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November 27, 2006


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Beth Pearce

Um....Central Park?


If it's any consolation, my daughter didn't tell me she loved me until 6 months after she said it to my wife. The worst part? I'm a SAHD!


A pony, huh? Good luck with that. My Peanut has discovered the dark side of "I love you." I got to hear "Mommy, I hate you" as he worked on identifying his emotions this weekend, followed by the bursting into tears and the crying, "Nooooooo! I LOVE you."

Me, not him.


Don't know where you can buy one, but I know where you can drug and kidnap one. Will that suffice?

Also, remember that the "I love you" was preceded by "mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy." Take comfort in the fact that you didn't get that, too....

Plain Jane Mom

HA! Toddlers are so funny. They delight in fucking with your mind. But they're so cute you just can't seem to care. Then that's where they get you...


I know some gypsies who live in queens.


Here you go

Monthly board will probably only run you $800 a month in Manhattan, if you are lucky!

Been there, doing that (not in NYC), just hoping to break even when she gets an equestrian scholarship :)


No. But I bet you can buy one from Amazon.com. Maybe a pony is a bit much at two years old....try a Elmo movie, see if that works.

She's so fucking with you though. Smart little thing.


Here ya go. It eats plastic carrots. I don't think it poops. I was thinking of getting it for my kid until I saw the price.

Mine says mommy mommy mommy a LOT and when I answer in my grumpy voice WHAAAAT???? she invariably nails me with an "I love you". I would totally get that pony as a guilt offering for all the crabby WHAAAAT's if I had the money. For now I guess she will have to settle for her dad as horsey. Which is always an option but doesn't guarantee results. Only bruised knees.


My heart is exploding vicariously for you both. Sigh.

Wendy Boucher

Moms rock. That is until the little girl figures out how much more she can get from Dad. Like a pony.

Oh, The Joys

This is the story of my life. I am you and my hubby is your wife. Every. Single. Day.


Scores West Side
536 W 28th St, NY, NY
(212) 868-4900

Bring $300.

A pretty girl will tell you she loves you. I promise.


I think there's a butcher shop in Park Slope ... oh wait, you mean a LIVE pony? Can't help ya there.

I'd be jealous and petty too, if that's any consolation. :)


Yay, BossLady! Isn't it the greatest feeling in the world? (Sorry, MD. Your time will come.)


My son actually signed "I love you" to both my wife and I tonight for the first time...Granted, I'm not entirely sure he knows what it means, and the words are a few months off, but boy it felt great! Then he went back to throwing a temper tantrum, so the joy was fleeting at best.

Your day will come, MD!


Aww. So much sweeter than:
"Mom. Mom. Mama. Mami. Mommy. Mommy. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mama. Mama. Mama."


Ahhh...I remember the first "I love you!" Seems like such a long time ago. Now, I have young pre-teens who exult in yelling "I hate you!" Enjoy it while you can.


Don't worry, MD. Your day will come. She's just waiting you out so she can work you over for that pony!


I love you, MD.

In a platonic, manly sort of way.

Clare's Dad

The "I love you's" are great. But have the "I hate you's" come yet? You'll try to forget those.


Women. We are killers.


At least she laughed first, dude.


Your "I love you" is right around the corner, I'm sure.


Metro Dudes comment just made me snort. Sorry MD, I am sure your day will come. She is just making you wait, but the pay off will be sweet.


My Sweet Pea said, "Mommy, ah oo" and gave me a huge slobbery kiss when I was trying to get him to say "I love you" to me recently. It's the gist that counts you know? I'm reading your Peanut's "No." as, "Duh daddy."

BTW, since you know she'll eventually say, "I love you" and the Bosslady beat you to it anyway (hurray for the bosslady!) You should save the pony money for more important bribes (e.g. the get-rid-of-that-guy bribe).


Don't worry, mate. It will all happen soon enough. My daughter is 3 and I'll bet she says "I love you" 50 times/day. "Daddy, can I have some ice cream?" "No, sweetie. Maybe after dinner." "But Daddy, I LOVE YOU!"

"OK...maybe just one bite."


Have you tried 1-800-BUY-PONYS? (Leave off the last "S" off for savings!")


Congrats to the BossLady! It's always the most amazing thing in the world to hear your child say "I love you" for the first time. Makes up for a lot of the rough times.


M&M's should work just as good as a pony and she will say it each time you give her a piece. Cheaper and more "Iloveyous" per pack.


Dude---whenever I ask my daughter if she loves me, she says "Yes. But not as much as I love mommy!"

If you find those ponies, let me know. Maybe we can get a bulk discount.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Poor Daddy.....I'm sure yours is coming soon. However I bet the more you ask for it, the longer it will take!


Don't worry. "You are the meanest person" is coming your way. Try not to laugh.

Queen of Ass

A pony? You're going to reinforce this behavior? LOL Silly man!

Lisa B.

Hooray for Bosslady!


Ahh, see you have to practice:
"Say, I love you momma. Say it... Say I love you Momma..."

"Ay yuh yoo Ahma."

They just need a little coaching. That's all.


Trust me- it will come around to you- and when it does- she will only want daddy to do EVERYTHING for her. Ours is going through that now. And I'm lovin it.

Mama Nabi

Way to go, BossLady! As for you, MD... I asked LN the other day if she loved me and she said, 'No'. She's said "I lav oo" once to me, all because of a Laffy Taffy. If you'd like, I will mail you some leftover Laffy Taffy - they must be magical.


I think kids always tell their mothers first that they love them. I've never heard a case where they say it to the dad first. It must be some sort of karmic payback for enduring pregnancy and childbirth!


Aww, well that is just #1 of many mini heartbreaks you will be enduring at the hands of Peanut. She'll be gunning for BossLady soon!


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gina v.

I love hearing all the other parents comment here, MD. I just got my first "I Hate You!" this weekend. After the initial shock, my husband and I started laughing hysterically. Good times. Good times.


That's too cute! But wait until she needs some allowances or need to borrow a car or something, then see how fast she'll blurt out "I love you Daddy!"


So sweet. Can't wait.

Yo sucka, in yo face! (said to husband, not you)

Her Bad Mother

Last night, as Daddy put WonderBaby to bed, I leaned in to kiss her goodnight while he held her in his arms. She PUSHED ME AWAY. TWICE.

He's going to hear the 'I love you' first, I just know it. So I need a line on those ponies, too. Hook me up.

metro mama

Oh, the little monkey!


Awwww...don't feel bad, MetroDad. Your time will come quicker than you think. Like right after that pony is delivered, along with the furry puppy and Barbie's Dream Tuscan Villa.

The Mad Momma

hmm... i know its no consolation but you have a loyal readership who quite love you!


Oh my gosh, is she playing you! Clever girl!

Remember, actions speak louder than words. She tells you she loves you a million times a day.


Oh, as for the pony, have you seen this?! http://www.hasbro.com/default.cfm?page=browse&product_id=17783

My 4 yr old boy saw it at Target and was totally entranced--he probably would have stayed there all day if I'd let him.

creative-type dad

Man, that wouldn't fly in my house.
I need to go out and buy a pony now (and dye it pink)

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