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December 10, 2006


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I'm pretty sure we'll all see giant yoga balls rolling down all the Paris runways ;-)

Laura Sanders

MUST show this to my husband. Every single day, he wears khakis, a button-down oxford, loafers, and a navy blazers. I've been trying to change his style for YEARS! He LOVES your site so maybe this will convince him to change up his style! Can't hurt!

J. Darrow

Dude, I love the brick walls. Very New York.


The ball is a rather large accessory, however, I thought I saw something similar on Project Runway this year.

samantha Jo Campen

LinLo wore that MONTHS ago. But The Peanut looks waaaay cuter.

Her Bad Mother

It's the giant yoga ball that makes the outfit. If I could walk around with a giant ball that a) complimented my skin tone, and b) made me look tiny and gamine, I could rock a Cinderella smock avec toque, too.


I'm diggin your blog! Great post, the peanut is a cutie pie! You had me laughing!


Wendy Boucher

Shoot. I was going to get myself one of those handbags but now they'll all be on waitlists and such. Dang. Tell Peanut I want to buy a Hello Kitty lunch box and I better not see her with one on this blog before I've got it securely in hand.



If you want, I fight on a semi-pro basis. I can teach you the ways of the octagon.


So who DID design Brad Pitt's outfits in "Fight Club"?

Lisa V.

Found you via the ROFL awards and have spent the past 3 hours going through your archives. I LOVE your blog. It's so great reading about parenting from the Dad perspective. Can't wait to read more!


I think she looks like a perfect little downtown girl, as she should. I wouldn't argue with true artistry. It comes from the inside - you can't fight it.

Mama Nabi

Could Peanut be any cuter?? LN has a hat fetish - she will put on a different hat for different activity. Metrodad, that little girl of yours is too beautiful for words. You may want to invest in bodyguards 10-15 years later - too many boys will be hovering around! Her fashion statement? Well, I won't be too surprised to see something similar soon on the streets of Paris.


I'm impressed she let you take her picture. My Two-Year-Old often gets all cuted-up in dress-up clothes of her choosing ... but then turns shy the moment we act impressed or pull out the camera.


Our little girl goes into a ragin hissy if we dare suggest she wear pants. Only dresses for her - nothing else. We finally had to set up a rule that if it is raining, she can't wear a dress. Of course, now every morning she asks, "Is it raining?"


The PNut strikes again...adorable as ever!

Considerin' her parents, she can't help but have style (from you) and class (from her mommi). She's a natural at it!

L.A. Daddy

Excellent choices! I'm in the same boat -- I am a bit of a GQ whore. And I watch What Not To Wear. And I help pick out LA Mommy's clothes... and I played football in college. Top that!

The First Rule of Fashion... Always Make Fun of Other's Fashion Disasters.


She's workin' that smock alright.

Now, I can't get the image out of my head of you and The Doctor, clad only in towels (Calvin Klein Home, of course) recreating a scene from Star Wars using loofahs instead of light sabers.

Make it stop!


The Peanut is too cute for words! I LOVE that outfit (if only I were that stylish.)


omg. she looks so old. what a beauty! too funny.

the weirdgirl

What are you talking about? She's totally in! Just buy her subscription to Lucky now.


Yeah. We plan on letting our little one dress herself when appropriate and so folks don't think we're crazy or whatever, I am going to make her an awesome button pin that says, "YAY! I DRESSED MYSELF TODAY!"
Flipping sweet.

The Fashionistas

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