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September 23, 2005


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Holy shit! That Sarah Silverman skit was so funny, I practically peed my pants. Everyone in my office is trying to figure out why I'm practically crying.


Thanks for brightening up my Friday. Those were fun! (p.s. I'm Summer too)


One of my absolute favourite movies of all time. I'm Deb. Guess I better practise walking without swinging my arms!


I am already having trouble focusing at work... must you make it worse?

Well, at least this stuff will get me through lunch.


I think my favorite hairstyle has to be the Black Hawk Down. Crash and burn, indeed.


Fucking sweet! Where was that band teacher when I was in band? The hippest stuff we played was "Beat it" and some Blood, Sweat and Tears songs.


Here's my geeky confession: I played percussion in band. For nine years! I don't regret it, though. :)


I think instead of finding a new house, I'm just going to buy the inflatable pub. I think it might need an inflatable loo though. Especially if I'm going to drink all that beer.


The pub was pretty cool, but I went to their website and saw the church! LoL...I should get married in one!


I am Kip. I love technology, am way into nachos but I love hangin' in da hood. WESTSIDE!!! I'm also 43% gay - a well-adjusted hetero female married to I guess a well adjusted male.... Wooo hoo! Finally, the validation that I've been looking for!

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