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July 25, 2006


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Omfg...ok I know you'll most likely throw a hissy fit at me for saying this, but seeing as he is like a son to me, I will say it....

My cat shows the exact same signs....

Aiks! lol....


Hi, Peggy!Thanks you so much for ordering my eBook.Your email was on the order, and Turn a Series of Small Paper Quilts Into an Art Book is on its way tghuorh cyberspace as I write this. Please let me know your thoughts about it. I think, perhaps, I turned the first paragraph into a title. That's what happens when you think the title should be descriptive of your process.


A query rather than cmonemt. I have enjoyed the article on Maggie Grey's WOW and would like to purchase the e-book and do more. However, I have a 20 megabyte limit on my email and can't find any info on how big the e-book is with diagrams and photos etc.Can you advise?


You have a FabUlOuS Booth at the Young Harris Art Show, everyone sholud attend and you are right by the music too! Great to have met you and I will see you in your shop soon.Smiles, Cyndi


Hi, You have got great stuff and links on technical wirting here. I have just started a career in Tech wirting and this is great help. Will blogroll you soon.Congratulations!! on your baby! He is very very sweet.


Hi,I'm a big fan of your work. I was writing to ask you about the rithgs and permissions to use one of your photos for a commercial brochure. It was placed with one of your blog posts. It was a very beautiful image of ice on a window. I can send you a screen grab of where it was located by email. Thank You,Brittany A.


Trisha is so amazing and taelnted. We had a wonderful time and will cherish our photos always looking forward to our next session amd making more memories to enjoy <3

official site

click for source

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