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August 10, 2005


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Paybacks will indeed be a bitch, will they not?


Very funny. You guys really are goofballs. But then again, I guess we knew that already from the breastmilk drinking bets.

Mr. Big Dubya

Little Dubya has started giving me "wet Willies" up the nose - completely inadvertent ones, of course, but funny nonetheless

Julie C.

When our youngest one was around 16 months, he used to like waking us up by pouring the contents of his sippy cup on us. When it was filled with water, DH and I just laughed. But when it was filled with orange juice? Kind of a sucky way to start the day.


very cute!


Found you via Dutch and Wood's place. Loving your site.

our bean is still crib-bound so we are blessed with high-pitched demonic laughter at 5:30 AM as our wake up call. your wake-up sounds a little better.


wee! So cute. :)


I got a good chuckle out of this one. Our 4-year old like to come into our room, banging on his drum kit every morning. My husband swears he's going to do the same thing to our son every morning when he's a teenager.


That's pretty funny, so far BB only sticks her finger up her own nose. But, your post made me think of one of my own "wake up daddy" moments...



LOL yeah... of course, you'll really have the last laugh when she's changing your diaper...


Good stuff. My little K is still crib bound also (like tpon) so we haven't had to deal with this yet. Although we were just talking about moving her from the crib to a bed...maybe we'll wait a bit longer. ;-)

Sandra Klass

This posting is brilliant.

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