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May 31, 2006


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Adorable girl, and v. nice hardwood floor, too!


I always wanted to do the catskills thing ala Marjorie Morningstar. It seemed so romantic. But no, we had to go to freaking British Colombia to the most fabulous resort in the world, year after year. It was just 'horrible'. I still haven't recovered from my teenage angst, evidentally.

Peanut looks great. She's just too damn cute.


J. Lui

Peanut is growing up fast, MD! She's very cute too.

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hey - have you ever heard of this ex-mormon chick called Heather? She's at dooce.com. I think you'll really like her stuff. You know, she GOT FIRED for writing a blog. Can you BELIEVE that?

K. Taylor

Hi MetroDad-
Just a lurker who finally decided to say hello. You daughter is super cute. And you are a very good writer! Oh and check out foundmagazine.com
Very funny stuff!

Oh and for the record, Im a former Mac user who got pushed to Windows. I guess I like both though for different reasons. But no matter which, crashing sucks, glad you are back


While you're singing the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, I'm over here humming "Hey Jealousy." The trip, the gorgeous daughter, her fine wardrobe--all of it.


"Dirty Dancing" for women is like "Roadhouse" for guys. We HAVE to watch it every time it comes on TV. It's in our genes.

Queen of Ass

I don't watch it EVERY time. Just sometimes.

And seriously? You need my entire blogroll. I read some funny shit!

(And inner paris hilton? Baahhahahahaha!)


Thanks, a lot, MD - now I'll have the Kellermans song in my head for the next 6 months...

Oh, PS - the Peanut is absolutely adorable - love her little orange frock and her mini inner Paris Hilton!


I found your site through blogging baby and have been reading your archives for the past three hours (my boss is out of town) You're a great writer and I enjoy hearing stories from a father's perspective. Thanks for keeping me entertained all day!

P.S. Your daughter is beautiful.


Too cute. We used to call Kira 'Peanut' when she was little, too, and I would have killed for that T-shirt.

And whoa, she is rockin' that life vest - hippest one I've ever seen.

dutch from sweet juniper

there's this site I just found called google. it's like, totally awesome, it totally lets you search all over the whole world wide web!


just susie

HAAAAA Dutch said 'your mom.'

So did you and the missus take over for the dance instructors and dare to dance the pachanga? Huh, college boy?

just susie

Oh and the Peanut - flawless. Love the dress/jeans combo - so trendy!

P. Swayze

Great! Now I can't get "I had the time of my life" out of my head! Thanks a lot, MD. God, I hate that movie. My wife has made me watch it about 50 times. If I see it one more time, I think my head will explode!


I know you're a sports guy, Metro. Have you seen badjocks.com? Or deadspin.com? They both take a pretty offbeat look at the wonderful world of sports.


Don't forget about us over at www.Parentopia.net! Sorry you lost you links, but man the convo about Kellerman's brought back memories. My dad worked at one of those resorts on the Borscht Belt when he was in college. Oh the stories he has told me!

Also, I admit , like Baby in the movie, I shamelessly chased after a non-Jewish boy when I was 13 years old and he was 15. He worked at the summer camp I was attending. After 10 years, he finally let me catch him and marry him. We celebrate 16 years of marriage in September.

Lastly, thank you for acknowledging the true meaning of Memorial Day. My father in law served 35 years and my husband has served 18 years and counting!


I just started a site if you want to check it out.
(yes i love shameless self-promotion)


That kid is so cute I'm having a small heart attack. (Partly because I only have a small heart.) You must stop posting pictures THAT cute or it may kill me.


she is so cute!

alice, uptown

My family summered in the Adirondacks from the 1940s to the 1990s -- vastly different from the Borscht Belt hotels in the Catskills, which catered to a later wave of Jewish immigrants (that is to say Russian Jews, who were first or second generation U.S., whereas the German Jews of that era were third-, fourth, and upwards generations.)

The Sagamore tries to recreate a time in history that ended during my childhood, after the advent of jet-plane travel. When I've been there, I've always been struck by how hard it is to be truly retro in the cyber age. And Lake George and Lake Placid have lost, to my mind, all the charm and grace they once had.

But I'm just reminiscing...

I grew up dressing for dinner, having tea in the afternoons, and, in the photo that best captures my childhood, toasting with Shirley Temples in our Lake Placid hotel bar --I was the first child allowed to stay at the hotel, since family-friendly was not a popular option in the Adirondacks in the early 1960s. (Hotels in those days were also "restricted," meaning some did not allow Jews at all.)

The world has changed so much since then, and it's interesting to hear your take on the Sagamore, especially with the Peanut in tow. (She is adorable, but you already knew that.)


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Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the only peanut blittre recipe worth anything! My momma has been making it for years. Just 'cause you have a candy thermometer, doesn't mean you should complicate things and make it the hard way!


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