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July 05, 2006


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SHE IS ONE ABSOLUTELY CUTIE PIE!! Go Sox! Sorry MD! I'm in Boston afterall!

Mr. Big Dubya

I thought it would just be nice to see you in the shirt, but now I must thank you for coaxing Peanut into wearing it. It looks great on her. And I'm sure you could have found one on the knock-off table somewhere - you know, right next to the Romex watches and Fundi handbags. It might have said Rad Sox (or Rad Sex) or something a tad more profane.

Here's hoping for a repeat of '86 sans Bill Buckner. Go Sox!


Cards vs Mets, Aug 22-24. Care to wager, Metro?

(By the way, my wife just gave birth to our first kid last night. What a feeling!)


I can't believe you put your adorable little girl in a Red Sox t-shirt! That is too funny.

Go Tigers!


She is seriously one helluva cute girl.

I think the poor kid should have a dozen cookies for being a good sport.

you on the other hand should have to wear that small shirt outside. along with garfield underwear. and to top it off a Boston batting helmet.


That Denis Leary video was hysterical, MD. Can't wait to see "12 Snickers and a Coke." Sounds better than anything playing at my local mutltiplex these days.


Gosh, your daughter is incredibly cute. And the shirt looks great on her. Sorry committed Sox fan here. As a former Bostonian now living in the black hole for professional sport teams, Las Vegas, I commend your loyalty to your team. Red Sox-winners of the 2006 World Series! (Sox over Mets in 6!)


Haven't seen the Peanut in a while - she is getting cuter and cuter! But she may use that pic to taunt you when she's older.

When do the results of the tagline competition come up? And can I steal that idea for my blog too? I'd love to pick the brains of my few readers.

Pickle's Papa

Being an Indians fan its hard to be in a position to criticize at this point, but at least you're not a yankees fan. . .


I'm sure you could just put the shirt over your head, if not your body, and post a photo of that. Anything else is cheating.

P.S. Are those teams 'football', basketball or baseball? (That'll get a rise out of someone.)


I'd rather spend an entire month going bottomless at home if it meant I never had to clean out the diaper genie. Ugh...the smell always made me want to puke.

Mama Nabi

Aw, Peanut would look cute in any jersey... what a funny link. What IS with guys and wagers?? Papa Nabi likes to wager as well and I, too, am with BossLady.

Liberal Banana

That "Mastercard" commercial is hilarious!!! Poor peanut... At least the Mets won yesterday!


I think she looks smashing! But this is coming from someone who has never forgiven her father for declaring her "too young" to attend the 7th game of the 75 series.


I was considering switching my "allegiance" (such as it is to any baseball team) to the Mets, mostly because I'm tired of the Yankees and I no longer live in Seattle or Minnesota. This, and the image of you walking around without pants, makes me hesitate.

Go Devil Rays?


She's such a cutie MD.


Good to know you don't welch on your bets! Peanut looks FAB in that shirt!


I'm cringing for you. Cringing.

By the way, I thought of you Sunday night as we sat in the main reserve behind the visitor's dugout at Yankee Stadium, watching the Subway Series game three massacre. And I smiled. Just a little.

JJ Daddy-O

The Peanut is going to have some memoirs that will make Christina Crawford. weep......

Papa Bradstein

Really, dude, that's a shame that you had to put the Peanut through that. At least tell me that she didn't break out in a rash (allergies like this are inherited, you know).

Now, if Mama ever finds out that I wrote that about her Sox, I'm sunk.


I'll tag on to Middleman's wager offer of Cards vs Mets... care to make it a dual bet MD?


I absolutely love her expression. Oh, and her hair. I can't believe you made her wear that. It was probably the only Red Sox shirt in the whole city.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Ummmm, is that baseball?


She looks fetching. The navy blue and red really set off her... cuteness.


It could be worse -- she could grow up to become a Sax fan!


"...loser has to walk around the apartment for 24 hours completely bottomless..." Oh dear -- I hope you close the curtains!

Absolutely love that shirt. I hate it that "red" in American has become synonamous with "conservative."

Since we move around a lot, I`m teaching my kids, "Wherever you are, it`s the right thing to do, to root for the hometeam, Except you have to love the Red Sox, and hate the Yankees." That`s all they need to know.

The mets are all right, but after the `86 series, I couldn`t even look at photos of Shea without trembling.


You're a good man for making good on the bet, AND pimpin' The Peanut's cuteness at the same time.


Just for that, she's gonna date some wangja byung Yankee's fan, who is also a PK.


YOU GO, PEANUT! Man, it does my heart good to see Peanut in a Sox shirt. Just warms the cockles, what ever those are. So who is on the back? Ortiz? Manny? Papelbam?

He he he!


Adorable! Where did she get her hair cut?


I hope you gave her a whole package of Oreos for wearing that thing. ;)

Go Mariners!

Queen of Ass

She's just too damned adorable for words. You're totally screwed, you know that, right?


I can't wait until she's old enough to do a little betting herself. I can only imagine the kind of T-shirts that would make appropriate revenge.

- Annie

Nothing But Bonfires

I bought my boyfriend a t-shirt that says "I support two teams -- New York, and whoever beats Boston." It was a huge hit. Embarrassingly, I bought it at Newark airport. But hey, it was a long layover and I was already jetlagged. Plus there's no clothing tax in New Jersey! What, am I supposed to TURN THAT DOWN?

Her Bad Mother

So, I'm getting that it would be difficult to find a Sox shirt in NYC, but isn't it just a little too convenient that you couldn't find a run-of-the-mill adult-sized tee, but COULD find a midget one?

Or am I being too suspicious?

In any case, I'm sure that the look is better on her than on you. Although I would hope that you too would have kept the blue plushie on side as an accessorie. Cuz that would have helped, I'm sure.


love it! she's soooo adorable. I'm a sox fan and can not wait to get little sox apparel for my kids! But I'm gonna have a fight when it comes to football. I'm a Giants fan, my fiance's a Redskins fan...


I would have been happy to lend you my boston Sucks t-shirt. ;-)

She looks adorable though


as long as you don't ever put her in a florida state seminoles jersey, it's still all good.


Hahaha! She's so adorable. I love that expression on her face.


she is so f'n cute. i love your site. i have a 2 year old thats why.


That's a fantastic picture, my friend!


Too Bad you didn't custom make the shirt into 'MY DAD lost to his friend Mr. Big Dubya and I HAD to wear this shirt...'
Next thing we know your daughter will be emptying as well as filling the Diaper Genie!


My husband and I also make wagers. He owes me well over a million, but insists that I take it out in trade.


I just laughed my ass off at that link. Very funny


Ugh...is there anything worse than cleaning a diaper genie?


I know the Red Sox spanked the White Sox today but you couldn't pay ME enough to put on a Cubs Jersey.

Your daughter would look adorable in one, though.


ack!!!! my eyes!!! my eyes!!! (although I'd feel the same way about a Mets jersey. LOL)


Hey! You didn't want to wager anything when the Giants came to town in June. I know, they're too intimidating. Too bad. Peanut would have looked great in a Giants jersey!


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