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June 02, 2006


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Oh, and just as an aside, the KY Warming Gel....well, some activities...I've received complaints of burning. You can email me if you want to know more.

Hygiene Dad

Who cares if you want to get free things from sponsors and review them? I'd say do it. With 50-some comments at this point, it's obvious people read (and I'll guess) respect you.

As the cornerstone of the gay parenting market, I'd gladly review a product or two.


I think you nailed it with your description of what actually *is* a moral quagmire. Anybody who is going to give you grief about getting freebies without any strings attached needs to focus their concern elsewhere, you know?

Phat Daddy

Damn! You hit the jackpot Mr. Kim. I gots ta get mine!


I'm so jealous. I'd love to be writing gadget reviews (provided I was getting free stuff).


Free stuff is very cool. Sorry I missed this post last week.


This post was apparently rattling around in my brain all weekend and it decided to pop on out this morning in the shower. When I finally ran out of hot water I had made a decision. I’m going to say goodbye to you and BossLady, the Peanut and MetroDog. It’s been fun. Thank you all so very much for having me. It's not you, it's me.

You see, I'm in the minority. I've seen other bloggers review Swiffers, beer and even this very same DVD player. Charlie's name is coming up more and more lately and I'm disturbed by it. Now I'm sure Charlie is a very nice guy and I do not begrudge anyone free stuff. Hell, I LOVE free stuff! I say you'd be a fool not to take what's offered to you, but as a reader/consumer I have a different viewpoint.

I'd rather see ads slapped all over your page rather than see product reviews. I can respect (and ignore) ads when they're in their neat little boxes and not pretending they are content. When dooce changed the look and added more ads I was probably the only one who never even noticed it until she mentioned the outrage in a post. I’ve gotten really good at ignoring all the ads that are in my face in this day and age.

I ride a bus that is covered inside and out with ads. When my bus drops me at the nearest T stop (subway station for non-Bostonians) there are ads literally hanging from the ceiling. The trains are covered. That nifty little free paper The Metro is, well, ad supported so you can guess what that looks like. None of that has bothered me because I can tune it out. It’s background noise of the visual kind. Now what has always really cheesed me off is when I’m reading that nifty little free paper and suddenly the story starts reading like an ad. When I take a quick glance at the top of the page and see that “Special Advertisement Supplement” I get very annoyed. Ads are one thing, ads are fine. Ads as content, not fine.

I was several paragraphs into your post before I realized what was going on. I initially thought I was going to read your take on this whole blogs as PR vehicles and I was interested in what that opinion was going to be. Then, I realized you weren’t giving an opinion on it, you were joining in. Oh. OK, that’s fine. Really. But I’m just a little bit tired of it and I didn’t even realize it until today.

So, thank you for all the times you’ve made me think…especially this last time. You’ve inspired me to live my ideals even on-line. I’ve been making a concerted effort to minimize the ads in my life since the birth of my son. We don’t watch “live” TV anymore at all it’s all pre-recorded and edited to leave only content, no ads. So, I’m going to thin out the list of blogs I read and recapture some precious time I can use to visit the blogs less traveled and, who knows, maybe even get some work done!

Thanks again!


Besides being green with envy, I don't think anything less about you. But I wonder, why do you assume that I respect you in the morning? ;-)


I see nothing wrong with product reviews AS LONG AS YOU CLEARLY IDENTIFY THEM AS SUCH. There is a clear distinction between product reviews ("Hey, someone sent me this junk, and here`s what I think of it,") and product placement ("I am using our new DVD player...).

I would have no qualms about doing it, but I believe I have chosen to go down the blog path of relative obscurity, so I don`t expect anyone to ever ask me.


Okay, this is everything that's wrong with gender roles in America! I WANT SOME FREE ELECTRONICS! I'll give up all the KY and Swiffers in the world. Oh please PS3, Oh please Audi...just knock on my door. I will answer, I swear.

Liberal Banana

That was hilarious! It must make you feel good to know that companies think your site is worthy enough to send their free stuff to. And it is! Your blogs is one of my favorites. You rock, MD!


Adding my name to the roll call of jealousy, er I mean Congratulations and I can't wait for the next review!

Ed Bacchus

We are all pimps for something, work, family, or school. People give us gree stuff all the time in hopes we tell others about their service or product. What do you think the magazines are doing? Getting free stuff and choosing to write about what they want...Keep Pimpin.


Hey that's awesome that you have been deemed cool enough to get free swag. Guess I have some incentive to improve my writing and increase my readership. Can you hook a mommy blogger up?


Oh! I am so damn jealous! I also want free kickass stuff! I'd much rather geek gadgets than KY on any day.
Though I wouldn't mind some of those glow in the dark condoms. ;)


This book, like many, seems like a great animal-friendly read! My favriote animal-related book is John Grogan's memoir, Marley & Me. I read the book after watching the film. (not recommended, I know.) The memoir is much more personable and relatable though. While the film was enjoyable, I laughed imagining all of the stories as well. I think authors shouldn't be afraid of writing something other than from a human perspective. Animals can influence our writing just like relationships and hardships can.


This book is great, brilliant, ellcexent!!! I am halfway through and trying hard not to read so fast as I don't want it to end and I have read both of W.Bruce Cameron's books now .. A Dog's Purpose by the same author is a classic (and also soon to be a movie!!!).


Hi Marci! You were one of my favorite peolpe I met at sPaRk! And now I find your fun new venture! I am interested in advertising what do you think? Thanks, Miriam


This sounds like a furry itsiretneng book. I would love to win a copy so please enter me in your giveaway. This is my first visit to your site. I'm off to see the high tech pet gadgets. *waves*Pumpkinpuddy recently posted..


I'm really into it, thnkas for this great stuff!

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