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July 07, 2006


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oh, BossLady is lovely!
Tell her we said so.


Metro & his Lady,

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you both!

I hope you enjoy many many many more!


Wow. BossLady is just stunning. Wow. (Yes, I know, again with the "Wow", but you know...) Wow! The whole you could just "watch the grass grow with this woman" thing is really making sense now. Happy Anniversary to you both and congratulations on your fifth!


...everything you do is irresistible. :)

Happy anniversary! No wonder the Peanut is so beautiful--look at her parents.


MD and BossLady:

Mucho congrats to both of you. Beautiful photos from what looks like a beautiful day. You look like Love Cats purring down Fascination Street.

P.S. You just made me jealous again I didn't sack up and spend the $30 for tickets to see Robert Smith and the boys with you, JC and Scumby back in 1990.

Have a great weekend celebrating.


happy anniversary!! Yae.


Awwwwwww.......congrats, you too.

You make a gorgeous couple.


Happy Anniversary! You're hawt. I do you both!


Happy Anniversary, MD! My gawd, what a photogenic couple - is this really your wedding photo or did you clip it out of a Calvin Klein wedding catalog?

I've been away from the blogs for an eternity, so I'm off to read your archives and catch up on the lives of MD, BossLady and Peanut.


Wow, boss lady is beautiful! You lucky man, you!


Gorgeous pictures...wow. Happy anniversary!

JJ Daddy-O

"Marriage is the highest state of friendship: If happy, it lessens our cares by dividing them, at the same time that it doubles our pleasures by mutual participation."
Samuel Richardson (1689–1761)


It's so wonderful to read that you both exchanged your vows on top of a "Tribeca loft." I'm not even sure what that means. But it sounds cool.


If you are bored, and maybe thing you might be too metro...

This guy makes you seem not-very-metro at all.



Happy Anniversary, Guys!


Jumping on the band wagon here: happy anniversary indeed! Is that a tear just below your eye in the 1st picture? It looks as if you're crying out of joy :)

Oh, did you get my email about Istanbul? Hope you found the info interesting, even if you're not going there!


Happy anniversary to you and BossLady. You guys look perfectly lovely. :)


y'all are gorge

PHAT Mommy

"After all these years..."

Hey - since when did 5 years qualify for "all these" years? You're making me feel old man.


Although I risk echoing every other post, happy anniversary!
BossLady is just as lovely as you've described... congratulations to the both of you and enjoy forever together!


Wild applause coming from KY. Thanks for those beautiful photos! Gorgeous!
Happy Anniversary!


Oh, what a lovely couple!!! Happy Anniversary to both of you.


Happy Anniversary!

Someday, we'll have to swap stories about how we got such beautiful women to marry us.


How very sweet and that top photo especially is gorgeous Metro!

Chocolate Makes It Better

Mate you look so dapper in that suit!


You look like the couple you see in those photos when you buy a frame at stationery store! Beautiful. Happy anniversary.


happy anniversary Metro Kids!


Happy 5th anniversary, MD and Bosslady!

Mama Nabi

Indeed, the BossLady IS beautiful! Happy Anniversary! Ah, agreeing to marry someone in spite of smelly feet...? That is True Love.


Wow, Happy Big 5th.

BTW-Really great picts.


Happy Anniversary and Congrats on the five years.


Happy anniversary! The photos are absolutely gorgeous.


Congrats!! I'm new to the blog, so this is the first pic I've seen of Boss Lady. She's beautiful!!!


That's several shades of awesome. Congratulations to you both!

Suburban Turmoil

A belated happy anniversary to you both.

It's so nice knowing there's actually a happy couple in NYC! ;)

J. Delaney

You two are a beautiful couple. It's nice to see that romance is alive and well. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!

Queen of Ass

Oh God! YA'll are so freakin cute!


You too looked FAB! Happy belated and many more blisful years ahead and many more Peanuts, or Almonds, or Cashews to follow.;-)


Happy anniversary!! Those are gorgeous pictures!


All right, you two are the cutest couple EVER...I hope the anniversary was great!


I'm really effing late. Happy anniversary guys.


Congratulations! You two look so wonderful in your photos! So happy and, well, together!! I loved The Bosslady's entry weeks back, she is clever and intuitive and capable and quite simply, she ought to post more often because it's damned fascinating! A toast to you both!

the weirdgirl

Happy belated Anniversary. Love the pictures!

...anything you do is quite delectable / everything you do is quite delicious


Whatta gorgeous couple. Congratulations on #5 - and may there be many, many more happy years for you and your family.


Happy anniversary! Sweet congrats to you sweet couple!


Lene, please fovrige me for just leaving so abruptly. I'm just now getting to the point where i can deal with this. I have been given a death sentence by my Dr.'s. I have Merkle Cell Carcinoma. They give me between 24 to 48 months to live. Sorry to just get up and leave, my wife and i are trying to deal with this. I haven't even told the kids yet. Thanks for all the laughs.G


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