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November 30, 2006


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Alec Baldwin's character on third rock is brilliant. The man may be crazy in real life but I love him on the show, and I agree, why can't Tina Fey write better for the other members? She obviously has the talent.

I needs to get me one of them asian babies. They are the new fall accesory.


Who needs Tina when we have you?


MetroDad--where are you? It's been a week and I need a new post from you!!!


Is MetroDad ok? Ou est vous?

Queen of Ass

Yo, Gee! Where are you???



Adele Richards

Dear Metrodad,

A few sentiments, namely:

a) Hope that you and your family are all well and that the reason for your silence is that you have been overwhelmed with a large cash gift and you have been out spending it on cigars and stuffed animals.

b) Hope that your business is booming and that the reason for your silence is that you have been overwhelmed with huge orders promising future lucrative avenues of business in nations featuring excellent cuisine.

c) Hope that soon you will return to post again. (Despite the fact that I rarely comment, reading your site is a highlight of my stolen moments.I have a 10 week old baby...and what do I do when she is asleep for a few minutes?...check out your site of course!)

So please return at your convenience and make me laugh my ass off again.

Many thanks,


Deanna (Domestic Chicky)

I came thisclose to naming my first son Jake Ryan, without even realizing I was subconsiously channeling John Hughes. It dawned on us one late night watching 16 candles for 45th time on tbs. I got really suspicious tho when my husband wanted to name him Davis, and said we could call him "Crash"...Um, NO. Funnily enough, we named our second son Cameron...after Crowe, and Ferris Bueller's day off.


I've read a lot of mailbags in my day and this is the best one Evah (as they say around here).

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