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August 26, 2005


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For the record Entourage is the best show in tv these days.

Mr. Big Dubya

You've been doing so much guest-blogging lately, I might just call you the Joan Rivers of Daddy-Bloggers.


I love Entourage too! Have you written posts about it? I don't see any! HBO on demand is the best!


Many thanks for puttin' in the time, with your usual high quality post!


First, thank you for finally describing what Poly Sci majors do. A long mystery has been solved.

Second, if I was still living in NYC we'd totally have a beer or two.

Third, it appears Jason and I live in the same area so if you're ever in San Diego, let us know!

Anne Glamore


Tagged you for a song meme. Will check back after the storm and see what you're listening to.


Sheila Cameron

Sorry to be here pimping my stuff but I couldn't resist. Excellent blog btw.



Good Post, and I wholeheartedly agree! I am quite fond of his wife...her and I have a lot in common!

And I love me some twisted-ass sense of humor!!!


Holy shit. This happened two years ago.


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