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October 18, 2005


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Is this gonna be a problem when she gets toilet trained, or do you have 2 bathrooms?


Awww. Nothing like poop to demonstrate a wonderful attachment to your child.


I would think it will assist in potty-training. They ALWAYS want to sit on their little training potty when mommy and daddy are using the real thing. It just usually isn't a very productive event. In your case, it just might be.


The family that poops together stays together!


That Magic quote is one of my favorites!


I hadn't heard that Magic quote in awhile.

Maybe now is the time to get Peanut her own little throne and place it next to yours. She can read her books while you read the paper...

You have now entered the world of having ZERO privacy when you are doing your business. My husband actually sneaks into the house and runs upstairs after work to go to the Library alone. For 45 minutes. I don't get to go to the Library...

CoCo's Daddy

Be glad that the Peanut is regular. It will make potty training much easier in the future. My daughter has the worst constipation. Sometimes, she gets backed up for days. Trying to toilet train her is like doing an ancient Indian dance and praying for rain.


sounds awful convenient to me, MD.


So funny that the Peanut's face gets flushed when she's about to poop. Same thing happens to my youngest one (13 months). For about 5 seconds, his face turns beet purple as he lets out a poop. At first, we were worried. We thought he was getting flush or something. Never happened with his older siblings. Then, we realized he was just taking a poop. Now when we see him turn red, we laugh hysterically.


i'm with dutch. boyband would happily feign the movement of his bowels so he doesn't have to change foo's butt biscuits.
oh, wait -- that's my trick.

along these lines, i always know when she is waking up in the morning as it never fails to coincide with my daily constitutional. yay, we traded tmi. it's kinda like being blood brothers but different.


i'm 9:34 a.m. same as my dog. does that count?

Queen of Ass

Isn't that a sign of a good digestive system?


poo is cool.

Chocolate makes it better

sounds like a new olympic sport you have just invented there my friend.

Syncronised shatting?

Coordinated crapping?

in-time poop lines?

blow off stand off?

Somebody stop me!!!


Aw. The daddy daughter doo-doo-et!!!


HA! Concurrent crap... You guys are so nutty!


Pooping in pairs!


Oh my gosh!! This is freaky!. Me and my 13-month old daughter have the same schedule as you two!

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