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October 13, 2005


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Good for you MetroDad! I have always had the ability to stop smoking for years at a time. And then we move to a new place and I start back up. And even though it's only a cigarette a day to calm my nerves, I still need to give it up for good. I just wish I didn't LIKE it so much. FYI--my friend is on Wellbutrin and has lost 45lbs and is down to smoking maybe 2 cigarettes a day instead of 2 packs.


Congrats on quitting! I smoked for 12 years and loved every minute of it. It took me three serious tries to quit, and I HAD to use the gum, but I got there. I cheated a few years ago and had one, and it just made me nauseous. Now I never even crave them. Come to think of it, this month marks 10 years for me- Wow, I'm old. Best of luck!


For future reference smoking in foreign countries doesn't count. Good luck...I've been there.


Good luck to you!


How about this happy thought (motivation to quit)...The smoke and stuff that lingers on your clothes, while you smoke no where near your daughter, will likely help make her allergic to cigarettes and give her asthma. Moreover, as she gets older she'll associate the smoker smell with daddy and see you smoke and be more likely to smoke herself.


i quit cold turkey too and ate a few turkeys as a result. it ain't easy, but i'm sure peanut is stoked. keep up the good work MD.


Sorry that it's taken me awhile to get my ass over here to congratulate you, but you KNOW how happy this makes me.

When Tony wouldn't/couldn't quit, I forced him to take out life insurance even though I knew it would be expensive. It was also required in our separation agreement that we both have life insurance, in the other parent's name in trust for Lucas, in the event of our demise.

As you know, Tony's demise came as a result of smoking 2 years ago. HOWEVER, he missed one tiny detail in that separation agreement:

He made Lucas the beneficiary on the policy. Therefore, I cannot touch the money, cannot use it (as it was intended) to help me raise Lucas as an only parent. I have been fighting the courts for two years over this...

Don't make that mistake! I know that Tony didn't do it maliciously...he kept telling me I'd be fine, financially. He was just clueless and I didn't know enough to ask the question.

SO... I know you will stay smoke free. I just do. I want you to also be smart about your life insurance, even though you're going to live to be 100. ;)

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But it's ironic because I'm quitting smoking basically for two reasons and both involve my daughter.


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Sur un plan général, un certain nombre de répondants ont suggéré que le transport n'a pas été donné suffisamment d'importance au sein du document de consultation en matière de transport aérien et maritime, d'autres modes de transport ou les problèmes de transport plus larges. L'importance du transport en général, et dansPrix Du Longchamp Pliage les zones rurales en particulier a été soulignée. Il a été proposé par un répondant que toute nouvelle législation de transport doit avoir une exigence des émissions de carbone et devrait être approuvée que si conduit à une réduction globale de emissions.The efficacité des initiatives dans la réalisation de leurs objectifs ont été évaluées. Principales conclusions Un quart des personnes tuées sur les routes en Ecosse sont plus de 60 ans et ce groupe représente 15% de tous les accidents graves. Piétons âgés en Ecosse sont plus susceptibles d'être impliqués dans un accident de la route mortel ou grave que leurs homologues dans le reste de la Grande Britain.Big et sacs à main maladroit fonctionne également si vous êtes trop lourde, car elle supprime l'objet de votre poitrine. D'une certaine manière, l'effet de sacs à main Coach est similaire à la façon dont des vêtements de marque fonctionnent comme une déception quand il s'agit de la taille de l'utilisateur. Par exemple, les sacs à main inspirés surdimensionnés et ample serait le mieux pour femmes grandes et minces.


If you drive to any port city prior to going on your cruise, you can find hotels that offer free parking upon arriving the night before.

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Try explaining the security in an airport to your kids.

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Another best part about the running shoe company is them to use mostly recyclable materials on the delight of a whole lot of men and ladies who love the outside and the conditions.

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Want anything standard?

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