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December 14, 2006


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Wendy Boucher

That is the funniest picture. Go Peanut! Go Peanut! You gotta figure that Santa looks mighty scary to a little tyke.


That is the best most hilarious picture ever! Why would anyone want a boring, smiling picture when they could have one like that? Priceless!!


I just have to add that Santa looks as scared as Peanut. Just look at that expression in his eyes.


That's just hilarious. I too (good Jew that I am) am hoping that my daughter gets into the Santa spirit this holiday. I showed he a picture of him and right off, she refered to him with her word for grandpa.

I thought, she's learning already.

Her Bad Mother

OK, Mom101 warned me, and I clicked over thinking 'there's NO WAY that his screaming-baby-Santa picture is better than mine.' But it is. It SO is.

I know when to concede defeat. WonderBaby bows to the Peanut.


Kim chee anyone.....that photo is priceless! Hope this year is better.


I remember that photo from last year--it still makes me laugh and laugh. Best one ever!

You are so brave. I have never taken the girls to a photo studio or Santa's lap. I can't think of anything less fun.


I can't stop giggling! That picture is hillarious. I experienced the same Christmas'. Growing up Korean my brother and I never had a picture taken with Santa so I know how Bosslady feels. I just had my first child and whether he likes it or not he's getting a picture with Santa until he's 18!

metro mama

Hee! Love it.

I read today that 34% of mall santas have been peed on.


that's freakin' awesome! best picture ever.


FUNNY pic! Looks like your daughter is pissed. My daughter is just frightened:



Read the santa land diaries by David Sedaris for a tribute to the tradition of pictures with santa. The elf who took picture of my 3 kids this year commented that the youngest "looked like we made her take that picture with santa." My wife and I just laughed about it. None of mine have ever liked to get their picture with Santa until they were about 5.


Thanks for sharing that. I don't know which is funnier: your daughter trying to escape or Santa's look of surprise.

But these are the best kind of pics.


I think I remember seeing that picture last year (or am I just imagining things?)... I will say that we've managed to get fairly decent pictures of the kids with Santa every year - up until this year. This year we'll be lucky if we make it through the holidays having bought all the presents in time. Wait - maybe that's part of the traditional American Christmas, too! :-)

Good luck this time!!


We had santa when I was a kid. I am jewish, and my mom convinced me to give my blanket to santa at christmas. I guess I just thought that jews had to give things to santa so that christian kids could get gifts.


I love this picture! Priceless, indeed! Santa's look might be in trying to keep a hold of Peanut to prevent her from sliding to the floor!


Love last year's photo! Can't wait to see the new version!


My kid is the same age as yours and this year was WAY better than last. Of course, I introduced him to Santa about a half dozen times to get him used to the guy. I think your best bet is paying extra for somebody's private 'Breakfast with Santa" gig where you have no line, no pressure, and plenty of time to get the perfect pic.

Kyran, Notes to Self

Having Santa back in my life is one of the very best things about having children. I try not to impose too much of my own rationalization. I handle it pretty much like I do all matters of faith with my kids: I don't know, sweetheart, what do you think?

Their answers are always so much better than anything I could script.

Mrs. Q.

Why, oh why do we do this to our children? It's for photos like that. The look on Santa's face is almost as priceless as your daughter's. I can't wait to see this year's...


Santa looks like he's got a loaded gun pointed at him instead of a camera. AWESOME!

sarcastic journalist

Does Santa have candy? My kid would sit through exactly one picture for a piece of candy.

By the way, I love that picture.


Try to get Peanut acclimated to Santa a few weeks before you visit him. Read books about Santa. Watch videos. Draw pictures of him. It's scary for kids to be confronted by this weird guy with a beard that they've never seen before!


try not to show her the movie "Bad Santa"

We have the same pic - and I thought it's the jewish DNA


That is, quite possibly, the awesomest Santa with child photo that I have ever seen. The look on Santa's face is absolutely priceless. Thanks for the chuckles!


your kid is so cute can you say hello to her please


This photo reminds me of my son. He wanted nothing to do with Santa both last year and this year!

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