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July 12, 2005


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I think that I may need to start calling my boss and saying, 'hey, you're not treating landismom right! When are you gonna start respecting the landismom?'


Fear not. Its not memory loss. Its not even distraction. Ironically, its baseball. You see, baseball is a black hole that falls between football and football, which more often than not, will cause you to lose your mind. I sometimes find myself staring aimlessly at summer sports on TV, actually thinking that if I look long and hard enough, football will come on. Sadly, it's a watched pot. It really can make you lose all sense of time.

Oh, and BIYF has checked BIYF's site before too.


Yay your back! More posts sound great. I check my own blog too. WTF is wrong with me? Actually I use it to get to the blogs I read regularly that are listed in my links section...like yours!


Rickey was one of my favorites growing up. Particularly during his Yankees phase. The fact that he seldom bothered to learn the names of his teammates somehow only makes him more endearing.

Ann D

If only it was possible to post via mental telepathy, just think of how many more posts we'd have in our blogs....

Someone's got to invent a thing that will let you download blogposts from your brain to your iPod while you're driving. That would be a lifesaver for me. (Literally.) I wouldn't have to try to write things on Starbucks napkins anymore.


You're back! Dude, you can't take that long without posting anything without telling us. Good news that you plan on posting more. Looking forward to it.

As for Rickey? Remember the Olerud story? One of the best baseball stories around.

Linda B

I check my own blog sometimes. This sounds silly, but sometimes you can catch grammatical errors easier if you read it after you post. Nerdy, I know.

Also, I always seem able to compose very clever, funny posts in my head but when I finally have a second to sit in front of the computer, I usually draw a blank and end up writing something pretty lame or just not posting all together. The posts in Linda's brain are the best posts ever, Linda thinks.

Owen's mommy

I hate baseball but I love me some Rickey Henderson! My favorite Rickey Henderson quote is, "Let's just let bye-byes be bye-byes!" I love reading your blog -- keep up the great posts!


Another fine post MD. I admit to checking my own blog from time to time as well! I think you will find most bloggers think the best post ever are the ones that never make it to the blog! I have a million funny things to say but as soon as I turn on the computer I have tumble weeds blowing through my brain.


I'm so relieved your back! I check here everyday hoping that you've put up another post. Hope to see more of you.


Glad you're back. I checked my blog yesterday and was actually IRRITATED that a new entry wasn't posted--like my thoughts were going to write themselves. Just shows how lazy I really am!

Hey MetroDad, how do you know so much about so many different things? Is it the years of fine education at the private school you attended as a kid or do you think it's your innate, God-given curiosity/interest in things/people/places? I would like it if my kids could turn out so well-rounded? The Ricky Henderson stories are so funny; I'll be sharing them with my co-workers. -Megan-


I'm ashamed to admit that I check my blog about 50 times a day. Sometimes I go to read the comments. But most of the time, I go to read my favorite writer...me! I'm shameless. Guess who?

Queen of Ass

If you DO decide to go with the naked batting practice thing, post pictures, will ya?


I check my own blog every day. I often get angry with myself when posts are short or pointless or I haven't posted in awhile.

"Who does Krissy think she is, anyway? Am I just going to come back here day after day and read this crap??"

Also, wasn't "Jimmy" from Seinfeld based on Ricky?

(Or basted on, as I originally typed).

I'm funnier by accident.


We here in San Diego loves the Rickey. Also, there's one socially acceptable way to refer to oneself in the third person - when speaking to your 16 month old. "No, Daddy doesn't want the vegetable stew poured on his head." Now, of course, I do that with everyone I speak with. It's especially fun at work. "No, Daddy didn't get that requisition report updated."

Billy C.

I agree with Jason. I NEVER spoke in the third person before I had kids. Now I find myself doing it constantly. Of course, nobody does it better than Rickey. But then again, he's had years of practice.


As a Mets fan, I would expect you to at least give a nod to the apocryphal story of Rickey and John Olerud reuniting in Seattle. And while it’s not purely a “self-centered” Rickey story, how could you skip his trip to the DL with frostbite from leaving an icepack on too long?

More importantly if Rickey can still get on base at a .435 clip, I might want him back.


Tony Gwynn has great RH stories as well. Rickey never used Tony's first name, he just loudly called him "Gwynn" all the time (only a Hall of Famer can do that to another HOFamer). Gwynn also said that Rickey was the only player he'd ever seen snap cleats off his shoes while running - his legs are so strong that he snaps off his own cleats! Gwynn said that Rickey would be changing to a new pair of shoes during a game and would be yelling, "Man, Rickey can't do nothin' without breakin' a cleat!" Just like MetroDad can't do nothin' without buyin' a camera...


Rickey was a favorite of mine with the Oakland A's in the 80's and I used to imitate his batting stance in little league until my coach told me to cut the crap. I also wanted to play left field like Rickey but I was forced to play center. Anyway, I can now check out Rickey anytime I want as he's playing for the San Diego Surf Dogs. An independent baseball league here in California. I love the fact that Rickey still thinks that Rickey can play in the big leagues.

All this nostalgia has got me longing for the old days. I'm going to start referring to myself in the third person now.

See ya! Matthew's gotta take care of Matthew's kids!

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