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July 19, 2005


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Now just wait a minute. Puffy needs that breastmilk more than you do.

hehe. Welcome to Turd watch 2005. You think it's cute now, but wait until you start discussing consistancy and color. Princess's poop can't be to hard or too runny or to formed....or...I find myself discussing how many times (he went a WHOLE WEEK w/o pooping after we started gving him solids, and I thought we were going to have to go spelunking!) and smell. I find myself anxious when they are too formed and worried if he seems like he is straining. Did I mention the smell? THE SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl.

Just sharing.


I read the end of our post a little too quickly. For a second there, I thought you actually DID save the turd! That would have been a little disturbing. Funny!


Don't sweat the blueberries... seriously, you don't want to have to change that diaper...


Wow, I didn't realize babies could eat "adult" food. So, then, is the whole Gerber baby food thing a scam? =D


You two didn't do anything 'wrong' by not feeding her solid food until now. If the Peanut had been hungry for real food she would have let you know about a loooong time ago. Just think of all the money you saved not buying baby food jars :)


Our kid started eating grown-up food at a relatively young age. He quickly developed a sophisticated palate. A few months ago, we took a trip to our favorite Indian place, and the kid now LOVES it. Especially palak paneer. Go figure.

Oh, and wait 'till Peanut eats corn for the first time. That's a fun diaper.


Our oldest one started eating korean food with us before the age of one! We couldn't believe it. She handled all the spicy stuff without ANY problems. She even ate kimchee! The younger one? The pickiest eater in the world. She's 14 months and really doesn't like to eat adult food. She just likes soy milk and baby food. And she'll throw a fit if we try to give her anything else. Such a princess!


Wow! I have to say that I'm turning green of envy and red of being suspicious. Your kids eat adult food????? Only one post with a picky eater? I just can't believe it...
Even though we followed every manual out there on baby food, our little one has become a vegeterian (more accurate a only-fruit-eater), and refuses to eat any meat, any diary, any grains, nothing, just fruit, yoghurt and soy milk. The doctor said that we should keep trying, but after 13 times of offering salmon she still refuses to eat it. Go figure!


Liam doesn't like blueberries either. He touched them and pulled his hand away like he just touched an eyeball. He is eating most of stuff we eat but still has a hard time with some foods and his gag reflex. Stuff like green beans. How convenient! The cheerios flow like a river. Enjoy! The messiest days are ahead! After Liam feeds himself, we let the dogs go to town and clean up the mess. I knew we had two pugs for a reason. Oh and poop is a daily topic. "He poo-ooped" "Was it hard?" "Uhm a little?" "What's it look like?" "Goobers?"


Yeah, yeah, yeah. They sometimes are adventurous at first, but don't be too disappointed if Junior backs off the Exotic 'n' Tasty Food in a few years.

The Mistress of Sarcasm used to love exotica like caviar and Peking duck when she was itty-bitty. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately for th' budget) she grew out of these tastes for many years. But we remember one episode at age 5 when she cried blue murder:

"I want Peking duck! I want Peking duck! I want Peking duck! I want Peking duck!"

Can you imagine?


You guys eat pretty well. Forget the Peanut, when can I come over for dinner?

Queen of Ass

Munchkin thought prunes were delicious. The poor child....


don't get to happy there MD. Soon she will get picky and you won't be able to get her to eat anything except McD's fries. Once my child ate those cool things too


Our little girl eats everything, and it is because we skipped the whole "feed your kid that nasty smashed shit our of a jar" phase as well. It is nice to have some of that for quick snacks and meals, but why would you feed your kid strained carrots that were processed 6 months ago while you eat really yummy fresh food? She goes to all restaurants with us, and loves a wide variety of food. Among her favorites: sushi (loves the salmon roe and the ebi), thai (she loves the soups and the pad thai), vietnamese (we both are huge pho fans), and any place she can get her hands on some really good mexican food (she loves fajitas). I love the fact that people always look at us very strangely when we take her into upscale restaurants, but are always complimenting on her manners and unique appetite before we leave. She can already use chopsticks and she isn't even 3 yet (but will be next week). I love my amazingly awesome kid, and it is nice to be able to go to restaurants other than McDonalds and Luby's!!


How fun watching her try new things. Did you try lemon or dill pickle yet? That's always funny. As for the bazillion paths to milestones like eating and potty training, don't worry, they all get there one way or another.


Both of my kids eat everything from Vietnamese pho to Korean BBQ to pasta with pesto. Aside from the known allergy-inducing foods, I never understood the point of feeding babies separate foods. It's not like I'm going to be cooking separate meals for the rest of their lives. My 10mo loves chomping on rib bones, loves har gao, loves pelmeni. Just like us.

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