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August 19, 2005


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I gotta say the post is hilarious, and you are spot on about those product areas that need redesigning. Thanks also for mentioning taking a dump and masturbation on our blog. Cheers!



Brilliant post, MD! I must say that I was disappointed in some of the other contributions. Yours was definitely the best and the funniest.


I also must commend you for being bold enough to admit that some of the more aesthetically pleasing baby gear is often not functional... and while parents desire form... babies SCREAM for function.

KUDOS on a great post.

D. Robbins

MD...You cover the most random array of topics I've sever seen. Truly, you're a very gifted writer. And clearly, a pretty smart dude (especially for a Met fan)!


Great post. But would it be unfair for me to point out the irony in your whorishness, given your recent post on the Boss Lady's shopping addiction? Yes? Okay, consider it deleted.


Good points on three our of four, but if you haven't found a diaper bag that doesn't look "mommy," you can't be looking that hard. (warning, blatant plug ahead) Check the links on my brand new site, notpastel.blogspot.com.

C. Robson

All this time, we never knew you were such a whore, MD! Thanks for sharing that info. I really enjoyed the post. It was definitely the best one out of all of them.


You're a true Renaissance man, Metro. Definitely enjoyed reading your thoughts on babies and design. My wife and I are expecting our first child in November and we've been scrambling to find cool baby stuff for the home. Not that easy!


a renaissance man, that's what i was thinking. and then i read drew's post and nearly slipped on the drool that was the byproduct of the laughter your design post gave me.

and don't think i didn't notice that you posted my most genius college trick - get a job as a writer for a paper and then turn those assignments in as my classwork. double the credit, single the work.

oh and the secrets sites. yum.

ty md


MetroDad...you are seriously one funny dude. I can't figure out if you're the coolest, weirdest or the geekiest blogger I read. Maybe all of the above. All I know is that you totally crack me up. I've been reading your site since you started and I had no idea you were such a design whore. Learn something new every day.

Great post.


Discovered your blog today via Design Public. I've been reading your archives for the past 2 hours. My wife and I are having our first child in 3 weeks and I'm just discovering this world of parenting blogs. Yours is one of the funniest I've stumbled upon. I can't wait to read more.

FYI...Jack Spade and Coach make some good diaper bags for men.


Bravo! Bravo! We could also use some attractive toy storage systems that aren't designed by fucking Pottery Barn.


Found you via Design Public. Couldn't agree with you more. There is such a dearth of well-designed baby products. It's amazing how ugly so much of this stuff is. Hopefully, some designers read your entertaining article and are now motivated to help us design-concious parents.


I refuse - REFUSE - to carry a mandiaperbag. Instead, I opted for a Circa skateboarder backpack. Cool looking (black with a skull-and-crossbones logo that says "Hey World! I'm A Father With a Serious Peter Pan Complex!") and functional (lots and lots of zippered pockets and it's a backpack so you don't have to wear it like a purse, thus preserving your macho image).


THANK YOU! My wife and I have been totally lamenting the fact that most baby stuff looks like total crap. You hit it right on the nose. Lately, it seems stuff is getting better looking. I think it's because some cool designers are having kids of their own and are so repulsed by what's out there that they've taken to the task themselves. Hopefully, things will be a lot better soon.

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