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January 13, 2006


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Go Go Go to the club with a pocketful of Hamiltons. (Sorry, can't get enough "Lazy Sunday.") Someone will be selling tix. Guarantee.


Fond memories, MD. I remember having a girl break up with me back in the early 80's and I'd spend days in my room listening to "Can't Get Used to Losing You."


Sigh...if only Bronski Beat would reunite.


I was always a little more partial to FYC (Fine Young Cannibals.)


You could always walk down there to see if someone decided to scalp the tickets last minute?! If I see anything on the web for sale, I'll let you know :)


Did you check w/ this guy?



"Dream Home in New Zealand"... Perfect pop bliss.

Mr. Big Dubya

Goddammit!!!!!! I've been waiting for years for this to happen. Now it does and I can't get to NYC, nor do I have tix and my luck and life just plain suck at times.

Oh well - I'll be listening to "Doors of My Heart," "Can't Get Used to Losing You," and "Twist and Crawl" while doing my best Rude Boy behind the wheel.


Not to sound TOO much like a ditzy school girl but...OH MY GAWD! When I was a young girl growing up in the Midwest, I somehow become a closet Anglophile and all I would do is listen to all the cool, new U.K. bands. English Beat was one of my early faves. I would kill to be at that show tonight. Too bad I live in Chicago, don't have tickets to the show and am 8 months pregnant. Darn it!


if you, by some grace of godalmighty, get into this show tonight... i will likely have to pronounce you the luckiest sumovabeeyatch ever. and i will probably sulk.

becauue i am selfish like that.


Ok, so I feel really young and lame, because I have no fucking clue what you're talking about. However, if you decide to put on an "old English Beat t-shirt, throw on a pair of black parachute pants, shave my head again, and dance a little ska-style by myself while singing", please ask the Boss Lady to take pictures or tape it, because I could really use a visual to know what you're talking about.

Glad to see the eyes are working.


Dave Wakeling lives here in San Diego, and plays shows every week. The funny thing is that a fairly large percentage of his audience prolly has no idea that he had a life before doing Tuesday night shows at the Belly Up Tavern.


Woo-hoo! They're doing 2 gigs here in SF on the 10th and 11th. We may have to forego our pre-Valentines dinner at Michael Mina and go see them instead!


OH MY GOD! I LOVED THEM! But, honestly, dude, parachute pants?


To be 13? 13?!?!?!?!

Dude, you're a baby. Either that or I'm old.

I hope you get the tix.



Just wow.

Anne Glamore

Certainly you're going to walk down there and say, "I'm with the band" and walk in the back way and let us all know how "Save It For later" was. Aren't you? Please?


THey are my ALL TIME favorite band. I just love them, and I had no clue they were getting back together. Whoa. I saw them years ago at the Channel on the waterfront in Boston, and the crowd was dancing so hard that the whole floor started going up and down. It was the BEST show I'd ever seen and I've seen a lot of shows. I'm with you...this totally sucks.

Maybe they're coming to boston, she says hopefully?

the weirdgirl

Oh my god! MD I would be dying too! I feel your pain, man, I feel it. This is why it's SO IMPORTANT to keep in contact with your ad rep buddies at radio stations so you can get the hook up (but have I done that? No).

But I am kind of glad you posted about this 'cause now I know they are coming to town. I'm going to go dust off my old Two Tone album, now.


ditto on the feeling young and lame thing. One big ????? going on. But I really hope you get to go...the craigslist posting looked promising.

girls gone child

like any self-respecting fan, you should just sneak in. It's not as hard as one would think. Come on, MD!! Pull the ol "just smoking outside, left my ticket in some hooker's cleavage" trick. Work it!


Did it work out after all? Did tix fall from the heavens?

I can't wait to hear a report of a change of fortunes whereupon you did score and entry and had the most wicked time. Confirmed -- yeah baby -- Daddy's still kicks it up.

What does Peanut think of the Beat? When Baby E was an infant she was really into the B52's but her Dad is still trying to get her into sampling his collection of Yes albums. Oh brother.


green with envy, i am. green. with envy.

JJ Daddy's Baby Momma

If you blog about how great the show was tomorrow, and how unlucky the rest of us are for not living in "The Center of the Fucking Universe" as JJ Daddy likes to refer to his home town and thus we don't get to go to cool shows like this, I don't think I'll be able to take it!

However, I do think Styx came to Savannah recently....


Stand Down Margaret? That was them, right?

Parachute pants indeed... my ex was wearing them when my daughter was born. (He was not 13)

How are the eyes??

David Cowan

You think Friday was unlucky for you? I turned 40!

suburban misfit

WELL??!! Did you go??


Good Dammit, MD--Did you get in? I demand the playlist! ARRRGGGHHH.


you are, by far, THE COOLEST dad in this hemisphere. i WISH my dad had stories of stealing away with bribery techniquest like this for a brit-pop show!!!


Um, okay, this is the aforementioned "J" and the last I heard you were meeting "T" at 8pm at the door on saturday night so.......????


It's good to see how much love there is out there for the Beat. And really, does it get any better than "Mirror in the Bathroom"? Hope you made it there, brother.


I've got this image of poor half-blind MetroDad wandering around NYC like Mr Magoo with $50 bill, a joint, and a bottle of scotch, trying to find a tall brother named "Mr T" to take him to the English Beat show...I'm sure hilarity ensued...
MD, if you don't post soon, we'll start making up our own stories...


Hi MD. I love your blog, but I beg to differ about the unluckiness of friday 13th. My new born daughter's fever broke on the 13th and was discharged from the NICU the next day. I fucking love friday 13th. Take it easy, and I am glad you enjoyed E.B.!

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