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October 17, 2005


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isn't it crazy how "having a few people over" ten/five/three years ago takes on a whole new dynamic when you add kids (and life insurance) into the mix. were there still cosmos and table-dancing, though? surely your creative friends could find a way to meld the children and partying a into perfectly logical combo.


We recently had a similar gathering of old friends and their new kids. Very fun time. Gave new meaning to old phrases like "the munchies," "getting some tit," and "powdered formula." Times have definitely changed, haven't they?


You're totally right. I have a few childhood friends that I'm still in close with and we get together occasionally for summer barbecues or get-togethers. It's such a warm fuzzy feeling having our kids play together. More rewarding and enjoyable than anything else.


We went back to Indiana a little over a year ago and went to what we thought would be cookout with a small group of couples we hung out with in college. Imagine my surprise when we got there and our daughter was one of 10 children there! We are the same four couples who used to drink way too much, get way too loud, too stupid, too stoned and too carried away (we worked in a restaurant--what do you expect?). Now, they all go to church. Except us.

Since that time, two more children have been added! WOW!


My boyfriend and I are still friends with people we have known since grade school. We were crazy people in our teens and early twenties. I had the best times with some of these people, partying, going on trips all over the world and just hanging out. But somehow it is just as fun to hang out and BBQ on Sunday's with my oldest friends and now a ton of kids. I think we all grew up and matured, but it's more than that. We all enjoyed our youth and then had kids, and having kids is a blast. I love having kids, the crazy times our different, but I think I enjoy it more, since I spent years being a crazy youth. Does that make since?? WHo knows.


A leisurely Sunday afternoon of steaks, burgers, bloody marys and champagne? Sounds awesome! Are you & Bosslady looking for some new friends? I don't have kids but I'm an excellent babysitter!


I loved this entry. Beautifully put, all of it. All my friends are baby'ed to the hilt at this point, and while I'm still the Bridget Jones of the crowd, we have so much more to laugh about and take joy in now that these little people are running around in our midst. I knew my life was changing when I found myself holding a beer and a two month old at the strike of twelve on New Year's!


One of the greatest things in my life is watching my kids become close friends with my best friend's kids. The whole intergenerational continuation of the friendship is so wonderful. It warms the cockles of my soul. Hopefully, this will happen with the Peanut too!

Linda B

In the past couple of years, our circle of just-married/childless friends has turned into a veritable smorgasbord of harried parents and happy toddlers. It's funny how things change so quickly over a course of a year or so.


What's interesting to me about your tale is how it differs so much from how the crowd I used to pal around with back in Tha Day ended up. Many of them are still doing the same thing - working in the same lame jobs for the same company, trying to pretend that the clock has stopped and that they're still cool 20-somethings. It's kinda sad.


Very cool. The sign of great friends is growing stronger when kids arrive.

On another note, nothing like quitting smoking to inspire people to leave comments!

Queen of Ass

It's always so bizarre when people you've known all your life actually start growing up. Parts of it suck, but parts are completely awesome.


Great post. You're lucky to have such a close-knit group of friends who have matured with you. Like Jason, most of my buddies seem to be stuck in denial and are still doing the same things we did in our 20's. When I try to explain how much more rewarding life is now, they just look at me with blank stares.


Forget about now! I wish I hung out with you and your friends when I was in MY 20's. Sounds like you had much more fun than me.


Being English and rather unversed in the ways of you American folk, I just adore this sentence:

"Originally the plan was to invite a few friends over for an intimate shower."


Chocolate makes it better

Originally the plan was to invite a few friends over for an intimate shower.


Glad to hear the kids had a ball....all to often people get caught up about stains on the rug or holes in the wall.

Good on ya mate.....let em go wild. holes can be fixed and stains removed but there is nothing like seeing kids have a great time.


Very nice post. I am always amazed by my friends and their parenting. The talking about old times ends up becoming censored.


I've got to agree. There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing a bunch of little kids run around and play with each other. It's always so fun to watch two little kids become best friends within the span of a few minutes. One of the great things I love about watching kids play.


Wow! Having lived in NYC, I've got to say that your living room must be pretty big to accomodate 16 adults and 10 kids. My last apartment in the city wouldn't hold 10 people in the entire place!


Yes, where exactly do you live MD?

I have to say that the last, similar event (family party) I went to in NYC was held in a loft that was painted totally white, housing works of art worth $75K. NOT very child friendly. At one point, I saw my son take a pillow off the (all-white, leather) couch and start jumping up and down on it. As I raced to stop him, the homeowner had a heart attack. Well, he looked like he was having one, anyway.

Glad your place is kid-friendly.


That is so sweet and so true. And you know what else? I honestly and truthfully believe that the best parents are the ones who REALLY LIVED before having their kids. That's probably really biased of me, but I just think we make cooler parents. Sure, we're going to be old geezers by the time our kids are gone, but at least we know we had a ton of fun while we were young enough to enjoy it!

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