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April 10, 2006


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Loved Metrodad, now love you too. The unibomber? Perfect! Also, embarrassingly familiar.


This is sweet and wonderful. MetroMom, you seem like a very cool dudette!


How closely do you resemble Zhang Zi-Yi for real?


we need another post, bosslady!

Susan @ YOW

Great post! I used to work with a woman who told me she had Jimmy Legs. I'm sure it's annoying to the person who has restless leg symdrome, but the term "Jimmy Legs" makes me laugh.


Call me homophobic, but I don't hang with hoochies like Sports Center.

I must say my metrosexual tendancies are no where near as rounded and balanced as MD seems to be, but a velvet couch? Can you say FABULOUS? OK don't, please.

Nice to cyber-meet you, Bosslady. Hilarious!


Boss Lady,
Thank you so much for finally coming out and writing. You should consider a blog of your own. The blogosphere awaits!

the weirdgirl

This rocked! What a great post, BossLady!


Hilarious post, BossLady...nice to finally meet/read you! I think a BossLady blog is in order!


Buenos días Bosslady,

Bravo! Bravísimo! You have written such a great post... All I can say is that I just cannot stop crying.

You MUST become a blogger and write WHERE/WHEN/HOW you met this guy and ended up living and having a baby with him? Please do it! Perhaps we are follwoing the wrong strategy!!

Olé from Madrid (Spain)


go bosslady! been away awhile and it's great to come back to see this post. Very funny. I'm loving the love.

Domestic Chicky

Great post bosslady. You should definitely consider your own blog. You have seriously upped MD's crush-worthy quotient.

Sac Longchamp Pas cher

MetroDad: Married to the MetroDad
Sac Longchamp Pas cher http://www.tuciad.net/

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