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August 29, 2006


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It hurts to be second fiddle. The past two days my gal has been calling for Papa, Papa, Papa - all. day. long.

Jen G.

I'm SO glad you wrote about this, Metro. My husband was just voicing the same complaint...that his little girl (age 3) suddenly seems to have outgrown daddy. Whenever he goes near her, she shouts "NO! I want mommy!" It sucks for him but I have to admit that I'm secretly loving it!


Dude, that's why God invented candy. You gotta use the force to get back on the VIP list.


couldn't be more beautiful


Wow, what a great photo of the two ladies in your life. You're a lucky man, MD. Sorry about the lack of affection from the Peanut these days but, like everyone said, the pendulum will switch back soon. It always does.


Hi, I've never commented before, but I read from time to time. Just had to say your wife and daughter are beautiful!


Great posting, MD. You don't have to wait for the teen years for the "You're the worst parent" phase; Kindergarten is where it all began for us. Only it was, "You are the crappitest mommy in the world!" (I think he meant "crappiest", but I kind of like "crappitest"). Beautiful family you have there, MD. Beautiful.


Hi, I found your site via gothamist and just spent the last few hours reading all your archives. I love it. As a mom-to-be, my husband and I have been filled with a lot of apprehension about having our first child. Thanks for giving us some perspective on the lighter side of parenting.


Yeah, my youngest went through a phase where he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. It killed me. You're so selfless to put such a positive spin on how much BossLady is loving the new change.

But you ARE right - Peanut will come back around. Quinn is all about mom again these days. :-)

Epiphany Alone


I love the picture, it really says it all.

My 4-year-old has always been Daddy's girl. I thought when I started staying at home with her that would change, but it didn't. She STILL asks when Mom will go back to work and Daddy can stay home with her.

My 3 1/2-month-old daughter, on the otherhand, wants only me. Whenever that strange bearded man comes by, she gives him a puzzled look before she starts wailing.

Anyway, NOT being the go-to parent has its advantages like uninterrupted potty time and getting to drink something other than lukewarm coffee...


I recently had a similar experience...which sadly also just ended. It was quite glorious, the hugs and kisses at dinner time, her running to me when I came home. Having two at a time means our Okapis can both be in the Mommy phase at the same time...that really bites.

Wonderful piece and so true.

Cali Dad

This happened to me when my daughter turned two. I wasn't quite as mature as you though. Instead, I started bribing her with candy. Worked!


Great pic of your lovely ladies MD! I'm still waiting for when all the love goes over to J for a bit so I can have a break. As everyone says, the Peanut will be back on your side in no time, enjoy the break while you can.

Her Bad Mother

Such a gorgeous sentiment.

Such gorgeous ladies.

(Sighing, loudly, from all the gorgeousness...)


I'd just like to add: BossLady is HOTT. Seriously - that is a great picture of your two ladies- You're a great papa!


R2Mum gets this content look on her face when R2 smothers her with love--I never tire of seeing that. Things could be worse, though, MD. Our kid wants mum to do everything with him and has a tantrum if R2Dad tries to give her a break. Teethbrushing, hairwashing, noseblowing--it's a struggle to allow R2Dad to give equal support. So now we play games. To get him to shower with R2Dad, we play the spitting game. Eating is the greedyman game;for exhausting exercise we run up hills. Maybe a good outlet for the parent with the competitive nature?


Okay, I come here for laughs, not tears! You totally made me tear up! I go to Dutch and Wood for the tears!

Seriously, though, very sweet post.

Liberal Banana

There was a family on our flight back from Colorado on Sunday that drove me nuts. When we were in the Star Wars buses at Dulles airport (if you saw them you'd understand - you probably have seen them), the little girl (age 2?) was handed to her father. She freaked out. Mommy took her and as they sat on the bench she said "She's a momma's girl!" I don't know why, but it really irritated me. I know it's impossible to control kids' "desires," but my gut reaction was that this kid needs to learn to be happy with EITHER parent. As someone without kids, I know that I don't have any idea what it's like. So yeah. I'll shut up now.


What a beautiful photo.


i so feel your pain. Pumpkinpie will explain to me with great clarity and sincerity, "I doan love you, mama. I own-ee love daddy. ON-LY daddy. Not you." yes, really. My skin is getting thicker by the day around here, because the next morning she'll tell me she loves me. Makes it easier to take the times she pushes me away with a scowl.


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Bob, the approach was dead on avriral. I have a post that spells out the disaster and now I have the ingredients for a coconut cookie which should turn out to be interesting.


Darn,now I've gotta go and rent Toy Store. I've seen bits and pieces of it on TV but never sat down for the whole film.Do it! It is 16 dinefreft kinds of awesome. Loads of pop culture references, using Don Rickles as the voice of Potato Head is nothing more than inspired casting. The animation is pretty kewl too!


I can't hide from my housework feoevrr, I'd better go and do something productive. Sleep well and pain-free Muffin, when the time comes. NDFG, I think you missed your calling, you'd have made a great detective. I can't wait for the next exciting episode of CSI Minnesnowta: the Search for Sasquatch.


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