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August 22, 2005


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Queen of Ass

Oh my GOD, you're making my sides hurt! Gotta check this one out!


THAT is the first time I've ever seen Maddox stand by himself! Too funny!


I love it... reminds me of The Darth Side. Maybe you should start one for Lourdes & Rocco.


I'll see that Maddox blog, and raise you:



Brilliant! Did you see the recent series of the Boondocks where the grandfather was trying to give away the boys to Angelina Jolie?


I can't wait until Maddox has a play-date with Apple, Coco and Phinnaeus.

JJ Daddy in Savannah

OK- I know I've seen it before in many a tabloid cover shot, but that is a felony-bad hairdo on that kid.
Between the faux-hawk, hanging around with Ange, Brad and Billy Bob, not to mention Grandaddy Jon Voight, this kid is on the EXPRESS train to Jerry Springer!
(or whatever the equivalent is in the year 2025, probably some kind of IP-based video blogcast we get beamed directly to a miniature 100TB hard drive imbedded in our skulls.)


Wow... He walks, he blogs! Go Maddox!


The BEST part is the comments where people ask, "Is this really Maddox?"


Joy Des Jardins

You've said it all..thanks for another hearty laugh.


very funny. I need a good giggle these days.


Too funny, thanks for the link.


My God. I love how creatively some people can use their free blogtime! Great link.

Love me?

I love the pic is so cute!

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