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August 01, 2005


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Sure, the pumpkin shit red/yellow wasn't exciting but I got used to it and it was much easier to read. It seemed just...simple and sophisticated.
People go so overboard with web design now they easily forget readability.
This new version seems like MetroDad is some digi-tech yuppie and 23 yrs old or something.... I agree too that it's hard to read. Thin charcoal text over light gray bg...????
Something "wimpy" seeming about the color quads....

I don't hate it but I thought I was on the wrong site for a second.....

More contrast between background and text please.

Morphing Mama

Dude, your writing is so good I could two *&%$s about the design. However, since your writing is so good, I do need to be able to actually READ the words you've written, and well, I'm having a hard time . . . (squint, squint).


Metro...you there? Metro? I can barely see you. Where are you? (Nice effort but too hard to read, dude!)


I do think this is a massive improvement but it's probably a tad too girly for you.

My suggestion would be to draw inspiration from your ipod pic and change the background to black, the text to white and use the bright blue as a highlight. Then try fidgeting with it and see how you go.

White text on black is by far the easiest to read.


Yes, much easier on the eyes. Although I have nothing against orange or pumpkin guts. Pumpkin shit though? Ew!


Looks cool. Still love the logo/photo/thingy with the iPods. Genius.

Only problem with the new design is the complete lack of link to my site, which ironically, I just revamped.


I'm with Morphing Mama. I don't care what your site looks like. I just enjoy your writing. My only request? More posts please!


I kind of liked the old vintage-looking bright-as-hell scheme. I always thought it was like a pair of garish 1970s sneakers you find at the thrift store but never have the balls to actually wear. but metro dad had the balls to keep going with that shit years after it was cool, I always thought.

I'm not so into this whispy ghostly one. It reminds me of when pitchfork redid their site.

But I'm with the others. Just don't change the writing.


Your icon is perfecto but the gray-on-gray is hard for an old chick to read.


Love the iPod photo. Ummm... it's your site, dude. What do YOU want to do?

Queen of Ass

I can help you with a banner, should you so desire!

I like the look, but the green on the links should be the main txt color - might be easier to read that way.

Just a thought.


It's always nice to redecorate (I'm in the process of doing the same). I love the banner/logo thing. I have to concur with the others, however, on the difficulty reading the gray type.

BTW, what kind of dog is that? I admire anyone with the dedication to own a dog in NYC. At least here in the burbs, we can send the dog to the back yard when we are too lazy to walk it.

Mr. Big Dubya

I do like the new look - but I do have to agree with some of the others about the contrast - a little difficult to read. I agree with BIYF that the logo is tres chic.

Enjoyed your subbing for Zero Boss too.



I'll read whatever you write, my friend, but it might be nice if it there was more contrast.


Black text on the gray background would be easier to read but I do like this look much better than the last one.

Metrodad, I LOVED your old look - it was simple and very very easy to read. Too much information on a page or too light on the ink and I tend to tune out. Like the photo of you and the family, but please please return to the old color/design scheme and make it easy on this fan's eyes.


the text needs to stand out much more, but it's much slicker than before.

yeah, ditto to what everyone else said.


Apropos of nothing:

Metrodad--CYM, please.


I don't have a problem reading it. Much cleaner than the old version of the site. I did enjoy that retro 70's feel you had going. But like everyone else said, it's your writing that's the most important and keeps me coming back.


LOVE that ipod design. I'm assuming that's you, the Peanut and the French Bulldog? So cool. How'd you do that?


Wow, I was confused for a second, but I like it. Very clean and simple.


Hey! I LOVED the yellow! It was fun and edgy. I now feel like I may read about economic trends in eastern europe. It's a bit visually dry.


MD...i liked your old style. i appreciated the fact that you just didn't give a shit about what the design looked like and just concentrated on the writing. don't get me wrong. a site redesign is great. but i think most of your readers would still come every day to read your site. but just like melissa said here...more posts please!

ozone ferd

Me likey.


Dude - go with all black; black background, black type. Like "Smell The Glove"!


MD: I had to mess with the colors on my blog too.

I think you are just about there--more contrast needed I think.

Hell, Metro, I would read your blog if you wrote with poop on a brown paper bag!


Hey MD, you write great. But seriously, this template isn't any better from the previous one. It's still rather plain. But, oh well, as long as the content is good, all's good!

MD Fan

Just keep up the writing, sir. That's why we're here. (Though I'd avoid the black text on the black background).

My 2 cents.


I like this color scheme. I don't have a hard time reading it. Like all the other folks, I just come to get my read on.


I'd read your blog if it were black on black. My only comment is that you need more words, more frequently...and maybe a little more cowbell.


great new look! I would play with the colors, but it's much better the before!!

alice, uptown

I'm with the folks who want the type darker. We're not here for the design, but the words. This type/background combo is hard to read (says she, with her first pair of over-40 reading glasses).

Love your writing better when it doesn't cause eyestrain.


Much easier on the eyes than the last color scheme. As always I'm happy to do up a banner for you.


i like the design...but i miss the old one just cuz it was way easier on the eyes ;3;b

Very Mom

I love it - so much easier to read than the other one. Hurrah!


To quote Napolean Dynomite, sweet! I am assuming this post is from before you settled on the current color scheme, 'cause the colors ain't bad -- or hard ta read. Here's a designer's tip for ya... if ya want purdy color schemes, check out colourlovers.com -- it's a great resource.

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