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October 27, 2005


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Damm MD you crack me up. Sheesh I thought my kid had a wicked sense of humor. The funniest thing to my youngest right now - 15 months is when her sister says Hey Laaady to her dad and I. (She has seen Crank Yankers a few too many times.) Oh and yes, I can totally picture the bathroom thing, I am such a damm visual person. I nearly peed my pants.



"Ever seen a grown man pee into a toilet containing a plastic turtle with one hand palming his daughter's head and the other hand holding his johnson?"

Yes, minus the plastic turtle. ;-)

And it's my opinion that kids start showing their personality and preferences pretty early. thNut certainly had preferences for food, playthings and what was funny since she was only a few months old. They really are just like "little people."


Class clown of 2022? the Peanut.

I can see the yearbook page now.

Queen of Ass

Wait till she gets older and starts screaming things like "CHICKEN!" and then collapses into giggle fits in the middle of her first grade class while her teacher looks on in horror!

Or does that one only happen to me and my son...?


stilll laughing........laughing........ahhhh laughing......

my nephew once asked my sister when he was going to get a chest as big as mommy's and why he wasn't furry....that was the last time they showered together.


She sounds like a secure and happy little girl! And I wonder where she gets her sense of humor from?? Too funny, MD.


You've Just Been Ghosted -- Come Over to My Site And Grab A Puking Pumpkin!


Very sweet post. The turtle in the toilet was a nice visual. Did it improve your aim? Maybe we need one of those in our house. :)


She's funnier than you? Nah, i don't believe that. Let me know when you'll be on the comedy circuit, Iäll come and se you. Don't think the two drink minimum will be a problem. Is there a maximum?



MD...the Peanut's right. You are one strange and funny motherfucker! That's what keeps me coming back here every day. Great post. Had me in stitches.


I'd love to see your hand puppet reenactments of Supreme Court confimation hearings. It's got to be funnier (and more rational) than the real thing!


I think the Peanut has a bright future in stand-up comedy. That's one of the funniest bits I've heard in a long time...especially coming from a 1 year-old. So funny, Metro!


It's good that you notice her sense of Humor. She seems pretty funny. I always try to catch what makes my son (19 mos old) laugh. It is different everytime.

Did you use the turtle as a target?


Ha ha ha! What does it say about me that all the things the Peanut finds funny, I do too? Great post, MD!


Related to your last post, maybe your future is in hand-puppet Supreme Court nomination re-enactments? Now that's some funny shit...I'd pay to see that. And I'd pay to see the Peanut shove her finger up your nose just to see her cute little reaction.

Problem solved! See, MD blogging CAN solve problems and pay the bills.


Dude, you crack my ass UP!


my brain is burning from the visual.

the peanut is JUST as creative as you are - plastic turtle urinal cakes! brilliant invention.


My 20 month old loves to run up to anyone in the house and lift their shirt to poke their belly button. If he succeeds he giggles so hard he falls down, if he fails he'll poke his finger at your stomach and yell no as he is running off.


No wonder she laughs at that stuff ... it IS hilarious!

There are certain words that send Lucas into sidesplitting hysterics, one being "iota". "If I see one IOTA of crumbs on the rug..." is likely to do it.

I actually made him laugh until he peed his pants the other night. I was bugging him to go to bed, and finally as he was making his way there he saw a quarter on the floor. He said, "Oh this must be my tip!" to which I snarled, "I'll give you a tip... get to bed before I beat you up." Now, since getting beaten up bears no relation to ANYTHING in this kid's life, it resulted in wet pants.

It's great to have that kind of an audience, no?


Here's a peek into your future: Your beautiful daughter is running around naked and suddenly comes running up to you, shoves her ass in your face and says, "Smell my bottom! Smell my bottom!" then runs off. A fucking laugh a minute, lemmatellya.

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