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March 22, 2006


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Keith Richards is the only way to go.


Have you heard of the Caveman Diet? Check it out. I lost abot 15 pounds on it and I also feel much healthier. Main point is to cut out all processed foods.


"Jim Morrison was the only man ever to look sexy instead of silly or sleazy in leather pants."

Hey Renee - what about phil lynott from thin lizzy? yeah? yeah.


I went to a dietician because both Matt and I really need to lose weight and I have a lot of trouble doing so because of my PCOS related insulin resistence.

She made me a diet plan that I turned into this -
That works for both of us, but I Matt's serves of breads & cereals are double the size of mine. Also, all our breads and cereals (and anything else as far as possible) are low GI to help stabilise my insulin levels.

Honestly, I wish we'd done this years ago. She's the first doctor to take my infertility seriously and even suggested some specialists for us to see and wrote out an exercise plan with the diet plan. She says that plan should last me around 20 years at which point I'll need a review. She also stressed that as long as we were eating healthy food in reasonable sized portions and exercising regularly we should try not to worry about our weight. Best $100 I've ever spent.


I've recently come to the conclusion that different diets are appropriate for me at different times in my life. When I couldn't deal with the measuring and counting over at Weight Watchers, I tried South Beach, which is WAY easier than Atkins because it's low carb (not no carb). I lost 20 pounds with it last year (OK, I put ten back on when I relaxed over the holidays, but that's half gone now, too). Trial and error. And yeah -- exercise NEVER hurts. Good luck!


weight watchers -- guys on a diet bb helps too.

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