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January 11, 2006


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Delurking from the DC metro area. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery!


De-Lurking Week, eh? Well...I sort of wandered over here a while ago from Laid-Off Dad and I kept reading your blog because I love your sense of humor and the way you write. =]



'twas wondering when you'd be back. Perhaps the new microchips they implanted in your eyes will allow you to see several kilometers or through walls (accompanied by a "da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na" sound)


De-lurking from Argentina. Your sense of humor is soothing comfort for this transplanted father-to-be.

Elizabeth Charles

Despite your acerbic wit and sharp sense of humor, you not only clearly come off as a really good guy but also as an incredibly loving and involved father. I enjoy hearing a man's perspective on fatherhood and I think you have a great one. Keep up the great work. I enjoy reading your humorous posts as well as all the thoughtful and sensitive ones about the Peanut.


I come from time to time, as a therapy when I really freak out with canadian parents. As a French mum now in Canada I'm amazed by this parenting culture : don't drink in front of your kids, don't go out, be healthy, don't be rude, mum are mummifying themselves...So your blog feels like some fresh air...


Courtney Love? Ew. My condolences.

Best of luck on the optical mend.

Wicked H

Hi, my name is Wicked and I am a lurker.

Whew, I feel SO much better now.

Glad you got through the procedure and with lots of Vicodin!


MD...Back On The Block!

As you can see from you loyal readership, we've missed you.

Sorry that the planned surgery didn't work, but glad that you're OK.

Yes, those vic's do a number on ya...two of my son's had wisdom teeth removed over the holidays...had vic prescribed...they were puffed up like chipmunks, but had no pain! What a comedy that was...:-)>

In the illustrious words of RayCharles, "Let's Go Get Stoned"...

Laura (Kidlet Chronicles)

How I loved BotNS. Adrian Zmed. Scott Baio. That other guy off that other show that I never watched.

And who can forget Circus of the Stars?

You take me down memory lane, MD. Keep it up!


Delurking to say hello! I read you regularly and love your sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs.

Chocolate Makes it Better

Good to see your back on deck buddy. I see that you had enough vision to find the scotch bottle!!!

Chocolate Makes it Better

ahhhh....that was meant to be 'you're' I thought you might convulse at my inability to spell.


Cool monkey!

P.s. I'm glad you're not blind now.


glad you're back and with eyeballs, too!

enjoying the crap out your blog.



You, kind sir, are a very funny man with a wicked sense of humor. I read a lot of boring parenting blogs but I always come here for a refreshing change of pace and perspective. For a guy who's a relative newbie, you've got a pretty good mind for parenting. Keep up the great work!


Like Chocolate I must apologize for the your / you're gaffe. Forgive me for inflaming your tender grammar governing synapses while you are recuperating. Je suis désolé.

Yanks Fan

Forgive me Metro for I have been lurking, it has been two days since my last lurk.....I am a new lurker from the great state of North Dakota, you know, the one state you haven't visited. Stumbled across your site by accident one night and have been hooked since.


Dude, given how smoothly this procedure went, I'm already starting to fret about the inevitable vasectomy post! Call me if you and Diego get scared while watching PASSIONS.


Lurker sneaking out of the woodwork...*whispers* Hi. *scurries back into the shadows*


Glad you came out ok. Eye surgery is the most creepy thing I can think of, I would never Never! have done that!
Enjoy the good stuff while it lasts!


Hey MetroDad, Kellie from Sydney here.

Why do I read your blog? Because it's funny. In fact, it borders on hilarious at times, and it's those times that I end up laughing insanely at my laptop and my partner starts thinking that my loose screw finally fell out.

Added to that, I love hearing about how a man - a bloke even (that's a compliment of the highest order, you know) - becomes a daddy. It's an amazing journey and we're lucky that you share it. Keep it up!


Consider me delurked.

I think you look good in this picture.


I can hardly call myself a lurker but hope that your surgery goes well. Since I seem to have the all time high score in horrible eyes I would like to offer you a challenge. If your eyes were worse than mine before the surgery I will buy you the finest single malt on my upcoming trip to NYC. Deal? I'm nearsighted and my prescription for glasses is -10,5 and -9,5 for contacts. Beat that if you can! I'm blind as a bat....

I'm coming to NYC in a week or so but I'll send you a separate mail and hopefully we can hook up

Nice weekend and get well.



Oh by the way. I'll print this excellnt photo of yourselves so I know what you look like when we meet up.....



De-lurking here from Memphis! I just wanted to say thanks for all the endless hours of entertainment. My hubby and I love reading your blog and have even been known to print out pages so we could read them later. Thanks for all the laughs!


Official lurker. Right now I'm listening to Phantom of the Opera if that tells you anything about how different we probably are. :) <<--Also, that.

I stop in on occassion for a belly laugh and you always supply one. So, thanks!


Delurking from Texas.


WTF? I have my uterus mangled and I get Motrin? Where's my Vic?

Glad you're making your way back, SERIOUSLY hope the pain isn't too bad,(or bad at all). I am also horribly sorry about the concert, although I think you should post video of the dancing...I'd almost pay money to see that!

Es Muss Sein

yes, I lurk. I lurk daily. why? I lurk because this is where I find inspiration as both a writer and a parent. I lurk because because there's no Dad in my daughter's life or husband in mine. I lurk because someday I hope there will be a man in our lives and I'd like him to be as dedicated to my family as you are to yours.

Thanks for letting us lurkers lurk, (and for not clobbering me over the head with a grammar book after reading this!)

girls gone child

i'm a little late with this but "de-lurk" it up. I still don't get the whole de-lurking thing but i love me some MD so wtf.


Hi there MD,

AM here.


Ms. Mama

Hello, Ms. Mama here from the Netherlands. I have commented a few times, so I guess I am a bit more than a lurker. I discovered your site when pregnant with my lil gal (now almost 8 months old) and while I started by sending your posts onto my husband, I soon became addicted. Keep it up, I can't get enough :-)


Oh boy... not the news I was hoping to hear. Sorry it's taken me awhile to get up to speed here. Hope you're feeling (and seeing better) by the time I get to your next post!


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