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November 27, 2006


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Ahh...how early they learn to manipulate their parents. Amazing, isn't it? Don't worry, MD. Soon she'll be holding out for TWO ponies!



Better than a real one!

Life Coach for Two Boys

Hey Debojit, When do finally spring the fact that you need some cash for all your free help? You've got tons of expenses- phone calls, paperwork, research, payment for own guru, etc...

To anyone who needs a stranger to become your life coach- try learning how to make friends first.


I know how you feel, MD. In our house, DADDY got the first "I love you!" I was devastated.

pnuts mama

everyone beat me to recommending the target pony, it had our pnut fascinated when we were last there. a little freaked out, too (kept looking at me and making that squinched up face of "huh?"), but your peanut is older and a little more sophisticated i imagine.

and i resent the b&t implication that we in queens are a bunch of pony-selling gypsies. i'll have you know they went the way of the potato farm years ago, now only to be rarely found in organic form in 631 country.

hope you're still doing well in the stop smoking front. thanksgiving is the absolute worst for it.



Not to beat on a dead...pony.

Korean girls =

Yes, even when you are their father.

Enjoy it now, when they are young, and the mistake is innocent and you can get over it. Eventually, you'll find out that she's going out with the absolute wrong guy, and it might be to piss you off.


If it makes you feel any better, that stuff happens to moms too. Our daughter loves to snuggle with dad before bed, and I get terribly jealous. BUT when he wakes her in the morning instead of me, she ALWAYS asks "where's Mommy?" so I guess it all evens out in the end... Except you guys don't have to deal with that whole CHILDBIRTH thing. ha.


Awwwww..."I love you" on Thanksgiving is better than a plate of mashed potatoes. Almost.

Don't feel bad, MD - It's an endless cycle. Mine both started off as Daddy's Girls, then became Mommy's Girls, and now are in the process of being very attached to Rigel again. At this rate, I will have their undivided attention right about when they're going through their teen years. Damn!


Yipee for BossLady!!! I remember when I used to hear those words from my kids for the first time. That was a looooong time ago.


Awesome. They love to stick it to us Dads like that. She loves you...she just doesn't want to break Mommy's heart.

Perhaps the scariest toy I have seen this holiday season will be perfect for you --Butterscotch the animatronic pony that rears its head at a stuffed carrot or something. FREAKY!


Ah, just wait... My 3 1/2 year old daughter and I will be sitting on the couch reading, watching TV, or whatever, and she'll stand up and plant a big fat wet kiss right on my lips and say, "I love you daddy." for no apparent reason. It almost brings tears to my eyes every time.

I couldn't wait for her to grow up enough so that we could converse and I could take her places and teach her things. Now I almost wish she could stay this age forever.


They have that terrifying animatronic pony at the Target in Brooklyn ... if you've seen a 2 1/2 year old girl there bullying all the big kids away from it, that's my daughter. Maybe you just need to take the Peanut for a little ride on the Q train. The pony comes with its own rubber carrot and grooming brush.

Mitch McDad

I feel your pain. My daughter actually said she didn't love me today. And she's only 3.

Angie in Texas

Don't feel bad: my daughter called me a dumbass when she was a little over 3.

She'll say it soon enough. Just give her a chance and one magical day soon she's gonna say it and it'll make up for being called a dumbass . . . I mean, for saying it to mom first.


Whenever I threaten the Munchkin with time-out, or scold her for something, the first words out of her mouth are, "Mommy, I love you." It's her automatic defense. It's cute (because in her own toddler way, she's trying to make sure that I still love her) and annoying (because she's trying to weasel out of whatever she did by reminding me that SHE loves me).

Tad, on the other hand, has called me "Da-da." He has not YET said "Mama." Little ingrate.


I got this for the longest time. She was all daddy's. She would tell me quite earnestly, "I don't love you, mommy, only daddy." Gack. But she came around.

Don't push it, don't let her see it hurts, or you're giving her a stick to beat you with, and she will use it. Just bide your time for your day in the sun, for it WILL come, and BossLady will feel crushed. Trust me.

chocolate makes it better

I ask for a kiss in the morning......and my daughter runs down the hallway screaming "nooooooooooooooo"

Don't worry mate. I know how you feel......i think we need to be more sneaky.

Just tell her metrodad is a magical dad from the city that gives out bunnies and ice-cream. How could she not love that.....then wallah....you get an i love metrodad......which is kind of an i love dad..... by proxy.......sort of.

Geesh I speak some shit don't I?

Grrrlfriend Jess

Ummmm, hello! The first "I love you" is like the dessert we get for the big ol' main course we served up by carrying and birthing the child. Right? Right.


Isn't that the most precious mmnoet you have catured.There eyes tell the whole story Great Job Orn!and yes, our children do not always agree with us. lol Cheryl


Courtney Knowles Rhonda and Sam,What a handsome young man you have! I just want to kiss those chekes! He is such a beautiful baby and can not wait to meet him! Congratulations again and many blessings to you and this wonderful creation from God! Miss you guys!Courtney and Reece


Margaret Russom Congratulations, Sam & Rhonda you have been blessed with a pruieocs son Nicholas, there are many blessing coming your way. Enjoy every moment as you both watch him grow. Congrats! to the proud Grand Parents too.


Sam & Rhonda Dawn Great work!! We are so excited about the shots and can't wait to see the rest of the pcriutes. We enjoyed our session with you and look forward to working with you again in the future.Sincerely,Proud Parents of Curls Galore

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