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December 01, 2005


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Fresh tracks is right -- can it really be that I'm the first to comment here, or is there just a long line at the "moderation" counter?

Anyway, your picture makes me realize what a travesty it is that my kids have never even SEEN snow. The mountains are only two or three hours away, so we've definitely got to plan a trip this winter... We really are bad parents.


Ah, the snow-covered mountains of Colorado. Beautiful. Have a great vacation. Be sure to get pix of the Peanut in the powder.

alice, uptown

Would you be RuralDad instead of MetroDad? I don't think you could (I couldn't) take the cultural change. Besides, then the Peanut would learn to walk on grass, and she wouldn't find it as perplexing as I did when I first encountered it as a child.
Yours, from New York

Chocolate Makes it Better

That looks like the kind of place I could live quite happily for many many years.


I know I've said this before but will you guys adopt me? I'm already toilet trained!


Man, I'm oozing with jealousy! Is there anything in the universe better than that first morning run down the mountain after a night of snowfall? Fresh tracks rock! Enjoy the powder, you lucky dog!


You really want to wear plaid shirts for the rest of your life?

Neal Patrick

Hmmm, MD in my world it would have to be either quit the job or have vacations in Colorado. Best of luck to you if you can imagine swinging both....


I find snow to be overrated. Then again, I grew up in the falt-as-a-pancake Midwest where we didn't have skiing or snowboarding. Just boring days stuck in the house for weeks at a time when we got a Lake Effect blizzard from Lake Michigan.


We spent a week in Colorado last summer and I spent the next 4 weeks wishing I could pack it all in and move there. I think it is more about the clean air than anything else...imagine, life without smog


Why haven't you quit you job to move there? It looks beautiful.


Hmmm, I may be mistaken, but unless that is one really successful bookstore, I'm guessing that you'd have a hard time living there on a bookstore-toiler's wages. In fact, could you even afford the lift fees?

Have a great time!

Anne Glamore

It's beautiful and all, but it looks sorta cold. And I bet no one delivers Ethiopian food at 3 a.m. there.


You lucky bastard! Enjoy while us mortals envy you something fierce!

PS - If you see any adverts for 30-something with little or no talent but a vague understanding of the law, lemme know! I could probably be swayed by the powder.


But do they deliver your groceries there?


Hey MD,

Glad you're enjoying your vacation in the snow. Was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while.

Great scenery! I'm sure it's better in person.

On the job tip, the simple truth is that your job affords you the ABILITY to enjoy those wonderful vacations. It cost money to travel, feed a family and visit relatives. Short of winning the lottery, becoming Bill Gates or some other head honcho, your in the mix with the rest of us.

Remember, it's all about the cheese!

Besides, if you lived that life all of the time, it would not be as enjoyable to you as it is right now. Complacency would set in.

To desire what we do not have, is hardwired within us.

Enjoy it, MD!!

PS: Take lots of pic's!


I adore the snow like CRACK. If I'd ever smoked crack. Which I haven't. But I have smoked snow. And salmon.


When you move you'll have to change your name to MountainDad.

Ask my wife before you move. She's from Colorado and there's a reason we live in Southern California now. I lived in NYC and would tell her I could stand the cold and snow, but she keeps telling me I'd change my mind after the first winter of shoveling snow.


As someone who spent 10 years of my childhood in Denver, I will give you three reasons why you don't want to live there. 1)You couldn't find a job to save your life. 2)You and Boss Lady would have to cook everyday, as there is no such thing as take-out in Winter Park. 3)Snowboarding and Skiing are great, but you can not do it all year.

Or maybe those are the reasons why I moved back to LA. Oh, and why we spend at least two weeks there a year. If you'd been last week, I was there too. Have a great trip. If you get the chance go sledding with the Peanut, she will love it.

Mr. Big Dubya



Metro - My wife, daughter and I were just out their last week for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was heaven. Stayed at the Zephyr....awesome. No matter how many people it seemed were on the slopes...there always seemed to be a spot on the way down where you were by yourself. Awesome. Mary Jane turns 30!

Richard C.

I am jealous beyond words. First all, it's amazing that Winter Park has so much snow this early in the season. You got really lucky, MD! Second, the wife is pregnant so it looks like there will be no skiing or boarding for us this year. But I'm living vicadiously through you and I'm psyched you got so much fresh powder. Is there anything better?

Queen of Ass

If you get that job at the bookstore and move? I'm taking the guest room. Seriously, it's only fair.


BIYM and I talk almost daily about moving to Colorado when we strike it rich. I was actually born in Denver and have been drawn to the state my whole life. It is indeed a beautiful, peaceful place. In both the winter and summer months.

I've skied just about every resort in CO, and always thought Winter Park was one of the more enjoyable. But for my money, the Canadian Rockies are the best. Something about the snow there. Take a trip to ski Sunshine Villiage or Lake Louise in Banff sometime. FUCKING HEAVEN.


I am also living vicadiously through you, and I fondly remember the old 20-inches-of-powder-overnight days -- in the 212 area code, you wannabe hick!


Peanut’s first ski trip? Good idea to get her started young. I didn’t ski until my mid-20s and by then I was terrified that even the slightest angle on any mountain would send me skidding over the edges to a certain death. Better to learn young when you don’t have fear and can learn right.

You’re not doing anything wrong with your life, my friend. We all want a tiny piece of what we can’t have. Sure it’s breathtakingly gorgeous and peaceful but if you lived there you’d pine away for the grit and craziness of the city. You’re lucky you can have them both – living in one, visiting the other. So live it up! Get your powder on and drink hot buttered whatchamajiggers like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy and safe travels back to the grit!


I always wanted to spend a few seasons as a ski bum after I graduated college. Unfortunately, I chickened out and went to work for the Man instead. I still regret making that choice. Despite trying to get in one good trip a year, I still wish I could have lived the mountain life for a little while. Enjoy the slopes, MD!


In order for you and the family to live well in Winter Park, that would have to be the highest-paying bookstore job in the hitory of the world! I spent the winter of 2003 there and, despite working two jobs, I think I still ended up losing money on the experience. I had a great time but it was tough. I agree with your other readers. Make the cheese elsewhere and just fly into Colorado for great vacations! I'm trying to figure out how to do that myself.


Are there any openings for the job of travelling MetroNanny? What about Metro BagHandler? Or MetroFoodTaster? Anything?


No! No!! You CANNOT move out of NYC until I meet you!

I could never live in a cold climate. I think Sedona is my fantasy if-I-won-lotto place to live.


MD, I have to second what so many other posters are saying. I lived in Telluride for 4 years and finally had to leave because I just couldn't afford it anymore, and I was only supporting myself. Bear in mind that you would be living in a resort town and paying resort prices for everything from toilet paper to entertainment. And could you really stand to live in a town with only one movie theater, playing the same movie for 3 weeks?

Of course I did wake up each morning to a view that the tourists were lined up taking pictures of, but eventually the reality of it became to hard to ignore and I had to say goodbye. Great place to visit, though!


I'm headed to the sweet mts. of colorado for the holidays. gentleman lover's family lives there and we met in the snowy streets of denver. i have a feeling i'll be reconsidering my life as well. especially when it's there's freshies like this. sick.

The perfect break for skiers wishing to escape for some superb skiing!

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