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January 16, 2007


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just susie

I heart Jack Bauer. Tough AND sensitive. Mmmmm yummy.

(Have you seen the second two hours of the premiere? Even better than the first two.)


What got me is when I started seeing the previews and realized that Dr. Bashir from Star Trek is in 24 this season! He's playing Assad. When he kneecapped that guy with a knife, I was thinking, "Boy, have YOU come a long way..."

Safe travels, MD. Hot fudge and pineapple. Yum.


also did a doubletake on the Dawson's Creek thing, have to say. heh.

when my son was Peanut's age, I traveled to Africa for 3 weeks. All the same concerns (luckily 24 and Snakes had not released then).
Came back, convinced I had some "rebonding" to do. Not at all. For him it was like I'd never been away.

Her Bad Mother

Am I the only person in the universe who DOESN'T find Jack Bauer remotely compelling? Bad-ass, sure, maybe, but he's still got that whiff of Prairie Canadian on him that lets you know that no matter how bad-ass he gets, he's going to, in the darkest part of his soul, feel really, really, really apologetic about it.


I remember paying for my ticket from my seat and then waiting for two hours to take off from O'Hare going to Jersey. You can tell my company was cheap. Peoples Express was mandated.

alice, uptown

40 hours on a plane? That's an endurance test that should be a category in the Olympics. Hope you're flying business class -- when I was younger, I could fly 24 hours to New Zealand, but these days, I'd definitely think twice. In my experience, any airline that isn't domestic (unless it's one of those cut-rate Flying is Us) will give you some cause not to care as much about the hours you're putting in.

I'm sure the Peanut will remember you -- especially if you return with presents. Bring something for the Boss Lady, too.

Queen of Ass

The next time I fly, I'm doing it in my pj's too, dammit!


Great Blog :-) Enjoy your trip and have no fear, peanuts never forget their dads :-D

lisa K

omg. whoriental. too frickin' hilarious. i'll have to pass that along to my little sister who teaches asian-am studies to high schoolers. she devotes part of her class to teaching her female students to avoid the asian-fetishists, and basically not to become these whoriental-types.

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