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August 15, 2005


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Gosh! That article doesn't even touch on whether they are bred for their skills in magic!


It's pretty much my favorite animal.

Queen of Ass

Today, I dropped my son off for his first day of kindergarten. My life won't ever be the same again. WAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Mr. Big Dubya

Instead of the one that pees on my newspaper, can I get the one that sleeps in front of the ATM at a discount?

And, I think it would have been infinitely funnier for The Donald to use a free service like Blogger. And William Shatner should do all of his posting with a plethora of ellipses: "Saw...Bones...the other...day....Told....him...how much....I enjoy....working on....Boston Legal...."


By the way, we are seriously loving the new look over here metrodad.

We went visiting our nutty relatives in the suburbs yesterday, who are kind of old, interesting 1960s/1970s rich bay area types, and they have this modern house on top of a hill that hasn't been redecorated since about 1970. They have all kinds of vintage eames lounges (3 or 4) and those cheesy metal arbol de la vida sculptures and nelson lamps and it was definitely cool and all back in 1970, and all worth a fortune today in DWR dollars, but it has this faded, sad, unconsidered feel, as though the walls and furniture and carpets are invisible to them somehow, the same way a redneck doesn't "see" all the rusting folding chairs and broke-down appliances sitting in the tall grass of his lawn.

Too many bloggers, I think, don't see their design at all. They go on and on and on with the same look. My rambling point is this: change is good.


Yeah...I heard it was sticky on the East Coast this past weekend. But try being in New Orleans! I'm down here for a conference and it's like a damn swamp. No wonder everyone here is drunk all the time.


I knew it was hot this weekend in NYC when my MIL called to tell me she's getting an air conditioner installed. This, after the last five years, in which she's done nothing but mock me and landisdad for our weak reliance on an indoor cooling system beyond a fan.


Is it me or do Trump's blog entries seem like some sort of weird fortune cookie mutterings? The man's getting crazier by the day.


Our air-conditioner's been acting weird. I can't tell if it is because a problem with the demands on the power grid or that the SOB is finally dying and I'll have the excuse I need to replace it.

PS - Thanks for the shout-out in BloggingBaby. We few, we proud, we daddy-bloggers. I hold my head high to be amongst your annointed.


Liger's are cool but Tigon's are cooler.


I agree with Lucas!

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