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September 01, 2005


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The Zero Boss

Hey, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas.

Unless, of course, it's really juicy. In that case, it belongs on the blogosphere.

cam c.

Yikes... 4 days... I can imagine the feeling. We're going to Japan to visit the relatives this fall, and my wife and daughter are going almost a month ahead of me; I don't know what I'll do for 4 weeks alone. I'm sure she's not going to forget her dad though; even when my parents come every couple of months, it takes her all of about 5 minutes to warm up to them.


Ah, Vegas. We took our kids last year, and I actually absent-mindedly carried my two-year-old boy up to the window at the sports book as we were walking through a casino. The guy about had a heart attack, and wouldn't even let me ask him a question with the minor in my arms. Had he thought about it a minute, he would've realized that I was only grooming a future customer...


It's a pretty powerful feeling to come home and kiss your baby after being gone. I worked full time after my first daughter was born until she was 6 months ago and still had to travel a lot. My husband is feeling it right now. He left Saturday for a conference in DC and is coming back late tonight.


Vegas, baby! They're gonna give Daddy the Rain Man suite, you dig that?! And if you tell that bartender to go easy on the water, this 50 cent piece has your name on it.

Sorry - just had a "Swingers" moment. Money.

Linda B

Don't worry. My husband travels quite a bit and E seems to be happy to see him no matter how long he is gone. He's actually in Vegas right now for a convention. Wave at the Asian guy playing blackjack. Ha.


I wonder if recovering from the red eye just isn't the same as it was before fatherhood. I fondly remember lots of pre-fatherhood random 2 hour daytime naps after red eye flights. Now that every night I sleep like I'm on a plane with a screaming baby in the next seat, every night is like a fucking red eye. We're flying the red eye to the midwest in a few days, but we'll have the screamer with us. Can't wait for that shit.


Welcome back, MD. It's hard to go away, and it stays hard--I have to go on a trip in a few weeks, and I'm already dreading it (although it's nowhere near as exciting as Vegas). I'll spend the whole time thinking about the reaction I get when I walk into the house (squeals of "Mommmeeee!", followed by "whadja bring us?").


I have a hard time just going to work. You must be out of you mind after four days!


I know what you mean. The first time I went away for business and left my little one, I felt totally lost and out of the loop. A week felt like a month.


did you bring her home a present? my mom always did that when she came home from business trips... nothing expensive, just a little something to markl her return.

it is, i am convinced, one of the greatest collections of cheap momentos this side paradise but they always make me smile when i stumble on them.


i'm at jfk on my way home from 6 days away from 1-yr-old babyfoomonkey. wondering if she's gonna remember mama or think i am just the housekeeper. we'll see. welcome home, metro-d. been missin ya.


Nice to have you back. You were missed.

Don't worry. The peanut will definitely know who you are.

Queen of Ass

There's got to be something wrong with getting to go to Las Vegas on BUSINESS.


When Elder Daughter was a wee bit, I used to have to run off on the monstrous two- and three-week trips to Europe and Asia and such. I would come back after these voyages and see visible, noticeable changes in my little girl...almost like time lapse. But a four-day trip isn't a bad thing, and in fact it's even healthy for you and the Missus to get a few days off now and again.

Hope Vegas was fun and not too painful on th' old wallet.


I've been to Vegas twice. The second time, we saw Kobe Bryant in the Treasure Island casino. I'd never heard of him of course, but my brother tells me he's quite famous.

Yes, I do get around, and I'm quite the expert on all things sports.

Don't worry, your baby will recognize your smell. And she will know it's you, even if you haven't bathed in a while.

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