mailbag, but since it is on my mind all the time these days (for my family, not yours): are you considering having a second child? Why (not)?


hey MD!
What are you deal-breakers in a friendship/relationship?


If you could go back in time and change one thing about your life, what would it be? Anything you would have done differently?


Hey, MD...what's your stance on the Peanut watching television. I remember you saying that you didn't allow her to watch much of it before. What about now?


My husband and I both work full-time but it seems that I am the one doing the lion's share of the parenting/household duties. What about you and BossLady? How do you guys split responsibilties?


I'm delurking and professing my blog-crush to you. But shh... I think my husband is jealous.

My celebrity friend is most definitely Katie Holmes. Oh please shake the brainwashing out of that girl. Please. Someone. Jada? Brooke? J.Lo? Is anyone planning a strategy for her escape?


Now that I've been single for over 4 years this second go-round, my new "friends" are not only celebrities, but they're not even real. I am SO buds with the women of Sex and the City. And on another note - its so cool (which is not a cool thing to say, so I've been told) to read blog posts from Korean New Yorker pseudo Jew Metrodad written in China. If that's not PC, I don't know what is. I love to read what you write!


Did you read Money? I thought it was good. Also, I think Amis got those mangled choppers fixed a couple years ago.

lightning six


That's Diet Coke in Chinese. It exists, brother. Actually, it's called Coke Light.

(No, I don't work for Coke in China. I just live there. And drink more than my fair share.)


here's a question for you - what's your favorite korean restaurant in the city?

Wendy Boucher

I love it that you yak about your Peanut to everybody. Have you told your imaginary celebrity friend about her yet?


Not only do they still make Tab, they now make a Tab energy drink that comes in a cute little pink polka dotted can.


Random question from a few entries ago: Is "the doctor" married? In a relationship?


There must have some sort of technical issue, because surely you wouldn't have denied us a posted photo of the impressive Peanut Poop!

I feel your pain about the Diet Coke. When I was in Japan it was hard to come by, and when I finally found a vending machine that had it I threw myself in front of it and started hurling yen at it.


It is hard for me to believe you know about Dreamland BBQ. As a Alabamian I am a bit biased but it is the best BBQ Sauce and I work about a 1/2 mile down the road so.... it is easy to obtain.


MetroDad, I adore your blog. I read it religiously, and often call in my husband to do the annoying "lean-over" move, wherein he leans over the back of the study chair to read whatever it is I'm reading, and consequently cinches my body almost in half over the keyboard. I do it all for you, man.

My question is this: we're 29 & 30. We're not actively trying to get pregnant, but the possibility is there, even though he acts like a defense attorney whenever the subject arises: "I OBJECT!" We have great jobs, we're comfortable in our life, we have great friends (almost 90% of whom are having kids--we're one of the last couples who haven't given in), etc. Honestly, what is it that makes guys NOT want to have kids, even when it's a good time to do it?


OMG I have a blog crush on you now too (to borrow terminology)

Question - Have you got any tips on dating a single (rather metro) dad? I don't have any kids myself.... but he has one...


What are you bringing home for the Peanut from China? You know it's a rule that dads away on business trips have to bring home a gift to their daughters.

My celeb friend would be John Wayne. How cool would it be to hang out with "The Duke" on a Saturday afternoon, shoot the breeze and toss back a few cold ones!


Who's your favorite musical artist? Why?
My fav celeb is Clint Eastwood cause he's one bad MF'er.
Tab here in Austin. Never tried it.


If the Peanut was a superhero, what would her name be? What would her powers be? Who would be her archnemesis? Who would be her sidekick?


Gawd, I just love you to death.

First of all, we are HUGE Big Bird in China fans in this house. Remember, I have a 21 year old, so that stuff was new when we watched it.

Second, I too have imaginary friendships with celebs. But then again as a child I imagined myself as the fifth Beatle.

I have to read Martin Amis. I've been meaning to, for years, but if you say so I have to.

Congrats on the poop. These days, I'm celebrating "My daughter broke up with her asshole boyfriend which is great but he's still living with her and sleeping in her bed." Bet you can't wait for that. It will make you nostalgic for poop.

Enjoy your pig's balls!

Mitch McDad

...you had me at pig balls.

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