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January 11, 2006


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Long-time reader, Metro, coming at you from the City of Angels. I love coming here because you're a funny motherfucker and you've got a great perspective on fatherhood. Keep up the great work!

oh my god, i am so glad your back. do you know how many 3rd rate daddy blogs i have had to read repeatedly to fill the void. there are after all 6000 new blogs every nano-second but phew we are settling again in the comfort zone what with you healty and BMC almost moved in to her new place.

take care. get well soon.

keep the Vics comin' I think it will bode well for our entertainment. Metrodad. back and back with boost.


I'm glad you're back. Keep pumping the good drugs! I hope your vision clears up quickly and is better than ever before. Drink a screwdriver for me.


I combined Delurking Week with blogroll updating. Maybe this will catch on like the daylight savings/smoke detector battery check thing?


First-time commentor here. Just de-lurking to say that I love your blog and come here on a near-daily basis. Why? This post is a classic example. Robert Evan's birthday party? Taking Vicodin and talking to the dog? Comparing Supreme Court confirmation hearings to Battle of the Network Stars? Adrian Zmed? Where else am I going to read this crap? I'm hooked!


We finally get a picture of MetroDad! Dude, I thought you'd look a lot more Korean than that.

How many fingers am I holding up? That's right... Just the middle one.

Hope the peepers are working 100%!


Delurking from the U.K.


Longtime visitor and commentor. Happy De-Lurking week!


Hey Pierre, Stopping by to say I'm glad you're back and your sight is improving. Great news. But vicodin and scotch? Are you SURE this is a good idea? We worry, you know.


At last! The Daddy of all Daddy blogs has returned. Inhale to the chief! We've missed you. Glad to hear you've regained your sight.


Delurking from South Africa... love your blog!

The Laundress

No no no.

No Vicodans and hooch.

You may end up comatose.

Uh, too familiar with poor outcomes from that particular combination.

Try something more novel.

Like skydiving on LSD. Now, that is a TRIP.

Love, the Laundress


Hey, I found your site doing a MSN search for "young Korean titty spanking," and I'm just delurking to let you know how much I enjoy your website. Though I came for the hardcore kiddie porn, I've stuck around for the great writing! You rock Mr. Metro Daddy!


Remember Karen Ann Quinlin? Choose one or the other. The Peanut doesn't need anymore vegetables.


Welcome back,MD - glad you've got some sight back; very interested to hear more about how the PRK works for you. Happy DLW from Australia!


So glad to hear you're alright or will be alright, anyway.


De-Lurking. Daily reader, I love your sense of humor and writing. Thanks. Came to you via Daddytypes. 5 weeks to due date. Oh yeah vicodin and booze is my absolute favorite.

Phat Daddy

Welcome to the PRK club! I feel a little jealous. When I got my eyes done all they gave me was some numbing eye drops.


Hope the eyes are getting better. I'm a regular reader, like to see what's new with you and your family and to get a good laugh too. I'm from a small town, so it's great to get perspective from a big city dad!


Shout out from Cali! You rock Metrodad. Heres to your sight improving by the minute!


enjoy the vics while they last. At least there's some bonus to the long recovery time. :)




De-lurking from Montreal. I love your site and your sense of humor.


Welcome back. Don't listen to the dog, he just wants your drugs.

Mr. Big Dubya

Mmmmm - Vicodin. If you run out, give me a call - I have some left over from some oral surgery.

I said that real quiet like - don't want to alert the DEA to any internet drug smuggling.


"Monkey See, Monkey Dude!" I love that title. Absolutely brilliant.


Glad you're back Metro. If you're still home, you might want to consider a project today. I know--teach Peanut how to open the refigerator and get your drinks.


Trust you to come up with the saavy, tongue-in-cheek way to be a comment slut!

I do enjoy your take on the world and check in often.

Queen of Ass

Sweetie, I've got a lifetime supply of Vicodin, and the best chaser is a nice glass of wine.



I was hoping things went well... Glad to know they did. Happy Delurking Week... oh and the vicodin? I remember as my kid my dad had surgery and they gave him vicodin... we laughed so hard at some of the things he said and did... really funny memories as a child :)


Glad to know the surgery went well.

Keep up with Alito hearings, saw the bit between Kennedy & Specter yesterday... good stuff.

If your dog has any good points/comments about the hearing, let me know and I'll post them on my other blog.


I'm a long-time reader and big fan of your writing. Here's hoping the scotch and Vicodan lead to a speedy recovery!


You're alive! I thought you might be down in the Hatch, punching those damn numbers into the Apple IIe and shooting the shit with Hurley.


not a lurker, but love to comment... glad to have you back! Load up on the vicodin and lets see where it takes you...

And for those of you itching to delurk for a good cause, my blog will take comments until friday at 11:37 PM for a great cause. (sorry for the plug... won't happen again)


I had this done (PRK) and it has been two and half months and still I am not at 100%.

Julie B.

Was it only 5 days since your last post? Lord, it seems so much longer. Don't ever leave us for that long again, MD! Welcome back. Glad that the surgery went well.


lurking librarian loves your site...keep up the sassy new york commentary for us bored midwesterners

the weirdgirl

Glad to see you back, MD. Feel better ad enjoy the vicodon. (Though you should have hit them up for something stronger... I'm a codeine with Tylenol girl, myself.)

Linda B

Well, I'm glad something worked out for you, even if it wasn't what you had initially planned.

Nice to have you back!


De-lurking from Jacksonville -> hi!


Lisa, from the SF suburb (or Oakland or San Jose suburb) of Fremont, CA. The hubby's Korean, and I swear to freakin' god, if I didn't know better I'd think you were one of his long-lost cousins, since they're also of the East Coast variety with the retired parents in Palm Beach.


Greetings from Thailand, Mr. Metrodad! I'm an expat New Yorker who loves reading your site!


Glad you're back. Hope things are 20/20 over there.


So happy to hear you're okay. So sorry to hear you couldn't have the original surgery you planned for.

Anyway, I am not much of a lurker. I have too big a mouth and too fast fingers to be a lurker. I love visiting this website of yours because of your writing style, your sense of humour and, to be honest, I love that picture up at the top with you, the dog, the baby and Ipods. It's funny to me.


Glad to see you're back and writing! Totally sucks that they didn't measure your corneas BEFORE your scheduled surgery. OY! But you're on the mend so that's all that counts. Hope the blur turns clear soon!



I'm glad you're alright. I'll admit I was getting a tad bit concerned. And that I'm a little jealous of your party favor bag.

Here's hoping your eyes heal to perfect 20/20.


mmm nothing like a good old friend like vicodin to perk up the dullness of daytime TV. enjoy the time off. and glad you're back to seeing things semi-clearly.


new dad (she's 3 mos old) and have been perusing "dad" blogs to add to/compliment my own; and to try to pick up a few good tips (for daddy-ing and bloggin). Good luck with your eyes wide shut.


Sorry to hear about the complications, MD. Glad you were at least able to put a post up. Hope the recovery goes well.


Oh MD. Courtney Love and Adrian Zmed in the same post? I may need eye surgery now!

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