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June 28, 2006


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All I remember from my childhood are Sesame Street and Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Oh! And Fraggle Rock. Those were great.


Hubellubo Mubetrubo Dubad:

Zoom fan right here! Oh, how I used to lust after that African American kid, Leon!

My best friend and I used to speak ubbubbubbi dubububbi in front of our parents and they hadn't a clue what we were saying.

Thanks for the memories!


I can't find my car keys these days but I'll never forget that zipcode!
I think the ubi dubi thing segregated the fanatics from the fans--I couldn't manage listening to 5 seconds of it before switching back to Gilligan.
Great memories--thanks for digging them up, MD.


I grew up in the 70s (sort of) but my family didn't have a TV.
Yeah. I'm not joking.

I'm missing a huge segment of popular culture trivia simply because I didn't watch TV until I went to university.

Go ahead and feel sorry for me - everyone else does.


I grew up in Maine so Boston was the big city...fifth grade class trip even. ZOOM was my absolute favorite show and I dreamed of being on it. I had the striped shirt, was fluent in ubby-dubby, and could do Bernadette's arm thingy with both arms AND legs. No wonder I'm a freak. Thanks for the flashback MD.


Absolutely spot on, Metrodad. You'll spend a fortune on toys before Peanut grows up but nothing can ever compare to a huge, big box. And you can congratulate yourself on fostering creativity when it comes to turning it into a house.
(Now you've got me thinking: maybe we should give ourselves that massive, brushed stainless steel Liebherr fridge for xmas, the kids get the box and everyone is happy...)


The Ubby Dubbies!!!!! I loved Zoom, and I wasn't even a kid at the time (but my daughter was. Now THAT'S old.)

I want one of those treehouses too, dammit! My friend Andrea and I actually built a house off the back of her parents' house in Brooklyn that was amazing. It looked like a cabana and we'd play dirty-word Scrabble in there. Ah, memories.

Have a GREAT weekend. Seeing the fireworks? I think we're going to come into the city on Sunday to see Superman Returns in IMAX/3D at Lincoln Center...if only the Peanut were a little (a lot) older! :D


hmm... the 70s zoom looks even more coreographed then the remake.

the mad momma

Growing up in a small town in India I had a treehouse. It was built on a massive old mango tree and low enough for us clamber up without a ladder. We spent many happy hours there. Dad helped us put it together with scrap wood so I don't think it cost much. We did a lot of bird watching and as we grew older, male friends clung on to it for a different kind of bird watching.

Pickle's Papa

Get on board . . . The Great Space Coaster. Get on Board.

I should do a series on some rediculous stuff parents give their children in Cleveland - like bikes, and some of them even get toothbrushes, but appearantly as a recent trip to the zoo pointed out - not nearly enough of them.

Pickle's Papa

cant beleive I mis-spelled rahdikulus


The family visited this tree house last summer. Awesome.

I watched Zoom and Magic Garden. Fun times in the giggle patch.


Dude, who the hell you callin' "older?" I remember Zoom and I ain't "older."



one of my myriad what-do-i-want-to-be-when-i-grow-up schemes is to run an artist's retreat B&B that's all tree houses like that spread around many acres in huge trees somewhere up here in the pacnw. hey, if you want someone to buy you a treehouse, asking for it is a good way to get one. my buddy zach (remember the jelly donut vid? that kid) just raised $10K to take a british mc out on a date. you would get a kick out of this, too actually -- http://www.helpmegetrandomwithladysovereign.com/ there's some more donut vids too. so funny. long time metro. just wanted to swing by and see what's up.


Hey MD,
That treehouse article got me to look around a bit. Check these out!


Baby Monster Dad

Ooops, time to make dinner... it seems that for the past 30 minutes I was on a trip to the past.... revisiting my "0-21-34" cardboard-boxed treehouse childhood... thanks for the memories.

Rock the Cradle

I remember Zoom, though I didn't watch it all that much.

I did, however, read every single Enyclopedia Brown book I could get my little hands on.

Those Treehouses. Why not just build a real house in the trees? http://www.corbinstreehouse.com/treehouse_old.html

Thanks for the memories!

Her Bad Mother

Dude. C'mon and Zoom. C'mon and Zoom Zoom.

(Does the fact tat those lyrics make me think dirty thoughts suggest that I'm older - dirty old lady - or younger? Or both - psyche of 12-year-old boy trapped in body of dirty old lady?)


Spent the first half of my childhood in New England and you BET I remember Zoom! I saw the newer version of it and it frankly isn't the same. Remember the S.A.S.E.?


Awesome, MD. Thanks for bringing back a lot of fond memories. Not just of Zoome but the treehouses of my youth.

Joe Di Pace

Here's another classic...


My kid's not old enough to enter yet, but I got a kick out of this when I came across it on Yahoo! earlier....



I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. As the father of two boys, grown now, I know how fascinated they can be with treehouses. But $100,00? Give me a break.

Air Jordan

Music is like a little girl, which can soothe our wounds. So let us feel the music, it's just one of our family members.


This is totally random, but considering you remember zoom so well, I am wondering if you also remember Word Workers on PBS? It aired around the same time, was a geared toward a very specific age group and think they only filmed one season. My dad was Frank the "word worker" (the other "word worker") was named Louise and I am trying REALLY hard to get a copy of it for his 70th birthday. Thanks!


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