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July 28, 2005


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Wait... did you say toenail clippings? Send me the URL.

Digging the new logo...


Love the new logo!

I can't stay long, though. I have some important auctions I'm lurking on until the last minute. Because I really need a bobblehead devil doll.

Queen of Ass

Possum doesn't taste nearly as good as 'coon, Sugar.

Anne Glamore

You don't need to bid on the redneck family. I have some relatives you could stay with for free. I haven't blogged about them yet in case they've figured out the internet, but that's probably overcautious on my part.

Anne www.tinykingdom.typepad.com

ps I howled over the man in his ex's wedding dress!!!


Oh man! That Rocky statue is awesome. I might have to outbid you on it. Kidding!


Ebay is so much fun. I sell books on half.com, the offshoot of ebay, but I remember sitting glued to the computer, refreshing every couple of seconds to make sure nobody outbid me. Of course, now there's an auction sniper program that'll do that for me.


www.disturbingauctions.com. Knock yourselves out. Oh, and dibs on the Dean Martin hand puppet.


metrodad, I am so with you on this. I paid my way through law school by selling junk on eBay. I have bought nearly everything for our baby on there. Why pay $60 for that annoyingly overpriced boutique baby dress that your wife loves so much when you can type the brand name into eBay and buy-it-now for $9.99? You're a hero either way.

I love eBay so much I made this onesie for my daughter MONTHS before she was even born:



I often joke with my kids to be on the lookout for anything in or around our house that could be construed as looking like the Virgin Mary. Seriously--I need a very special grilled cheese sandwich to sell right about now.....


there's this blog bayraider.tv that features the quirky side of ebay :)..


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Outstanding story there. What happened after? Good luck!

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