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November 11, 2005


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A true nerd would never say "named for", should be "named after" for example...

"Madison Avenue is named after James Madison"

'named for' is one of those Americanisms that deviates from the proper English for no aparrent reason.

Another one that pisses me off its "talked with" or "spoke with" - you speak TO someone, they speak TO you and that bipartied arrangement contitutes a conversation WITH someone (unless you're actually are speaking in tandem with someone such as when reading a speech in unison or describing how an elementary school class greets a teacher)


You HAVE read "Words Fail Me" and "Woe is I," have you not? You'd love 'em! (Er, I mean "them.")

Also (no, I wouldn't start a college essay with "also"), I remember how to spell "dessert" and desert" this way: "Two desserts (two s's): yummy, one desert (one s): plenty.")


AP Inspired

You have made my day! I love knowing someone else is just as obsessed over grammar and punctuation!


I read through the comments and came across someone asking about the less/fewer rule. I'm not as passionate about grammar as previous commentators but I absolutely hate not knowing the reason behind things, so I'm gonna explain it. (I'm an ESL teacher, if you care to know.)

Less is used for uncountable nouns, such as "I earn less money than you." It can also be used as an adverb, in contrast to "more". E.g., "I eat less now that I am not exercising."

Fewer is used for countable nouns. In this case, "10 items or >" is countable, therefore it is "10 items or fewer". Another example would be "She has fewer marbles than John does."

By the way, I disagree with MD's "bring/take" diagnosis. It's fine for the waiter to use "bring" in this case as he was speaking to MD, and the food was to be brought to MD. It's similar to the grammar of "come/go". On the other hand, American usage often differs from British usage, so we may both be right.

spell check

Seriously, this already borders on paranoia and OCD dude.

Anonymous One.

Ooh Haiii!! I has them freinds; their had it probelm with gramer n stuf like it. ya them are suferd alot becaws of this thign like u; u isnt alone in it probelm,,, me can imegene u crys were u see"s thet post me maked.

-Laughs Out Loud Hilariously-

Sorry for making you suffer with my post that is totally messed up, I think that it's a bit sad that you have such problems, you should try ignoring it, and getting out more.

- Anonymous opinion-maker.

Tai Nycole

I know I'm 5 years late but ITA! I absolutely DETEST grammatical errors, they make me nauseous. I sometimes want to be a teacher just so I can correct papers with typos. I don't want to deal with the students, though. Ahh, well. Thanks for the post!


Umm... Shouldn't it be "pee IN my pants", rather than "pee my pants"? Peeing pants sounds painful, to say the least.

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Okay, but do you correct the grammar and spelling of the comments left on your blog?

(I might have done this a few times.)


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